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The pain was out of this earth and I was dying slowly. It was just a glass and not even a sliver object. I wonder what he did to me.


“Shit”, I groaned in pain as I rolled on the floor.


‘WE ARE ONE’, his voice kept ringing in my dying head as my eyelids didn’t fail to continue closing.


I saw an image of someone walking towards me but I couldn’t see the person clearly.


“My prince”, the angelic voiced cooed as my eyes closed fully.





“Ooush”, I groaned as pain hit my stomach immediately I wanted to roll.


I tried rubbing my eyes with my hands before a painful sting hit my hands again.


I couldn’t hold it back as my eyes flapped open to behold a strange room while my nose was met by anticipates and in no time I knew I was in royal clinic.


The sting I felt was the string administrating the drip to my vein. I must have tried raising it in a fast manner.



“Shane Darling, you’re awake”, mom cried in excitement beside me. I didn’t even notice her presence.

Her palm met my face as tears continued to stream down her beautiful face and it hurt me. I love my mom more than my life but I can’t show my emotions before her.


I can vividly remember my uncles words on that aspect.


“It is a taboo for one like you to cry before anyone. And its even unpardonable to smile or wave to the masses. You have to keep a straight face to gain that fear abs respect as the true king. You need to lock up your emotions Shane and only do that when you’re alone. You are royalty”, Uncle Eliot said


Vampires and their f**ked up rules. “Hi mom”,

“Shhhh. Don’t talk. I thought I did lose you. Don’t ever try that again “, she said as I smiled.


My mom is full of dramas.


She continued caressing my face while my eyes settled on her. I missed this touch. Its been over fourteen solid years I last stayed with mom for such a long time.


You can imagine how boring and sorrowful my childhood was without a mother who was restricted to be with me for a long time by some stupid rules made of power lust elders.


“Did I have a sister? “, the question got out of its own.


Her hand became motionless as her teary eyes met mine. Her eyes held unspeakable sorrow which she’s trying to hide.


“His Majesty is here!!!! “, a guard announced immediately mom was about to talk.


Dad came in and our eyes met. I immediately turned away thereby making moms hand to fall of my face.


“You’re such a weakling Shane”, I heard him say. “Not now Rowland”, mom stated.

He was here to torture me as usual with his f**ked up words am I think am ready for it. Not like I ever let him win.


I didn’t turn as I faced the window. “I wonder if you’re even my son” “Rowland enough! “,mom yelled.

I immediately faced him as our eyes searched each others soul.


“I did wish I never was. I did prefer to be a slave rather to be a son of such a blood sucking animal “, I spat as I removed the string transmitting the drip to my vein.


“What? Enough of this Shane”, mom cried the more while his face had anger all over it but who cares.


“You still got the guts to talk back at me weakling? I doubt if you’re a man” “Me too. I wonder if you’re also a man. Please leave my ward right now”,

“Florence do you see it? Your son is insulting me. You have an explanation to do for giving birth to him who talks back at his father if he isn’t a bastard”


“You dare not Rowland. I dare you to repeat those dirty words again and I would walk out of here and stripe naked before the whole kingdom”, mom yelled as she held his collar.


Now I was through in dressing.


“Bastard? Your words has been heard and ignored successfully”,, I said before making for the door.


“I dare you to cross that door Shane”,


His voice made me stop


“Am sorry but am gonna disappoint you old man “, I said as I faced back to the door.


“I have had enough of your shitting attitudes, Guards!!! “, Guards rushed in without weapons.

“If he dares walk out of this room hurt him”, he instructed.


“What are you doing Rowland. Stop this madness and you Shane back to the bed. You’re bleeding ”


I moved a foot and the guards surrounded me with their spears. Such fools.


“Have you all gone nuts? Keep your spares down”, mom ordered but the didn’t held to her voice.


They have gotten me by not obeying my mothers word and the must pay.


In a flash they were all down in pains as I gave them a teaching of their lives with my superhuman speed.


“Next time held to her voice”, I said and walked to my father.


Mom came in between us pleading that I should go back to the bed. Pain hit my stomach but am not letting this monster in form of a father see it.


“You think you’re strong enough? Then am leaving. Deal with your faceless any how you want. I disown myself”.




|Mystery Rekindled|



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