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I let out the laugh that has built up in me.


“Fake girlfriend you say, right? “, I asked now back to my calm self. “Yes Tina. Just agree and what ever you want you shall get “, he blurted. ‘What about your life which I need to save my mum? ‘, I said internally.

“What do you take me for Shane or whatever? Do you think am lacking because I came to work in your damn palace? “,


“That’s not what I… “, I cut him short with a raised finger.


“Enough. You royalties always think one is after your money. That’s bullshit. Do you know what? Get out of my house right now”, I spat opening the door for him.


Who do he think he’s gonna come here trying to degrade me stylishly. What the heck.


His eyes was still on me as he got up and made for the open door.


“One more thing, I quit. Don’t bother to send over my salary cause that I need not”,



“Just think about it and let me know before today ends. I need to give him my feed back “, he altered before walking out.


I slammed my door really hard this time and made for my used to be ‘Comfortable’ bed, which doesn’t seem to be comforting this time around.


His pleading eyes and voice kept popping up in my head and ears. What the hell. Staying here would make things worst, I thought. Visiting Cherry would do.

I went over to the mirror and applied a quick makeup. My parents were downstairs but I gave them no notice. My aunt wasn’t there. She must have left.


The only thing she’s good at is bringing bad news and update. Such an evil messenger. Yes evil messenger indeed.





“What?!!!!!! Have you gone nuts? Ohhh my. What’s wrong with you Tina! “, Cherry thundered once more.


She’s been like this since I told her of Shane’s request. What’s even wrong with them? They forget about my feelings here.


“Stop this ranting girl and come eat. If you wanna date him go on. I don’t give a f**k “, I said crunching the fried rolls by her mom.


“Do you know what you have done Tina? Do you know how many girls would have give up their parents if this opportunity of yours comes to them?, I even heard the king wants to make Prince Shane marry Lina while you are here acting more stupid than I thought”, She stated with her eyes on me.


“I don’t care “, I said indifferently.


I did lie if I say I didn’t care. Lina was or used to me our friend. I, her and Cherry made up our gang, but she went away and stopped being friends with us when his dad was made an elder. Reasons best known to her but it was some how related to her popularity. Since then, we did see ourselves as competitors coz she goes about as the queen of highlights. Such a proud being.


Cherry knows that only the mention of Linas name will get me back on lane, so she continued talking.


“Dont you see that nature is on your side by making your mission easy for you block head?, and you’re even gonna be noticed by the whole country thereby shaking Lina to her foundation. Wake up girl? “,


“Enough. I agree. Let’s do this if you want “, I breathed.


“I dont want it. You need it”, she said as we were thrown into a loud laughter. “So how do we go about it then? “, I asked.

“Done already “, she announced showing me my phone.


She already sent a message to Shane. Am gonna kill this girl today…..




“What’s keeping her”, I said impatiently as I walked through and forth…


We fixed a time to met after she sent that message of hers. I know she’s not gonna refuse. Who doesn’t want to be with Prince Shane?


“Hey “she said walking to the cushion bearing herself in that proud manner I hated. “Decided to show up? “, I asked but got no reply.

She was busy brining out some papers or would I say files. “And those are for? “,



She didn’t also reply as she handed over a files. Such girls like this should be more dreaded than ten men.


I took the files and started reading.


“What the hell Tina. Are you for real? “, I asked after reading the below





No kissing


No touching.


No calling.


Can’t tell anyone that this relationship isfake.




. Signed







“Can’t trust you. Here sign it”, she said.


She’s nuts. She can’t make a contract without my own rules. “This is not a contract but trash”, I said tearing it.

“What the hell did you just doShane?


“Something I wanted to and you have no right to question me. You need a contract? Then I need my ownrules”.





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