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“You can’t do this to me Rowland. You need to bring back my son”, Florence continued ranting the more.


“I wasn’t the one who took him away”,


“Yes you did. Rowland is time you give up your pride and point of veiw to bring back Shane into this house. You think you can do without him? He’s your son for Draculas sake Rowland”.


Here she goes with her non stopping ranting. Gosh my wife is full of unpredictable dramas.


“I can take care without him. You’re the one making him feel to important here Florence. His my son and needs to obey me not the other way round “, I said getting up from the bed.


“You can do without him. What about Faceless Rowland? Can you fight it? ” “We gonna bring it down without or without Shane”,

She came to stand before as her eyes searched my soul.


“Do you think I want Sahne back for him to fight his death? Never. Am a mother Rowland and my child’s welfare is my priority and… “,


I didn’t let her finish as I cut her short.


“Am also his father and his welfare is my one priority ” She was now crying as she held my collar.

“You don’t care about his welfare. You only care about your thrown, that’s why you agreed to let your only son fight that monster. You’re not worthy to be called a father “,


I was about to talk but she stopped me.


“That’s how you took away Rose from me because of your selfishness but i promise you one thing Rowland. You arent leaving me childless. Am not gonna let you kill my son for those f**king elders. If they wanna stop that monster then they should send out their own sons. Who even know if the prophesy was true”,


With that she left as I slumped on the bed. She just remembered me of my little princessRosaline.




Oh my. Dosent this arrogant prince know what privacy is called?


And look. He’s not even trying to walk out. He just stood there staring at my half nude self.


I got his eyes on my br**st and I think I have had enough. Before I could speak, the familar arrogant and voice voice greeted myroom.


“What are you doing with my towel? “, hequestioned.


Gosh. Is even his but why leave such a beautiful towel so carelessly. “Answer my question young woman or are you now deaf? “,

Here we go again with his shitting attitude. If he’s here to give me an attitude, then I have a stock full to give him.


“Oh my. Is yours? I never knew, I saw it outside your room yesterday and wonderd who could have left such a beautiful towel so carelessly if he wasn’t a sadist”.


His face expression changed at my words but left as quick as it came.


“If you actually wanted to return it to the owner you would have simply asked me if it belongs to me but it seems that the young maiden is quick to take what’s not hers “, he said with his hands stuffed into his pockets.


Jeez. His trying to call me a thief right now.


“Pardon me but this towel looks feminine that’s why I took it. See it even have a pink drawing on it so I quickly discharged the thought of this towel to belong to a man that’s why I didnt care to ask. I thought you bought it for me but right now it seems not. “, I said while he remained silent.


Just what I wanted to put him in his place. He thinks his only the one who could change ones mood but he dosent know he has a mood changer as a maid.


“Wait Oh my. Don’t tell me it belongs to your girlfriend. What’s evenwrong

with me. The crown prince detest women like his gay.Wait….Wait Waitwait.

That’s it. Are you gay? “,


He stood there motionless as shock was written all over him. I walked to him not minding the towel. If you wanna win one like Shane you need to take risky chances.


“Oh my. Am only joking “, I said as I tapped him on the shoulders and gave way to the laughter I have been suppressing for a while.


I didn’t know how long I laughed but I found Shane laughing to.


I would be a liar to say this prince isn’t hot. How are my even noticing that. This actually the first time I saw him laughing.


I stopped laughing as well as him. I need to complete what I started.


“Now can you get out of my room. I need some privacy or weren’t you taught that? “, I breathed.


So Shane’s dream of him having a sister is right? Never knew. By the way who thinks Tina is giving our prince charming hot hot?




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