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Episode 10









*Please pardon my grammatical errors*


“Hey…..babe….. sunshine wake up. It’s morning already” Mark whispered, gently


tapping her to wake up. Kemi opened her eyes lazily.


“Wat time is it” she asked as she yawned.


“7am…..we over slept” He said as he smiled at her


“Ohh…..” She said trying to recall what Happened the previous night.


She remembered thinking about how to relay her little secret to her husband



“I have to tell him today no matter what.” She thought within herself


“Dress up, let’s go get you some clothes” he said as he was already set to go






They went to the mall close to the hotel to get some dresses. Kemi sensed he was spending too much.


“It’s only me you’re buying these dresses for now. We’ve bought enough already.” She complained, rejecting the one Mark had wanted to add to the quite numerous ones they had already bought.


“Okay this is the last one.” He said


“No thank you” she protested.


“Sweetheart come on. That we’re married doesn’t mean I can’t spoil you, or does it?” He asked


“No, but that we’re married means we have other responsibilities to take care of.” She responded


“That’s when we have a baby and I can’t wait to have them” he responded, the response that made her heart skip a beat.


“But now we’re alone, let’s enjoy ourselves….we won’t be this free when they start


coming you know. The only time we’d be this free is when we’re old and we have lost such appetite or pleasure. Just let me spoil you a little huh” he said pleadingly.


“Okay fine but buy shoes instead” she said.


“Nope. I brought money for that one”


“Wait where did you get the money from.”


“I saved it” he said shortly. He actually had wanted to use it to start something, probably developing they bought a year ago.



“Okay but now I want shoes. So give me the money remaining for clothes as my upkeep…”s she said stretching her hands, expecting money to be placed in it.


Mark smiled at this and handed the money to her as they went making their choice of shoes and some undies






“Thanks for today honey.” Kemi said as she laid on the bed, worn out.


“Anything for you baby” he responded, removing his shoes.


They had branched at a restaurant and eaten so they were obviously full, and weak.


“I love you.” Mark said as he hugged her.


“I love you more.” She whispered as she kissed him


“But babe, there’s something you need to know” she said as they disengaged


“Yes I’m listening” he said as he gave her his rapt attention


Mark knew there has been something his wife is hiding. How he got to know? Esther told him to come the next day so she could reveal it to him. So he took a three day pass and went home early that day


“I’d rather hear it from her” he thought to himself as he asked for permission from his boss.


So obviously, he ran away from his office and home just for him to get his wife to tell him herself


“I’m listening my love” He said as he saw she was scared to talk. He pulled her close and made her look at him.


“Listen to me. Baby no matter how bad the secret may be, it wouldn’t change the love I have for you. My love you don’t have to be afraid, I won’t hate you. I won’t regret marrying you. I married you because I loved you and still love you. Despite the initial rejection, I still insisted on marrying you because I know you’d give me a



home. You’d be a good mother, sister, wife and best friend to me. So please don’t be afraid” he said as tears rolled down her cheeks.


“I’m really sorry but…..” She was interrupted by a phone call for Mark. He checked


the ID and it was Taiwo calling


“Pick the call.” Kemi said gently.


“You’re my wife. And I also give you the title this day that you’re my best friend too. So she isn’t important. Whatever you want to say to me is the most important thing right now. I’ll call her later” Mark said, stroking her hair just for her to feel free to talk. She shed tears the more and hugged him.


“I can’t face him” she thought to herself so she stayed in that position to talk


“Babe I was a club girl before you met me.”


“I know” he responded


“I had three abortions during that period and the doctor said my womb is too fragile to carry a baby. He doubts if I could bring one to this world ever again.” She said as she let her tears flow


Mark was thrown into confusion. He had mixed feeling about the whole thing.


He was happy he got to her that from his wife and not a third party and at the same time sad, he had always wanted Kemi to have children for him.


He hugged her tight as she was still cry.


“It’s okay my love. Please don’t cry.” He managed to say


He remembered when he was at a service and the pastor preached on love, saying every love would surely be tested, including our love for Christ. The pastor also made mention of so many Christains who became martyrs because of the love they had for Christ


“It’s easier said than done” he thought as he encouraged himself to be a man



“It’s fine…..stop crying. Listen to me” He said as he disengaged himself from her,


making her to face him


“I still love you. I always will. To be honest, I don’t know what to say but I won’t change towards you because of this okay” he said, holding himself. Kemi nodded and hugged him


“This is really a secret. A big one at that” he thought to himself.


His phone was still ringing tirelessly


“Pick the call now. We’re fine” Kemi said as Mark answered the Taiwo’s call






“Hey… wassup”


“I’m okay how are you.”


“I’m fine. Just lonely”


“How’s the home. Hope you’re taking care of it and hope Tunde isn’t disturbing you either”


“No it’s not. I just called to tell you that I’d soon be leaving for the States in two days time. When are you coming home?” Taiwo asked “Tomorrow by God’s grace” Mark responded


“Okay good, I’d still be home by then. Can I speak to your wife please” she said “Yeah sure” Mark said as he handed the phone over to her





“Hello dear. How are you?”


“I’m fine thank you”


“Good to hear. Can you move away from your husband? There’s something I want to inform you of.” Taiwo said, making Kemi to giggle.


“Taiwo I don’t keep secrets anymore. I’m done keeping secrets. The last one almost ate me up. So tell me, he’ll still hear. What’s up, is anything the problem?” Kemi said, holding his hands reassuringly.


“Okay. Esther came her earlier today asking to see Mark. She complained she didn’t see him in his office when she went looking for him there. She said she has



something important to tell him and I’m sensing it’s your little secret.” Taiwo explained as briefly as she could.


“But from the look of things, I think you’ve told him, right?” Taiwo said further “Yes I have.” Kemi replied


“Good. And he didn’t overreact” she asked, twas more or less like a fact. “Well yes…” She smiled as she pecked him


“You see? I told you. I know him too well. Anyways, be expecting her call anytime tomorrow. And babe, be prayerful o. That girl is crazy and from the look of things, she’d go to any length to snatch that good man from you” she said


“No problem….I’d be ready for any of her actions.” Kemi said with confidence.


“Okay I’ll be traveling to the States soon, I’ve told your husband. Since you guys don’t keep secrets from each other anymore, he’d tell you. Enjoy your honeymoon” she said


“Thanks dear. Bye” Kemi said as she ended the call


“So….what did she say?” Mark said, holding her from behind


“That Esther came looking for you at home” she said briefly


“Wow. This is serious. What does she want from me exactly” Mark asked


“Whatever it is she wants, she’s not getting it. You’re taken, you’re my husband, you’re a married man and you’re mine forever and she should learn to accept that. If she wants to learn that fact the hard way, then I have no choice but to comply” Kemi said with so much confidence.


“Wow. That’s the wife I married…..my iron lady” he said as she gave her a peck on


her neck


She smiled and faced him, kissing him passionately and then disengaged


“You see even a kiss from you, She’s not getting it. You’re mine now” Kemi said as Mark smiled



“I’m glad you’re back to the woman you used to be, always praying, always knowing what next to do and actions to take. I love you” Mark said as he hugged her


“I love you more” she responded as she resolved to enter into warfare prayer that night












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