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Episode 2

Babysitting The Bad


但[ Our Nanny ]



(Get lost)

β€” Kendra’s POVβ€”

Jason smirked and the others chuckled.

“Looks like she’s scared, mason said and walked up to us.”

I forcefully moved from Jason.

“Chill baby, we aren’t devouring you, Jason said still with a smirk.”

“What do you guys want?” I asked again.

“Aren’t you our nanny?” Mason asked in a ridiculous way and laughed.

Jason joined him in laughing.

“Let’s give you a chance, mason said and stood right at my front.”

Getting in between your legs is the first thing I wanna do, Jason said.

“Wait, what’s he saying?”


“In between who’s legs?” I asked fearfully and the both of them started laughing again.

Mason sat down at the other side making me sit in the middle of em.

I stood up immediately and faced the twins.

“What do you want?” I asked again.

“You can’t handle your self ken. How do you wanna babysit grown ups?”

Let’s give you a chance to go tell my mom that you can’t do this shit, Jason said and stood up.

I..I can’t, I replied.


“Well, you’ll enjoy hell here then, he said and went out.”

“Do it before mom leaves, go tell her you aren’t interested.” You’re too pretty to be used baby, mason said and also left.

Now am left alone with Rico who was just starring at us.

I turned and faced him.

Expecting him to also leave but he walked up to me instead.

He stood facing me and bent a little.

“Get lost, he said more like a whisper and left.”

I blinked repeatedly and went to lock the door.

Always lock the door kendra. So that this shit won’t repeat itself.

A knock came at the door after a while and I went to open it.

It was the pretty maid from earlier.

Hey! I called as I opened the door.

“Hi Kendra, are you ready?” She asked.

“Em..yea, I replied and closed the door behind me.”

“What’s your name?” I asked along the way.

“Kora, she replied and I nodded.”

“Nice name, I complemented.”

“Thanks, yours is also nice.”


She took me round the mansion showing me every inch and corner of it.

The pool, the basement, the garage, the garden, the basketball court, the kitchen, all the rooms and the occupants, she introduced me to the other maids.

The other maids seems to respect her.


“Um kora, I called as we walked to my room.”



“The other workers seems to respect you a lot, I said and she smiled.”

“Well, that’s because I’m the head of all workers here, she replied.”


Wow! Nice.

We got to my room and she got in with me.

She closed the door and examined my room.

“Your room is very pretty now that I look at it, she said and I nodded in agreement.”

“Yea, it’s really beautiful.”


“Kora, why is my room the first ? ”

Because Mrs Rebecca wants you to know everything about the boys, the time they leave the house, where they go to and what they do, she replied.

“Yea, but I don’t think it will be possible, they look intimidating, I said and she chuckled.”

“They are worse, when the’re mom leaves you’ll get to see the real them, she replied and I signed.”

“To be honest I don’t think I can do this, I said sitting in the bed.”

She came and sat beside me on the bed

Well its hard but not totally impossible.

You’ll have to gain their trust first and that’s by doing what they want and want they will want from you firstly is s3x, she explained and I became really bitter.

The problem starts from there, once they have you on their bed you’ll be nothing to them.

Tho they’ll talk to you and all but the respect won’t be there. They believe all ladies are the same and are easy to get, she explained further.

“Well, considering their cute face which lady will have the nerve to resist or reject them?” She said.



“I’m not every lady kora and I won’t let them get in between my leg, I said and held my legs tightly.”


She laughed.

“Seems they already approached you, she said amidst laughter.”

“Its hard to resist them but I wish you luck kendra, she said and got up.”

I’ll be in my room, she said and left.

I signed and laid on the bed spreading my hands and legs on them.

There have got to be a way.

There must be a way to handle them.

I’ll find it.

I won’t back out.


Rico’s POV


What’s mom even thinking?


Why on earth did she bring such idea into her head?

“A babysitter?” And worse a girl our age, mason kept on saying as I laid on my bed.

“And she’s really beautiful, Jason added.”

“What do you think she’s thinking? There must be something that made her do that?” Mason asked but I kept still.

Its obvious she wants someone to monitor us but that girl obviously can’t, she won’t stay for long, Jason replied Mason.

“Why aren’t you saying anything Rico?” mom brought someone you’re older than with a year.

“Shouldn’t you be against it?” Mason asked.

“Of course he is, its a slap actually, Jason replied and chuckled. ”


“She won’t last guys, don’t worry, I chipped in.”

Aha! At last you said something, mason said.

“Well, she’ll be attending high school with us.”

“Mom said so, Jason added.”

“That means she’ll be all over us, mason said.”

She will back out herself. Just keep on doing what you do guys, I need a nap, I said to them and closed my eyes.

They left afterwards.




Next day.

β€” Kendra’s POVβ€”

I heard a knock at the door and stood up sluggishly to open up.

I opened the door and a maid was standing there.

“Miss, ma’am Rebecca request for you at the dinning, she said and left.”

I closed the door and got into the well furnished washroom and brushed my teeth.

Everything looks super expensive.


I washed my face and cleaned it with a towel then went down to the dinning.

There I saw the boys and Mrs Rebecca.

The boys were sitting roughly throwing their legs at different angles.

I took a sit beside Mrs Rebecca.

“Morning ma, I greeted as the maids served different meals.”

“Morning kendra, hope you had a pleasant night?” She asked.

“Yes, thank you, I replied politely.”


“Let’s eat, she said and slapped Jason’s leg and he quickly sat down normally.”

She glared at mason who was still sitting anyhow and he brought his leg down.

Rico brought his leg down from the table and we all started eating.

Honesty I’ve never had a meal so delicious and expensive.


I ate slowly not wanting to finish up.

It was so delicious.

Rico just picked on his food and stood up.

I’ll be in my room, he said icily and left.

“Huh, why didn’t he eat? ”

He blearily touched it.

Next the twins got up and left.

I was really surprised.

“They blearily eat, don’t be surprised kendra.”

“Especially Rico, he loves fruit than food and the twins are learning from him, she explained and I nodded.”




“This delicious expensive food?”


“Well, they are wealthy anyway.”


Not like me who eats bread everyday.

“Kendra can you really do it?”

“Everything I asked you of?” She asked after a while and I reluctantly nodded.

They smoke, drink, womanizer and so on.

Can you really do it?



“Can you help change them?” She asked peering into my eyes.

“Y..Yes, I’ll try my best, I replied and she signed.”

Be careful Kendra.

“Don’t let them use you okay?” She asked and I nodded.

So tomorrow I’ll be returning to Chicago and don’t know how many months I’ll spend there before stepping my foot here again.

Tomorrow the real job starts. Once again be careful kendra, she said.

Oh, I’m starting to feel scared already.

Hope they aren’t too bad. I surely won’t let em get in between my legs.




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