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Episode 4


He kept staring at the two of them, confused about who he’d choose to be with and their reactions.


When Kemi noticed he was confused as it was written all over his face, she smiled and kissed him lightly


“Go check wat is wrong with her car, I’d wait for you don’t worry” she said, stroking his hair


He smiled in response….a smile of relief as he went downstairs to meet Taiwo who


was giving Kemi a dangerous glare that could stab if they were to be daggers.


She was happy she got his attention yes but still very upset that she didn’t accomplish her mission of bringing a misunderstanding between the two.


Mark was soon done with her and went back to Kemi as they retired to their different rooms for the evening.






On a bright and blissful morning, Mark is seen in his office, sorting out some documents as his phone rang…it was a call from his secretary


“Hello Sir. Good morning Sir. Someone’s here to see you” she said on a calm note.


“Okay, profile” He responded, while checking for something on his computer


“It’s a lady sir. She said she’s your wife’s friend and goes by the name Esther Sir” she responded politely



He tried to recall before he said “okay, let her in” and shortly, a beautiful lady walked into his office, neatly dressed


“Hello Mark” she said in between smiles


“Hi. Sorry give me a minute let me conclude this one.” He said while staring at the computer and trying to bring what he was doing to a halt


“There. I’m done” he said as he clapped his hands in excitement


“What can I do for you young lady” he asked, as she now had his full and undivided attention


“I guess you don’t remember me anymore so I’d just introduce myself to you” she said, dissatisfied from the way he treated her like a total stranger


“I’m Esther. You’re wife’s best friend” she said confidently


“Ohh I’m sorry, forgive my manners…. how are you and how is everything” he said


“I’m fine thank you” she responded


“Its obvious…So what’s brings you here” he asked


“Nothing dear. I just came to greet you in your office” she responded smiling while Mark was silent


“Okay I think I should take my leave now. By the way, you’re a very handsome young man and I like your shirt. I’ll see you later” she said as she made her way to the door, leaving Mark dumbfounded and confused.


“What kind of problem is this. How do I face all these women.” He thought to himself as he recalled Esther called him to her house, lying to him that Kemi was there and was weeping, refusing to be consoled only for him to find out that she had just wanted to see him and do some things with him to which he bluntly refused and fled.



“God. Please give Kemi the wisdom to handle these two. Especially that unfriendly friend around her who calls her name Esther” He prayed silently as he resumed work.






Kemi and Esther are seen in the sitting room


They’ve been gisting and laughing for sometime now.


“Babe let me show you what my husband bought for me” Kemi said excitedly as she playfully dragged her friend to the master’s bedroom


“See…..the clothes, shoes and bags. I just love this man so much. He’s the best and


he’s everything any woman ask for” she said smiling


“So you know. Just wait till I snatch him from you” Esther thought inwardly


“But you know what. I just wish I could still carry his child. And I also which I was much more reserved and decent in my youthful days” she said as her smiles slightly disappeared


“What do you mean…did something go wrong?” Esther asked, obviously faking concern


“Well nothing…. actually it’s something buh it’s a secret I haven’t told a soul about”


she said, childishly playing with her fingers.


“I’m your best friend dear. Your secret is safe with me” Esther replied, hold her hands reassuringly






Taiwo decided to survey the house and go upstairs since she hasn’t been there before because she was restricted to be there. But Mark wasn’t home so he



wouldn’t know. She had closed from work as usual as her job here isn’t time consuming like that pf Mark


She was moving when she heard voices in low tones, and she decided to eavesdrop.


“You can tell me anything. What’s bothering you” She heard Esther ask


“When I had my last abortion, the doctor said my womb is too fragile, if not damaged, he said he doubted if I could give birth at all again” Kemi confessed as her eyes were already teary.


Taiwo closed her mouth so as not to let her voice expose her. She was shocked and Esther was more shocked


“Oh my God…..last abortion, pregnant, fragile womb……since when. I mean how? I


know you go to clubs back then but I didn’t know there was more to it.” Esther said, not giving her best friend breathing space to explain herself


“Kemi I’m talking to you. Answer me”


“Ehn wait now. How am I supposed to respond to you when you’re not giving me a breathing space to talk.” Kemi retorted


“Okay. Oya talk. I’m listening” Esther said impatiently


“I had abortions yes but it was just three times” Kemi replied shortly


“Ehn okay…..how did you get Mark to marry you. Because I Know he’s a decent


man who would want a decent woman for a wife” Esther asked


At this point Taiwo stretched her neck the more because she was asking the same question in her mind


“I didn’t lure him into marrying me so don’t think I used charm on him or something. We met while he was serving or so and he loved me and asked for my hand in marriage. I told him I wasn’t the kind of girl he would want for as a wife but he wouldn’t budge, saying he loved me more than whatever reason I was saying



that. I had no choice but to accept his proposal because I loved him as well but I never mentioned what made me reject initially” She explained, in details this time


At this point Taiwo tiptoed downstairs quietly before sfed get caught


“Hmm…..so do you plan on telling him this” Esther asked, expecting to get a


negative answer


“No I don’t” she replied shortly


“Very good.” Esther thought inwardly before she received a call.


“Baby I have to go now, my attention is needed elsewhere” she said as she stood up to take her leave


“Okay thanks for listening. And, please keep my secret.” She said slowly


“U wish..” Esther thought..


“Sure. Your secret is safe with me. Still shocked though” she responded


“Okay…let me see you off” Kemi said as they went downstairs and said goodbye




















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