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Episode 8








Mark came home a bit early that same day, planning to spend time with his wife.


Kemi however, was still thinking about what had occurred earlier on.


“I’m very sure that wasn’t a coincidence” she thought inwardly


Mark noticed she was deep in thoughts and decided to ask what was wrong with her.


“My love, is anything the problem” he questioned


“No I’m fine….it’s nothing” Kemi replied


As Kemi had her strengths, she also had her weakness (as she was a human being), one of which was keeping things from her husband. She always did keep things



from Mark and this has troubled him as he has tried every means possible for her to be free to discuss anything with him.


This however, was as a result of the lifestyle she had once lived. She had to keep it a secret from her mom and siblings as she lied to them about getting a lucrative job.


This had affected her marriage, in a light way though, but is about it’s about to be affected in a mind blowing way.


“Are you sure you’re fine?” He asked, knowing the type of lady he wedded.


“Yes I am.” She replied shortly


“Well okay. Today’s Tuesday right?” he asked, beaming with smiles.


“Yes. Why?” She responded


“Well……I took a three day pass” he said, stroking her hair


“Oh my God….are you sick, it’s something wrong with you? You don’t feel well?”


Kemi kept asking as she was scared he husband might be sick because she doesn’t remember the last time he took a break from office, if he ever did, it was because of a something serious, eitger he or his wife was sick or serious family issues.


“No I’m fine. I just want to spend time with you that’s all” he said, giving her a peck on her forehead


“But I’m not sick” she responded


“Baby you don’t need to be sick before I show you how much I love you. At least let me appreciate you now you’re fine and healthy. Please babe” he said, his hands on her hair. Kemi smiled at him and felt so lucky to be his woman


“Now I understand why you are every lady’s dream” she said as she hugged him “thank you” she whispered


“Anything for my woman” he responded.






It was late, past midnight and everyone had gone to bed including Mark and Kemi. Kemi had resolved to pray that night, as her mom had reminded her of the power of midnight prayer few days back but things didn’t go as planned as she woke up late that night.


Meanwhile, while she was fast asleep, she had a dream that her best friend Esther had told her boldly that she would snatch Mark from her like she does back then in school. Kemi was surprised in that dream and asked why she had wanted to do that.


Esther’s reply startled her “Do you know I’m single, don’t you Know your husband is a good man and every lady would want him to himself, I have always been searching for the right man and while you were busy displaying the things he buys for you, telling me how much he loves you, I decided he is the right man for me. I wonder how he got to marry a foolish last like you, not knowing that you don’t have an iota of wisdom in you”


That was Esther’s reply and after that, she woke up.


Kemi woke up and stoop up gently so as not to disturb her husband. She had resolved to pray for an hour or two that night but after that dream she was going to prayer harder for three hours. If that was what would save her marriage, it was worth it.


She started her prayers: she prayed concerning the dream, read her Bible, sang praises, prayed again and it went on like that till she felt satisfied. By the time she was done with her prayers, it was already 5am in the morning and Mark had told her they were leaving that same day as he said he had wanted to spend time with her without a third party and since Taiwo was still at home, they would lodge in a hotel or guest house so as to concentrate fully on her.




“My love I hope you’re not forgetting anything.” Mark asked as they were about leaving



“No I’m not. I’m set to go” she responded, taking the boxes downstairs where Taiwo met them and was confused.


“Is someone packing out or leaving the house for me? Or have I now become a burden to you? If I’ve become a burden, please tell me, I could lodge in a hotel or something. I’m no longer stranded” she said innocently. This shocked Kemi to the core as she was dumbfounded..


“Are you the one saying this?” Mark asked surprisingly.


Taiwo gave a beautiful smile and said “I know you might be surprised because of the way I acted when I first came, the truth is I was really jealous of the fact that Mark had gotten married and he didn’t inform me and I got to know myself. I narrated my dissatisfaction and sadness to my twin sister and she warned me sternly to leave you alone. She reminded of the man over there seeking my hand in marriage and not to let my jealousy and so called hurt get the best of me” she said as she stared at me and smiled.


“Hmmm…thank God. At least you’d stop disturbing me right” Mark said, feeling relieved already.


“Of course and I apologise for the inconveniences. Mark can you give me a minute with your wife. I want to apologise to her as well, she’s the one I wronged the most” Taiwo said as Mark agreed to leave them and wait for Kemi in the car. Kemi on the other hand didn’t know what he meant by saying “at least you’d stop disturbing me”


When Mark left the dup, Taiwo walked closer to her with a smile on her face. “I’m so sorry for everything.” She said calmly


“It’s fine.” Kemi replied


“However, I want to warn you of one thing. Stop keeping secrets from your husband. He is your husband and you are one. Remember the secret you had told Esther about a week ago? That you couldn’t carry Mark’s child? I heard it too. It happened I was eavesdropping on your conversation. So it’s no longer a secret. Esther your friend has come to me to help her smtake Mark away from you and let me warn that she’s ready to accomplish that goal by all means, no matter what it



takes and I guess she’d start by revealing your secret to him so you have to be careful. I don’t really understand why you’d be scared to tell him anything. The Mark I know is one of a kind. He doesn’t flare up at any little instance and tries as much as possible to be understanding no matter how hard the situation might be. I’m no longer in agreement with her to take Mark from you but that doesn’t mean she’s giving up. I guess you have to go now. Your husband is waiting” she said as she sensed Mark’s presence from a distance.


Kemi nodded and the duo went to meet mark where he was


“I’d leave immediately you return. Enjoy your honeymoon season 2” she said as she laughed and waved goodbye


Kemi was still in deep thoughts on what Taiwo had told her. Her husband noticed this and held her hands.


“I’d explain everything when we get there” he said as she let out a smile


She knew he was talking about the “disturbance” Taiwo gave him that she didn’t know of but that was not was what bothering her


Just then, she recalled that last night, she prayed a prayer points, saying that her enemies should lose the support of other enemies.


At about the same time, she also recalled that she had glanced through a scripture in Proverbs when she was reading her Bible..


“When a man’s ways pleases the Lord, He maketh his enemies be at peace with him”


It was then she realized what was going on….


“Answered prayers” she thought to herself as she smiled.


She then resolved in her heart there and then to extend the fast to seven days, meaning four more days of fasting as she was already seeing the results gradually
















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