Sun. Feb 11th, 2024

Episode 1


Kemi’s POV


“Baby……babe wake up, you’d be late for work” I say, gently waking my love up. I


have prepared everything he needs, his breakfast is ready and his clothes properly ironed. All that is left is for him to eat, dress up and get to work


Forgive my manners please, I forgot to introduce myself (don’t mind me, I’m just too excited, I can’t believe I’m now married, a married woman ).

My name is Kemisola Aigbogun….I mean Mrs Kemisola Aigbogun, Oh my


God, isn’t it lovely? I’m now married; not just married, I’m married to the love of my life. The man who loves me more than I love him. I consider myself a lucky lady to have married him honestly.


Uhmmm….wat else do u need to know about me yes I have a best friend, her


name is Esther……she has been my bestie since my University days, we’ve treated


each other like sisters and I love her as one. She isn’t married yet though, said she hasn’t found the man of her dreams yet so she’ll keep waiting. Though she isn’t married, I tell everything that happens at home to her. They say when you get married, you shouldn’t mingle with singles as they could pull you down and snatch your husband blah blah blah….buh ion believe all that. I mean, she’s my best friend and I don’t see any reason she’d wanna hurt me or pull my marriage down.


Okay enough of me.


“Babe….ahn ahn nw wake up, at least I made sure you you slept early last night” I


said while pouting


He stretched a little”Good morning love”


“Haba….I’ve been trying to wake you up since now” I said, still pouting to which


he giggled



“I had wanted to sleep a little longer you know” he said, giving me a peck to which I blushed.


“Come on, come off bed, breakfast is ready” I said, playfully dragging him from the bed….


He ate, dressed up and left for work.


“Good luck today baby” I said from the kitchen.


“Yeah come see me off” He said, adjusting his tie in the parlour


I obeyed and joined him shortly, adjusting his tie (not that I know how to adjust it anyway)


“Okay….bye” he said, pecking me…I waved and smiled, seeing my husband off.


I went back into the house, dressed up to go for my normal day to day business because I’m a business woman. I don’t really spend hours selling goods, I just have to sell my goods like a wholesaler and return home. I’ve actually been planning my life like that so I can have enough time for my husband, family and the spiritual environment of my home.


Few hours later, I returned home a little stressed out so I went to the kitchen to eat as well didn’t eat before leaving the house and did some chores.


I was watching film when my husband walked in with a lady, maybe from his office I suppose


“Hey dear….” he said as he pecked my cheeks


“Hi…how was work today” O responded, subconsciously ignoring the lady behind him


“It went well, thank God…..uhmm, babe this is my bestie. Her name is Taiwo.


Taiwo, this is my wife, Kemi” my husband said


“Hi….nice to meet you” I said with a smile, stretching forth my hands for a




Sue looked at me and ignored


“Mark please show me to my room” she said as she went with Mark


I didn’t realize my mouth was agape…. Like seriously, why would she respond that


way, she didn’t even respond at all o. And why would Mark my husband not inform me that we would be having a visitor before bringing her in….. I mean I’m his wife, he should have told










How’s this episode?










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