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Wow. This Tina of a girl got a killer curve. Her body is to s£xy to cause me distractions and am ready to have it if it actually comes from her.


I wonder why such a beautiful model like her would apply for a palace maid. A lowlife job.


A job I scorn to the last. I hate the royal family with all my being and if not am here to kill Shane which seems to be getting harder after any failed attempt, I would have quit.


And talking of Tina wheres she. Since she got here she’s been asking of the stupid Shane.


“Tina so how old are you? *, I asked but didn’t get an answer.


I couldn’t smell her which means she wasn’t anywhere near. Where could she be?


Oh my. I was lost in my thoughts that I didn’t feel her absence. What a d**k head I am.


“Shit Tina “, I exclaimed in fear as she appeared before me. “Hey. Why the face? “, She asked.



That angelic voice that can make me cum without s£x.


“Why the face?. You must be shitting me. Where have you been? “, I asked trying to calm the tension she did arose in me.


“No where. Just stopped behind to veiw the beautiful paintings “, she announced. She walked pass me like she knew where she was going to.

“You shouldn’t do that . What if you walked into prince Shane? Then you would lose your job on the first”, I said as o trailed behind.


Not like I can’t walk pass her but coz I was satisfying my eyes with her back side. Let her continue the lead while I trail behind. Such a veiw isn’t seen everyday.


We have barely reached the maid quarters before an alarm was raised outside. “What’s happening? “, she asked with a rigid face.

“I don’t know but am gonna check “,


Barely had I completed my words, guards ran through the passage heavily armored. The maids followed behind.


“You’re still there? The terror is with Prince Shane outside “, a maid announced. Tina ran off heading the other way the guards followed. What’s she up to.

As much as I wanted to follow her but the veiw of seeing Shane dead was more important to me.




“Are you out of your senses Shane? Youust be joking “, Mom cried.


“Disown you want. That you shall get. Now leave this coven right away “, Dad said.


“What Rowland. Youist be insane”, Wow, his not gonna change.

“Mom I’m gonna leave now. Lete take my things”,


“No Rowland. You’re not gonna let him leave or are you? “, I heard mom asking as I left them inside.


“I have no choice Florence. His getting out of hand. If that’s what he wants then I’m more than willing to fulfill his heart desire”


“You dare not. To crown it all, am leaving too”,


That’s the last thing I heard as I climbed that stair toy room.


All thanks to Dracula that I have my own investments registered with my name if not this old man gonna make me a guard.


I went to my closet and pulled off my clothes which I took my bed. I brought out my suit case and started packing.


In just a few minutes I would no longer be royalty. My wish is coming through.


Wow, I was done in seconds. Looking at the room which had held most of my emotions, it still looked like I haven’t packed.


I just took the ones I needed. I have alot more in my house.


Now at the entrance I looked back. Am just gonna miss this room not the palace as a whole. I would miss mom.


The door opened as dad ans mom walked in.


What’s he here for now.


” Am already done if that’s why you’re here”,


“I can see. Now the door “, he said opening the door.




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