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I walked out full of anger and rage. How dare them?


Am the f**king crown prince not them d**kheads. What’s even wrong with them especially Eliot. Are my the cause of his childlessness.


“Car key!! “, I yelled at the guards at the garage.


They all stood motionless like I didn’t demand for my car.


“Are you deafs?, I requested my car key “, I said but all if them remained motionless


They wanna play a game?, then am ready. I ran to one in my superhuman speed and snapped his hand from its place.


He gave out a loud cry as terror was written over the faces of the remaining morons. I went to another and swept off his feet from the ground as I held tightly to his collar.


I was chocking him.


“My prince. The king ordered that you don’t leave the palace “, Another guard said kneeling.


What the f**k is their problem. They don’t only torment me with their stupid rules but also disrespect me.

“Open that damn gate”, I breathed before releasing the one I held hostage. “You’re going nowhere Shane and may likely not in the nearest future. You’re

getting out of hand so you need to be tamed”, Dad said as he came veiw with mom

and the council members.


Eliot had that evil smirk of his and Ann a rigid face.


“Wow wow wow. His Majesty has now confined me. Such a wonderful and brilliant idea but that gate can’t hold me back”, I said pointing at the electric gate.


“Calm down prince Shane. Non of us here is a maid or guard you can threaten. Is either you get back to the kings chamber to continue the meeting or you would be under house arrest for the next three months”.


“Seriously Ann? “, I spat.


“Am sorry but we can’t allow you bend us”. “We gave you that title and we can take it back”

“Lie you speak Eliot. You dare not”, I spat with venom.


Without anyone telling me, I knew my eyes were bloodshot right now as every car in the garage was horning and the windows were shattering.


It happens when I have taken more than I chew.


They stood there motionless as my eyes searched the faces of every one of them and lastly stopped at my Dads.


Looking at him gets me emotional but this isn’t the time for that. It wasn’t what I was taught.


As the crown prince and terror fighter, your happiness and sorrow dies inside your being and on no matter be visible.


You lock up your emotions.


……. “Calm down”, a voice whispered to me.


The voice was angelic and held atoms of hope and calmness.


“Nowbreathein. Breathe out”, the voice ordered again and Iobeyed.


Like magic, my anger was quenched. I felt dome kind of sweetness as my eyes patted ways to see their faces.


It felt like a solution was read to me abd then did I know that am not gonna win this power suckers by anger.


“Three months house arrest? “, I asked as my lips stretched into a smile.



Their faces held surprise, maybe coz this actually my first smile.


“Yes and we aren’t changing it. Is either now or never Shane “, My uncle Eliot said.


The stood there waiting anxiously waiting for my answer. My eyes was pleading and Dad still was playing hard.


“I will go “, I said as moms lips curved into a smile as well as the rest of the elders. Proud assholes proud of themselves I thought.

“I mean three months house arrest. Guard!!! “, I shouted as their. Mouths set ajaw. “Prince Shane”, The all answered in union.

“Follow me to my room to get my dad the list of things I would be using for the three months house arrest ”




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