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My legs was still glued to the ground as I watched this disgusting faceless being.


“My queen”, the elders and the guards “Florence”, Uncle Eric

“Honey “, Dad.


Mom fainted already.


“Lock the doors. This is what he was trained for”, I heard dad instructed.


I watched as two guards tried closing the two big entrance gates and before my eyes their souls was sucked leaving their empty bodies on the floor.


Something isn’t right.


As the faceless tool their souls I kind of felt more strength added to my being. “Everybody inside!!! “, I yelled as dad gave me a short stare before walking inside.

His eyes held fear and courage. It was like he was afraid to lose me but I don’t believe it. I and him aren’t even on good terms.


He wants to control me like a toy. To obey every of his command and wishes but I rather be disowned than to accept such terrible condition.


“Ooush”, I breathed as ablow landed on my jaw. To my being, it was a hell painful.

I spat out blood as he gave out a wicked laugh.



“Little monster is as weak as ever”, he breathed with no mouth. Fuck I was damn angry right now. I have had enough of thisasshole.

With my super human speed I ran to it and slammed him against the wall with my hands around his disgusting face.


I felt pain at my back which was very painful as I tried pinning him against the wall.


He gave out that wicked laughter once again as he held my two hands and threw me on the floor. Gosh.


“Little weakling you can’t fight me. You would hurt yourself if you try”, he said as I punched him.


No I was slow as he was few foots away from me with his back facing me. I sprang on me feet and spat out more blood.


“Stop trying Shane. You gonna hurt yourself the more “, his voice had a bit of sorrow in it but I used that opportunity to ran towards him.


I used my whole power to push him to the wall but was surprised to have my back hitting the hard concrete wall as he was now the one pushing me.


“You can’t. We are one”,


I didn’t let him finish as I tried kicking him but he first kicked me really hard as he slammed my back a the glass door.


“We arent. You’re a monster while am your doom”, I breathed in pain as I ran off immediately I saw he wanted to stab me with a glass.


“My doom? “, I heard his voice behind me. How’s he able to be this fast.



Hardly have I turned to see if it was truly him, a hard punch met my face. Before I could open my eyes,my head hit something again.

It was like he was everywhere. No Vampire could be this fast.


Now I was soaked in my own blood. My palm met a piece of glass I took it.


He took me to the roof top and slammed me against the war bell. His grip on my neck was really tight and it was chocking me to death.


I was about to stab him with the glass but he held my hand thereby making me powerless.


“I told you, we are one”,


“We can never. Am your doom”


“My doom. I could suck out every thin soul in you right now”, he had barely finished talking when I felt life going out of me.


Was this my end. Wasn’t I the true heir to the throne?


As he was taking my soul, I saw something baffling. His face was starting to be complete.


I watched with a dead eyes before he stopped suddenly.


“How I wish to leave you dead right now but what I need from you isn’t complete yet”, he said as his face returned to its normal state and life given back to him.


He left me as I slumped to the floor. I was weak as f**k.


“W. W.. Wh. What do you want from me? “, I asked with the little strengthin



He didn’t answer as he walked away from me.


It was now my moment. I took up the piece of glass and gathered strength and ran to him in my superhuman speed.


If I perish, I perish.


“You won’t stab yourself, would you? “, his voice stopped me half way. What’s he even saying.

“You felt it when i sucked the guards soul didn’t you? “. He was saying the truth. I felt strength then.

“I didn’t”, I lied.


“Stab me then”, he said without stealing a glance from me.


I held my glass tight as I stab him from behind and immediately he turned towards me.


What? I was feeling pain in my stomach. He immediately stepped out of the glass as a high pain hit me.


I looked at my stomach and it was bleeding. It was like I stabbed myself instead of him.


I tried healing myself but to no avail. What’s happening. Life was gradually leaving my body.


“I warned you Shane. You can’t healing yourself coz you stabbed your real self. I will heal it when I want but for now suffer “,


My eyelid was closing bit by bit and I rolled on the floor on pain. “#WE_ARE_ONE”he said before disappearing.





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