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He obeyed by walking out of my room. I immediately jammed the door andwent to sit on thebed…


Silly me. When I went for the shower, my inner voice actually warned me to lock the door but I gave no ear to it and see what just happened.



What if he came when I was completely nude? Oh my. I would simple give him a hot for invading my privacy and quit thus job leaving my mission.


Talking of my mission brought back last nights events to my head. FLASHBACK.

After Shane drove back, I treked a long way to get to the major road. My legs suffered the most but I need to get home no matter what.


Draculas luck was on me as a cab was driving to my direction barely after I stepped on the major road.


I flagged him down, gave him my destination and he hit the road. He was kind of filthy but my mind wasn’t on his words bur at home.


Mom and Dad would be dead worried.


“My you kept us worried”, Moms voice greeted me as I locked the door behind me.


“Come here honey. It was just for some hours but it felt like years “, Dad ordered as I went to hug him.


I dropped my bag and went into the kitchen to get a cup of water.


My parents sat there anxiouslly waiting for me and I knew it so I delayed a little before coming out.


“Tell us every detail “, mom cooed.


It told them about everything. How the queen made me follow the prince to his house, his mean and arrogant behavior and the fight between us.


They two stayed silent after the story. They two worry alot.

I knew they were worried about my mission in the royal palace.


“Tina I know luck is on our side but If you don’t think you can do it, there’s no problem with that. We can find another way “, dad breathed.


“What do you mean if I can’t do it. You two knows that moms life is involve “,


“You don’t understand Tina. You are still a child that you don’t understand the way life goes. Promise me one thing Tina “, mom cried.


Tears was streaming down her eyelids in big droplets. What’s now all this for. “You know I can do anything to keep you happy “, I breathed.

“No promise “, it was dad now.


What’s all this for. I stood there motionless as my eyes scanned my parents. “OK. I promise”,

“Tina I know you won’t believe this but Tina try not to fall in love with Him and even if you do, that you would drop this mission right away “, mom said.


I couldn’t control my laughter again as I gave away the laughter I did been suppressing.


Me fall in love with Shane? Never.


“Is that it? I promise”, I said admit laughter as I greeted them goodnight. FLASHBACK ENDS.

No way. I can’t fall in love with such a cold hearted beast. Is never possible. My mothers life is my main priority.


So Tina is in for a mission? Hope is not wat am thinking?



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