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“I I” I stammered folding my hands, I could here my heart beat so fast.


“I will marry you Brian” I said almost screaming, everyone yelled happily. Brian lifted me up my feet and spinned me around as I laughed happily, I have never been so happier in my life.


“Wow wow wow” The sound of mocking claps filled the restaurant and I see a lady walking in with another guy who is Brian’s half brother.


“So you just wanna get married after what the both of us had that night” The lady started with, Brian puts me down slowly.


“Evelyn what do you want and Dennis what are you doing in my restaurant” Brian asked and pulled me back.


Girl do you think my brother deserves you . The same guy that had sΒ£x with this poor lady here when you were busy trying to remember your memory” Dennis asked.


“Dennis leave now” Brian growled at both of them.


“C’mon Ayna don’t you wanna know your future husband secrets” Evelyn said and brought out her phone.

She showed me some pictures even though Brian tried stopping me from seeing them.

The pictures showed Brian and Evelyn kissing, making love and sleeping on each other.

I felt nauseous immediately.

I staggered back immediately but Brian held me back.

“Ayna I can explain” Brian said but I really felt hurt and didn’t say anything. “I I need to go” I said with teary eyes.

“Ayna wait” Brian called but I didn’t listen, I took a cab and headed home.



“Ayna please wait” I called but she didn’t listen, I looked at Evelyn angrily then at my stupid brother.

I dragged him by the collar.


“If I lose her now I’ll make sure you pay with everything including your life” I said angrily.


“And you” I said and pulled Evelyn out.


“Don’t you get the fact that I am not interested in you” I said and she laughed.



“Don’t you get the fact that I don’t care . Brian you are mine whether you like it or not” She said and touched me, I shoved her hand away immediately. Her touch irritated me.


“You are mad” I said and went to my car.




“Baby what is it” Mom asked as I entered the living room, I ignored her and ran upstairs.

I sat on the bed and looked at the ring Brian slipped in my finger when I said yes.


“Honeywhat’s. woah that’s an engagement ring” She said when she sawmy



“Mom. Brian proposed”


“Don’t tell me that’s why you look so dull. Don’t you wanna get married to him, you guys love each other”


“That’s not it mom, I don’t feel like Brian loves me, what if he’s not sure of what he wants”


“Honey why do you say that”


“He had sΒ£x with a lady when I lost my memory, what if he just wants my body and not me” I said and shelaughed.


“Where’s the body” She mocked “Mommm” I said and shechuckled.

“Am sorry honey. Ithink… nope. I know Brian is the man for you, am surethere’s

a perfect explanation for whatever he did. But Brian loves you” “How sure are you mom” I asked.



“Well ask him, he’s waiting for you downstairs” Mom said looking at the window.

I looked at the window and saw Brian standing outside near his car. “Brian” I gasped and smiled.

“Go meet your man” Mom said.

“You the best mom. I love you” I said and hugged her. “I love you too honey, now go baby”

I ran downstairs then out of the mansion and saw Brian. “Aynaple. ” I hug him deeply smiling with eyesclosed.

“Aynaam ”


“Brian you love me don’t you” I asked smiling at me.


“Fuck yes Ayna. I love you so much you’ve become my addiction. Have become a sucker for you.. Idon’t wanna ” I stopped him and hit our lips together, my hands over his head exploring his hair with my finger. I was going to break from the kiss but he pulls me closer, his hands on my waist and we let our tongues explore each othermouth.


“Hmmm hmmmm” We heard someone’s voice clear their throat. “Mr Caine” Brian said embarrassed.

“She’s still in her father’s house. Make her yours legally then you can hold her how you like”


“Copied Sir” Brian said saluting. We all laughed.





Mom, Dad, Brian, his parents, my siblings and all my friends sat down at the table as they all discussed the wedding at Brian’s house.

I felt so unease discussing about a big matter like that especially when Brian and his dad were having issues.


“Am sorry, I need to visit the rest room” I said and walked out. I knew my way to the rest room already.

I walked in the toilet and sprinkled some water on my face.

Feeling more comfortable I turn to walk out but become surprised when I meet Evelyn standing at the door.


“God” I gasped, my hands on my chest.

She was looking really upset, I looked at her hand and saw she was holding a knife.


“Evelynwhatdo. ” I couldn’t complete my statement when I felt thesharp

substance in my stomach.

She pulls it out and it goes in again and again and I fall to the ground spurting blood from my mouth with my hands on my bleeding stomach. I couldn’t say anything, I was just shocked


“Bitch” She spat and walked out. I heard the toilet door lock before everywhere became dark.


…………………. BRIAN’S POV.

Isn’t she taking late

Has she missed her way already. Nah she knows the way to the bathroom. “Brian is anything the matter” Axton asked. I nodded my head and stood up.

“I need to go, I need to check on Ayna. I feel unease already” I said and stood up then walked to the toilet but Evelyn stopped me.

Geez what is she still doing here. “Brian please I need your help”


“What now Evelyn”


“I need your help in packing my loads. It’s kinda heavy and the cab to take me to the airport is waiting already” She said.

I sighed and looked at the toilet which was few distance away. “Fine” I said and we both headed upstairs.

“Evelyn there’s nothing in here” I said looking around her room. “Yes I know” She said and brought out her knife.

“Evelyn what are you doing”


“If I can’t have you then I’ll die, but you’ll also have to come with me”


“You’re Crazy Evelyn” I said, she rushed to attack me but I held her hand and threw the knife away. I noticed the blood on the knife.

Could it be??


“Ayna” I said and ran downstairs. I could her Evelyn’s maniacal laughters then painful screams.

I open the toilet door and saw Ayna lieing on the floor.


“Ayna” I gasp and carried her. She was still breathing.


“You gonna be okay, you’re not leaving me now or never. Nobody can separate us ” I said and walked out of the toilet.



I open my eyes, close it again as a result of the pain I felt. I bit my tongue and held my stomach.

I was in the hospital again, I was beginning to hate this place. “Baby” A voice said and I felt someone’s hand on mine.


“Brian” I said looking at him, his eyes looked tired like he never slept for days. “Don’t you ever scare me like that again” He said.

“Evel Evelyn”


“Shhh, it’s okay. She has been arrested and she has been referred to the mental hospital. Turns out she’s not normal after all” Brian said.


“Don’t leave me” I said weakly and folded his hands in mine.


“Not even in this lifetime Ayna. We are our destinies” He said and kissed me lightly on the forehead.

I smile deeply, Finally I was going to be happy with the guy I truly loved THE END.

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