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I left Lina at the hospital feeling happy. One problem out of tge way.


Tinas face kept pooping up in my head through out the drive. Shit, I can’t believe this girl wreaked the love I offered her.


I arrived home and alighted my car. There seems something amiss here but I can’t lay my finger in it.


Just as I entered the passage which lead to my room, I saw Tina walking towards the library..



“Tina is that you? “, I asked but she didn’t turn.


She was now running, so I ran after her. She ran into the library and I did the same.


Her back faced me as she faced a pile of books. I went off and touched her on the shoulders.


She turned around, and to mu greatest surprise, it wasn’t Tina. Her hair became white as she pushed me away with a great force.


“Loser!!! “, She yelled as I felt another presence inside the library. It was Faceless.


The woman disappeared leaving the soul keeper and I. I made for the door but it was already locked but how.


“You can’t run this time. Here I killed Kelly you remember? “, he asked.


True it was this same library it killed Kelly. The thought of that brought fear to my being.


He advanced towards me, but I was quick to get away with my superhuman speed. “Nice training “, he said and before I knew it a punch landed on my face.

It pained like shit and I think I already had enough. I was angry righy now as my fangs appeared. He made for me but I used my special power to throw him off.


I made the first attempt this time but it backfired as he hit me with his elbow. His hand seems to be made of steel.


I punched him but I think I was slow as he took hold of my hand and punched me on my face before throwing me off.


“Quit this and let me kill you easily. You can’t win”, he breathed. I spat off blood. I don’t think I can ever eat with this food.



“Your wish but I won’t give you that honor “, I stated and it angered him. He held me by the throat and raises me above the ground.

“You must do me this honor cause you’re the one in existence not me “, he yelled and threw me to a pile of books.


His words kept ringing in my head. If he isn’t in existence yet. That means that am the one incharge here. Let’s put this into action then.


“Then you die by my hand “, I breathed when I sighted a broken glass.


He was about to make for me when I stabbed myself with the glass. At first I was afraid that am gonna die with him but to my surprise, he was the one feeling my pain.


“What’s happening soul keeper”, I asked as I stabbed myself again.


He yelled as he fell on the floor. The white haired woman appeared again, but this time anger was written all over her.


Her hair held my throat and threw me to the had wall. I wanted to run but it seems her hair was everywhere as it held me again.


This time Faceless was up and was coming towards me. I struggled to break free from the white hair but it was to no avail. Just few footaway, the library door burst open.


My parents walked in with Tina and her parents. The elders were also there with the guards and maids.


“Watch your hope die”, the white haired woman said with a smirk looking directly at Tina who seemed to be over confident at this time.


“No, we gonna watch you die”, Tina said as she ran towards the woman.


I fell on the floor as her hair left my throat. Faceless made for me but someone steeped before me and to my surprise it was papa.


He fell on the floor with blood streaming down his mouth.


Faceless held me and was about to take mu soul before he started disappearing. The white haired woman was not also there but was replaced by a white smoke.


“Papa”, I cried as I knelt before him.


Mom was crying bitterly as well as Tinas mom.


“Am sorry for how I have treated you Shane. It was out of fear that I treatedyou that way. After your sister death, I feared that you would die if you were petted. Will you forgive me son? “, heasked.


“Yes”, I cried the more.


Tears streamed down my eyes as he and mom hugged. He placed moms hand on mine and asked me to protect her.


His eyes closed and I knew deep inside that I lost one of the precious beings in my life.


Mom yelled at the top of her voice and I could now hear it now, even if its already six months after his burial.


I was told about the white haired witch and about Tina beinging my relation. I was also told that Tina used the ancient witches spell that Alita used, to kill Himiko.

She’s would never be seen again to the end of time.


I and Tina was back and is to marry next week. Tinas dad took his throne back. I still remain the crown prince and Tina my future queen.


The counsel said that we could marry cause ours was a distant relation and can marry.


Lina was found dead in the toilet with a can of empty shaving powder or so as the news had it.


Now looking back at my past, I knew I already paid for a pain free future. TINA’S POV

“I now pronounce you husband and wife. You can kiss your bride”the priest said.


Here was I as Mrs Tina SIGANORE Dracula. Who could ever wish for more after marrying he who your heart desires.


“More. “, the crowd yelled.


Shane took in my lips again and devoured it like his life was on it. “Isn’t that amazing? “, he asked.

“Amazing”, I replied “Isn’t that interesting? “, “Interesting “,

“I love you Tina”,


“I love you more Shane”….




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