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“Wake up silly head “, mom’s voice woke me up.


I still lay on my bed motionless pretending not to hear her. Am not yet ready to give up my peaceful sleep.


“Oh my, get your lazy ass out of that bed right now Tina “, she yelled the more as I heard her foot making for my beside.


I remained still praying she let me be but I would tell you that my mom was a dream spoiler.


I felt as my duvet left my body as a pinch landed on my cheeks.


“Oouch, that hurts mom. I want to sleep more “, I said and took back my duvet. “Tina quietly get up now. Have you forgotten today’s interview? “,

I sprang out of my bed with agility at the name of my interview. I can’t let this pass be by.


I made for the bathroom as I cleaned my teeth. Those stupid fangs. I hate themso much.


I hate the fact that my breed limits my movement even with my sun protection necklace. I hate the fact I was born into a coven filled by blood and power tasty elders who try to control everyone’s life. I hate the fact that I have to drink blood like an animal in other to be healthy.


In all, I hate the f**king name #VAMPIRES.


“Don’t waste your energy cursing miss, curse with your time!!! “, mom screamed from downstairs.


Was I that audible?






“Now miss Tina Brown, can you tell us the reason you applied for this job. Don’t you feel ashamed like other teenagers to be called a palace maid? “, the kings butler who was interviewing us asked.



I never expected that question as it came raw.


“I don’t have any important motive or tangible reason like others but I applied for this job coz is my duty to serve my king and his family. I don’t feel and can never feel ashamed fof being called a palace maid coz is my duty and am paid for my service”, I breathed as my eyes met with the butler’s eyes.


Have you experience or heard of where a few seconds felt like ages?, this was one of it.


We starred at each other without blinking as it looked like we shared something in common.





What’s this one saying about. What does he mean.


“Congratulations Miss Brown, you got the job and would start right away. Mr Kelly here would take your to your supervisor. Congrats once more. Next”, he breathed with his eyes still glued on me.


The Kelly of a person motioned me to follow him as he left the room while I trailed behind quietly.


The palace was a WOW. It wasn’t my first time inside though but the first time I would be seeing the magnificent interiors everyday.


I followed the Kelly of a guy who seemed to be my agemate. We got to a passage and he turned left. My curious being didn’t allow me follow him as I was curious to know why the other passage was lonely and without guards and to crown everything, this particular passage held the most beautiful of painting, tile’s and decorations.


I was lost in the wonderful sight that I didn’t notice that i wasn’t alone on that passage. A figure was walking ahead of me and without a second glance I recognized him.






Only the sound of the noisy owl could be heard in the dark forbidden forest.


Without one telling you, one could easily know that this particular forest held evil creatures and spells unheard of as everywhere was silent and dark even in the morning.


It trees were to tall and made sure no light could steal it’s way into the forest. The ground held nothing but dark blood like a thinstream.


Without doubt is was forbidden as no mortal has made it alive after two foots to the entrance.


But isn’t it abnormal when we hear voices coming from the middle of the forest. How is this possible.


The voices leads us to a cave situated at the middle of the forest. Things seems to be become strange as the cave has no door but the voices still echoed from inside.


“The mystery has been rekindled “, a voice said.


The echo made it hard to differentiate if it belongs to a man or woman.

“Let him devour them without knowing. Let them pay for our humilation”, “#BREGDAN_ANWEALD_GAFLEAC”,

[Make it more stronger ] multiple voices chorused.




“You must be joking”, Uncle Eliot spat.


They still think they cam bend me, let’s now see who bends another.


“Am not uncle or do I look like am?, Am no longer a five old boy you remember? “, I asked with a smirk.


I watched as they all tried to hide their surprise looks but I still got them red handed.


Dad was about to say something when all the guards securing the eastern gate ran to us yelling on top of their voices.


“Have you all gone nuts? Why did you leave your duty posts “, Uncle Eliot spat. The guards were all out of breathe but the managed to say it.

“TERROR”, They said in union as the elders flinched as well as mom. Dad still remained rigid.


“Everyone, inside”, Dad ordered as he started walking back inside.


Everyone one ran inside excluding me. Not like I didn’t want to but it felt like my legs were glued to the floor.


Mom felt my absence as I saw her stop halfway and turned towards me. Others followed as their eyes held fear.


A cool air swept my back as I followed their eyes to my back to see THE TERROR.




|Mystery Rekindled|



[Randy’s Library]

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