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“They fought and fought but none was ready to give in to the other. The night came and Master Dracula was in his territory. He was nomatchfor ”


“The Master of Vampires “, We all chorused cutting madam Edith off.


It was our favorite folk tale which seemed real. It was not possible for a vampire to lose to a vampire at night, but we still loved the story and knew every line by heart.


“Good children, now you can tell stand and tell us the story of the #REFUGEES?”, Madam Edith asked.


All hangs were up except from mine. I so much hate that story.


It was a story about a Vampire prince and his witch lover. What’s that their name again?.


Yes, Arden and Alita. Those two f**ked up people.


The story was written down in the Dracula’s lineage book and was loved by many but not me.


Their romance sucks. I just can’t bring myself to believe a vampire can really fall for a witch talk more of almost fighting his coven because of the witch.


I just like Elna who was sired and Dylan ?, his my role model.


“Then Dylan became king and they all lived happily “, Rosaline my little sister concluded.


Everybody applauded for her. Yeah it is her best story. I wonder why.


I just don’t seem to believe that Dylan was later made king, not like I believed the whole story. I just feel that some things were omitted.


Dylan doesn’t even like royalty as well as Arden and Derek the hybrid.


“Prince Shane, you have been quiet for a while now. Can you tell us the story of the mysterious ghost #FACELESS”,


The children screamed in terror as the all hated the story but it was my favorite. My best.


I could see Rosaline holding Madam Edith really tight. I almost gave out the laugh that I was suppressing.


Her expression was really funny. “Mysterious ghost #FACELESS”, I began.

“It was a powerful vampire ghost without face. It came at night and went away with many vampire souls. The soul keeper”,


Almost all of them were already crying while I and Madam Edith laughed. This scene can’t be seen all the day.

“It went about with a blackrobe. ”


Anytime am telling this story, I kind of feel connected to this ghost which nobody even knew it really existed.


“Prince Shane that will be enough for today “, I heard madam Edith say but I was in a realm now.


I saw myself in a forest inside a cave. Was I imagining things now?


The cave had only a candle with a dim light but the light was bright enough to allow me read the text in front of me.




A strong wind rose and made the candle to off. I wasn’t afraid of the dark coz it was my time.



“SHANE!!!!!!!”, I heard Rosaline scream.


My eyes flapped open as I saw Madam Edith on the floor dead and the other children. Rosaline was held by a man whose back was facing me.


“Rose!!! “, I yelled but it was too late.


Rosalines head fell on the ground before I could get near.


I was mad. The Dracula anger was rising really fast. How dare him kill my sister before me.


With my super human speed I ran but something lifted me up. It swept my feet off the ground.


It was his hand and his nails was piercing my skin and it really hurt.


“Let go. Am the crown prince ofthiscov. “, I wasn’t able to completemy

sentence as he faced me.


He was faceless. Was I actually dreaming or was I in front of the legendary faceless?


For the first time in my life I was afraid. He was truly faceless. No eyes, no mouth, no nose. Notin all at.


“You are weaker than I thought. You can’t win this battle. Your fear is your doom “he spoke.


His voice seemed to be resounding all over the room. “Who are you”, I stammered..

“You know me. We are one Shane. You can’t fight me”




|Mystery Rekindled|



[Randy’s Library]

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