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Here he goes again. Am done in tolerating this mad behavior. “Rowland for real?”, Mom asked.

Mom walked out as I stood face to face with this bloody monster in form of a father.


“Here you go again. Humiliating and insulting me isn’t enough for you. Now is mom you humiliate. I warn you Rowland Siganore Dracula, my stepping out of this f**ked of house doesn’t give you the right to make my mother cry. Till my death try it and see me as your second terror”.


He stood there shocked as I stepped out with my luggage. This was the first time I spoke to him in such manner and that’s because his arrogant behavior is making my mom cry.


Guards rushed to carry my luggage.


“To my car “, I said and threw my car key to them.


I need to see mom before I leave.



“Hey mom”, I greeted as I entered her room.


“You can’t do this Shane. You can’t leave me childless “, she cried. Here she goes with her full potentials in acting. My drama queen.

“Am not leaving you mom and you know that. Its your husbands decision not mine”,


“His your father Shane. I know he’s annoying most of the times but you have to give away your anger Shane. I know you can’t let him win but you have to give up your pride for me son. Just go and beg him and we will forget this ever happened”,


“Mom you’re trying to make me the bad guy here and I don’t like it. You should speak to your bloody husband not me. Am not begging he for any thing”, I spat


“Then you’re leaving me? Look you’re even bleeding “, she screamed. I didn’t even notice that I was bleeding.

“Mom is ok but I have to leave now”,


“You’re unbelievable Shane. Who’s gonna treat you over there? You can’t treat yourself or can you? No you can’t”,


“Mom I will be fine. Not like am leaving you for another country. Is just a few hours drive*, I said getting up to leave.


“Why don’t you take a maid to help you in the house honey. You don’t look well” “Mom you know I don’t like that gender ”

“That also includes me? Is that why you give me that cold attitude? Oh Dracula what have I done to deserve this? “, she cried.



I told you. This woman is full of unpredictable dramas.


“That’s not what I mean mom. I love you. You’re just misunderstanding “, She was still crying and I think I’m gonna let her win this time.

“Ok. Ok. I will take a maid but she’s gonna come back when am totally healed and she won’t be sleeping over ”


She beamed with smile immediately and hugged me.


“Thanks son. Now go on let me get the maid that saved you after your fight with that monster. Such a beautiful soul”, she stated and called in her personal maid.


I knew I wasn’t imagining things when I said I heard an angelic voice before I blacked out completely.


I wonder how she’s gonna look.


“Here is your key my prince “, a guard said aa he handed pvery car key.


I tool it and starred at the house which witnessed my birth and now witnessing my leaving. Such a sad moment but am Shane so I have to lock up that emotion.


“Seems someone dosent wanna leave. Hit the road Mr man” His voice hit my ears. It was my so called dad.

“Am going old man. Are you in a haste to bring in your biological son? Anyways terrible voice”, I whispered as I walked pass him to hug mom goodbye.


“Here Shane is the girl. Please look after him”, she said as the girl nodded.


She was beautiful as I imagined but I want to hear her voice to confirm if it was the same parson.


After much hugging from mom, I hit the road with the maid.


My eyes couldn’t get off her face as the rear mirror gave me the honor to do so. I don’t think I have seen her around the palace before..


“Name? “, I asked with superiority.


Freedom. This is what I call freedom. If it was when I was still a prince, I dare not ask a maid her name.


They were not royalty so we needed a big gap to tell them we are their masters. “Tina”She said in that familiar angelic voice.



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