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Episode 17











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It’s been a week since Mama Kemi has been teaching the couple all they need to know about spiritual warfare and they’ve been responding excellently.



This is now the second week and Kemi is the main student as Mark has resumed fully, but still studies with his wife at night and they revise together.



Mama Kemi had scheduled her lectures for good 8 weeks and the remaining one month has been planned to be used for practicals, studying of prayer books and solving all assignments as Mama had solely wanted to focus on teaching her daughter without interruptions.



This is what Kemi has been learning for the remaining 8 weeks







“Mama I’m ready.” Kemi said as she sat down, ready to learn. She had done everything expected of her to do for that day.



“Okay…..have you done your assignments?” Mama asked



“Yes Mama but I’m not done with the Book of Psalms yet Ma.” Kemi said as she opened her jottings, showing them to her mother.



“Okay. Drop that for now. We’ll treat them all when we’re done with lectures so you’ll have enough time to do it well” Mama said as she gave her back her note and readjusted herself, ready to commence her lectures



“Now let’s start with ‘Violence in prayers'” Mama said as Kemi wrote down the topic



“You know that the greatest weapons given to man is prayer. In the realm of prayer, there are prayers and there are prayers. There are prayers that can be done in bed and they’d he answered and there are prayers that require violence and perseverance for them to be answered. Matt 11:12 and Mark 10:47 attest to this. Blind Bartimeaus had to cry his prayers. It was definitely a cry that made Jesus hear his voice amidst the crowd.


Iffu read Mark 10:46-52 especially verse 48 carefully, you’d realise that many had wanted to shut him up, to stop him from shouting or praying. Assuming he listened to them, he wouldn’t have been heard and he wouldn’t have received his miracle. Also notice that in verse 49, when Jesus noticed and heard his cry, it was the same people that called him and said ‘be of good comfort, rise, he calleth thee” Mama explained as Kemi turned her Bible to the various verses



“My child, that passage alone shows that you have to persevere in the place of prayers, no matter what people say or how they talk or make jest of you or discourage you because they’d still be the same set of people to congratulate you when your prayers are answered.” Mama explained as she paused a little to entertain questions.



When she saw she had no questions, she continued



“You can also find another passage that attests to violence in prayers in the book of Psalms I asked you to study. I’m talking about Psalm 56:9” Mama said as Kemi read the passage to their hearing.



“So my lovely daughter, violence is needed in your prayers. We’ve seen the passages that support that. There are some prayers you can’t just pray in silence. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to disturb your neighbor or even your partner while praying. Being aggressive is in the spirit as we are to pray in spirit and in truth.” Mama advised



“Let us go into the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Let’s touch that a little as it is also important”



“Now it isn’t our topic for today but I want to keep mentioning it to lay emphasis on how important it is to Christain life” Mama said as Kemi listened attentively



“What do you understand by the Gifts of the Holy Spirit?” Mama asked



“They are the gifts that God has blessed us with through his Spirit and He has divided these gifts among men. They can be found in 1 Cor. 12:7-10” Kemi responded intelligently as Mama smiled



“You’re a good student. You still remember what I taught you back then” Mama said, her face beaming with smiles



“I can’t forget Mama” Kemisola replied



“That’s good. So which of them do you think you have” Mama asked



“Word of Knowledge.” Kemi replied almost immediately


“How did you know?” Mama interrogated



“Because the word of Knowledge is the one that makes you to be aware of what has happened in the past of what is happening presently. It can be through dreams and inner voice.” Kemi explained the best she could as Mama nodded



“That’s good. Go on” Mama said, listening attentively.



“The word of Knowledge is closely related to the word of wisdom and they’re both the Revelational gifts, coupled with ability of discerning spirits. The main difference between them is that the word of Knowledge let’s you know of what happened in the past or what is happening presently, while the word of Wisdom deals with what will happen in the future, say two or three years to come or evem more” Kemi explained as her mom smiled.



“That’s good my child. Now that you know that, you should also know that you should develop on the gifts you posses” Mama said as Kemi listened attentively



“How Mama” she asked



“By utilizing your gifts well. Making use of it often. It could start from inner voice or a dream, but you can develop it to become a vision; something you’d see clearly when you’re fully awake.” Mama explained



“All you have to do is to make the sacrifice of spending more time with God, reading His word and ask for grace to grow in Him” Mama said further.



“Okay Mama, I’d work on it” Kemi responded



“Good now let me teach you one more lesson before we call it a day today” Mama said as Kemi listened attentively



“I’ll speak on ‘the power God has given unto man'” Mama said



“Gd has accorded some level of power to each human. He made mention of that in Gen 1:28” Mama said as Kemi read aloud.



“In that passage, God gave man dominion over everything moving upon the earth and the fowls of the air. Ps 8:4-5 and Rom 2:6-8 also confirms it. That is the power and authority he has given to all men, not to talk we His children. Now, the unfortunate thing here is that we don’t exercise this authority while our enemies do so and mesmerize or attack us with it. Now the authority given to man is useless if you are not His child. You may still have the power to be fruitful and multiple, but what of replenishing the earth and subduing it? You need to rise up as a Christian and exercise the authority Christ has given to you Kemi. God’s people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. It’s because they do not know these things that the enemy keeps winning them.”Mama lectured



“How do I exercise this authority Mama?” Kemi asked



“By first understanding the various weapons you have at your disposal. I’d teach you one for now” Mama said



“One of the ways to exercise your authority is by commanding your morning and stating what you want that day: success, favour, good health etc. I’ve lectured on that before.


Another way of exercising this authority is by subduing the Earth” Mama said as she paused




“Subduing the earth, how?” Kemi asked, confused




“I’ll explain. You know well that your enemies can use the earth against you, one of which is collecting the sand you’ve stepped on to use against you right?” Mama asked as Kemi nodded in affirmative



“They’re able to do that because it can be commanded. The earth, or let me say, the sand has ears, it can hear. If you don’t believe, open your Bible to Jer 22:29-30” Mama said as Kemi read the passage



“You see in that passage of the Bible, someone, I’m supposing to be Jeremiah, had caused someone using the earth that none of his seed will prosper. Remember also that sacrifices are kept on the ground. You can command the earth to render the powers behind such sacrifices against you powerless. It is very possible. Let’s digress a little, open to Dan 3:27.” Mama said as Kemi opened the passage.


“that means it is very possible for things to be powerless over some people. You can also make sacrifices offered to earth against you to be powerless by commanding the earth.” Mama explained the best way she could as she could sense it was all very new to Kemi



“Okay so Mama, how do I command the earth?” Kemi asked



“Use the way the Bible did in Jer 22:29” Mama said simply



“That’s all for today. I’m getting tired already” Mama said as it was obvious she needed some rest cos she has been talking for hours now



“Okay Mama. You can rest now.” Kemi said as she left her room, pondering on the new things she had learned



Kemi is seen still over her assignment of study of Psalms and revising what she had learnt with her husband



“Babe” she called



“Yeah?” Mark said



“There’s something strange Mama made mention of today. Commanding the earth. How do you see it?” Kemi asked as she had explained everything in details to him.



“Well, I think it’s true. In my office, I hear stories of people collecting the sand one has stepped on and using it for evil. So she’s saying we can counter it and render it null and void, more or less” Mark explained as he yawned



“I can’t really stay with you for long dear. At least I tried to stay for an hour” he said as he checked the time



“It’s okay. The one hour you spent with me is enough, and besides there’s work tomorrow so you’d need some sleep.” Kemi responded



“Go to bed dear. Let me continue to work on my Psalms” Kemi said further



“Thanks baby. Goodnight. I love you” He said as he went to bed, which was not far from their little “study room” in their bedroom



“Okay. Now it’s just me. Where did I stop in this Psalms” she thought to herself as continued from where she stopped











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