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Episode 14







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Kemi’s joy knew no bounds as her prayers of help had just been answered. She couldn’t believe her mom had planned to stay for three full months and every day of the time she’s gonna spend was going to end with a lesson on spiritual warfare



“I am more than ready to learn.” She thought happily as she searched her room for an unused jotter….she later found an empty one, they one they used as souvenir for their wedding



“Perfect” she thought to herself.



She prayed for the day to end fast so she could start her classes. She then searched for all prayer books by Great men of God that she had and got read for the D-Day



“This is the beginning of a great turnaround in my spiritual life. My questions will be answered, my doubts cleared and my fear eliminated. Oh my God. I can’t wait” she thought to herself





“The “D-Day” is here!!!” Kemi thought happily as she got up from bed as early as 5am, kissed her husband and happily made her way to the kitchen to make breakfast. It was quite early for breakfast but the Joy in her heart



pushed her to do things quickly so she could spend quality time with her mother.



Mark woke up an hour later to find out that his wife wasn’t in bed. He made his was to the kitchen to find her dancing joyfully, and he noticed she was done making breakfast.



“Uhmm….babe. Did you win a lottery or something.” Mark asked, confused


at his wife’s sudden excitement



“oh….. sweetheart. You’re awake” she said with smiles, the smiles that her


husband has always admired



“Yeah…so why up so early” he said as he moved closer to her.



“Good morning my love. Well, let’s just say I’m about to learn some lessons


on how to protect us and move our life forward forever. I’m going to learn


deeper about God and His love for us. The enemy and the weapons the


Lord has put at our disposal that we have been so ignorant of. The lesson


starts today and I’m sooooooo excited babe. I’m going to be a complete


wife after that, I’m very certain” she said as she hugged him like a child who


had just been given an extra biscuit.


Mark laughed at her attitude.


“Okay speak to me in plain English.” He said while laughing as he couldn’t help it.



“Okay. Mom is going to teach me the Bible today. God is going to use her to teach my hands to war and my fingers to battle. It’s starting today. For three months” She explained



“Three months? Isn’t it too much” Mark asked



“Too much or too small. It’s about the person who created us. Who created love so it’s too small and it isn’t going to be boring at all…..I just wish it was Abit longer” she said.





Fast forward



“Mama I’m ready.” Kemi said in excitement as she had already brought her Bible and the prayer books she had along with her jotter to her mom’s room



“Kemi….what are all these?” Mama asked surprised



“Mama you’re taking me through a three month course and I decided to bring everything for me to learn faster.” Kemi said in smiles



Mama smiled back at her ever learning attitude


“Prayer books are good my dear. But what if you don’t have them? Will you say there’s nothing you can do? You know all the prayer points are from the Bible abi?” Mama asked



“Yes Ma.”



“Good. So let’s focus on our Bible for now. Prayer books would come later because they’re important as well.”



“Okay Ma”



“Good. Now you know the book of Psalms don’t you?”



“Yes Ma” Kemi replied


“Who’s the sole author” Mama asked.



“King David.” She replied



“That’s right. Now can you give me a little profile of King David?”



“King David was a man after God’s heart that fought alot of battles in his lifetime and was hardly defeated.”



“Very correct. Now if you look closely at the Book of Psalms, you’d see that there are prayers, Thanksgiving and the prayers of forgiveness of sins in Psalms abi.”



“Yes Ma. Like Psalm 51 was based on forgiveness of sins when he slept with Uriah’s wife” Kemi Replied



“Very good my daughter. Since David was a man of great battles, that means some prayer points would be place in that book of Psalms. Some call it the prayers of the psalmist, and since he was a man after God’s heart, he’d pray aright.” Mama said as Kemi was jotting some points



“You see another author was Moses. You notice also in Psalms that there’s a chapter or chapters where Moses was the author and Dothan and Korah were mentioned. Now I want you to study the whole of Psalms and extract the prayer points you see there. That’s your first assignment. I’ll give you seven days to accomplish that” Mama said as she ended her speech.


“Now, oko mi can you tell me the various weapons you know that the Kings of Isreal who please God used to win their battles?” Maka asked.



“Ehmmmm…..I Know King Jehoshaphat’s own was praises Ma.” Kemi replied



“Oda we’ll talk about that later. Now your second assignment is to go study the various weapons God used in fighting the Egyptians.”



“You mean the plagues” Kemi stated



“Not really plagues. Go and check the instructions God gave to Moses so that each of the plagues would happen.” Mama stated



“Okay Ma” Kemi replied as she was jotting down her assignments



“Now our lecture for today is the morning.” Mama said



“Morning?” Kemi said



“Yes my dear. Do you know that the morning can be used against you?” Mama asked as Kemi shook her head in the negative.



“Oda oya open that Bible to Job 38:12-13 and read to yourself. If you meditate on that passage well, you’d see that God asked Job if he had ever commanded the morning. Don’t you Know that early risers who pray have the best of the day? If the morning can be commanded, then the sun, moon and stars can too. The stars can fight for or against you. In Judges 5:20, the stars fought against Sisera and the enemy too can program the stars, moon or sun to fight against you as well if you don’t learn to take charge.” Mama lectured


“Okay so Mama, how do I command my morning” Kemi asked as she


listened with rapt attention.



“You are a Christian, use the authority God has place d in your hands. You can use the prayer point in Psalms 121:6 for a start. As you go deeper, the Holy Spirit will teach you yourself.” Mama replied



“So oko mi, that’s where I will stop for today. Make sure you do your assignments okay. I’m already getting hungry” mama said as she stood up



“Okay Ma. Thank you Ma. Let me go and prepare something for you to eat after that, you’d rest” Kemi said as she made her way to the kitchen to prepare something for her mother










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