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No word was exchanged through again till we reached my house, though I got her several times stealing glances from me.


Such oppressed souls called Females.


I thought she’s gonna be different but I think am mistaken. She’s like everyone of them. Serpents.


They come into your life crawling on their whole just to gets you weak and distracted.


She’s here just drooling over me like the other girls out there who have no prestige. I bet she’s gonna spread her legs wide for me without I asking for it.


Gosh, I hate this gender like f**k.


“Here we are”, I said stepping down from the car.


Here I was at my house with no changes. Just as I have left it.


“Sir you’re here. I will take in your bags now”, my gatekeeper said bowing.


My happy moment was destroyed immediately I saw Tina or what ever her name coming down. Why would she be so beautiful if she was a disaster.


I know she saved me just to get close to me but am gonna deal with her that she’s gonna leave my house for good.


“Don’t worry, She would take them in herself”, I said with my face rigid.


She was shocked as well asy gatekeeper but who cares. Leaving the palace dosent give me back my lost heart.


“But sir the luggage looks heavy and by the wayshe’sa. “,


“Who’s the boss here Stephen? “, I asked cutting him short. “You, sir”,

“Good. I know the luggage is heavy and she’s a woman. That’s the reason she would carry them”, I said glaring daggers at her.


Her head immediately went down when our eyes met.


“She should be able to carry them since she was able to save me and get my mothers favour. Or can’t you? “, I asked.


Her head still remained downwards. She can’t carry them for sure which I know. I just want her to cry.


Their sadness is my priority.


“If carrying them is what you want, then them I shall carry, prince Shane”, Her voice held courage and her eyes cold. Such a disturbed soul.

“Thats good then. Stephen drive this car to the car wash and you be fast about this”, I said before walking into the house.


I just did that to make sure Stephen doesn’t help her. Even though as a vampire, a woman has a limit of her strength.


Man, I need a bath to cool me.


I walked into my room and went into the bathroom. I pulled off my clothes to see that my wound was bleeding all this while.


Shit, it hurts like hell.


The water descending on my body from the shower was just like a projector showing me my fear.


“Your fear is your doom Shane. You can’t fight me”, “You can’t hurt yourself.or are you”

“We are one”


“Shit!!! “, I yelled.


We can never be one you monster. Am gonna find you and send my sword through your heart.


I walked out of bathroom and made for my closet which was dominating with black. Black was my favorite and it also looks good on me.


Going through my cloths for a simple wear, my hands stumbled on a letter. It was from dad years back .


A letter I have cherished and kept like a treasure until now. Everything about him sickens me.


“You still got the guts to talk back at me weakling. I doubt if you’re a man” “Disown you want. That you shall get. Now leave the coven right away ”

“Hit the road young man ”


His words rang in my head as I tore the letter into shreds. “Fuck you Vincent Siganore Dracula. Fuck you”, I yelled. A knock interrupted me.

Anger overshadowing my sense of reasoning, I went to answer the door with my towel around my waist.


“Andwho’sthe. “,


My towel went off my waist and standing before me was Tina!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.



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