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” Look at you. You think your life has been unfair?, I was killed because I choose who I wanted to be with “, I heard Himiko voice.


She appeared right behind me, looking beautiful as ever.


“Am not in the mood for your shit talks right now. Just leave me alone “, I breathed as more tears streamed down my eyes.


I wasn’t afraid of her any longer. You might say that my brokenness was behind it but I don’t give a damn about it.


“Come sit kitty. You look like a ghost “, She said laughing. “Come sit, darling”, She added as she lead me to my bed.


I just let her have her way, cause I couldn’t keep up with her.


“I have been on this road before, likewise Your first, Alita. U know what it feels like to be near but far away from the person you love. I understand what you’re passing through, kitty”, she said.


“You should have seen his face. He was broken. My words had a great impact on him. I don’t think I can ever forgive myself for that “, I chocked.


“I know. Shhhh. Don’t cry”, She said as she made me drop my head on her shoulders.


“I broke him”,


“You care if I put on a song? “, she asked and I nodded.





‘ We clawed, we chained, our hearts in vain ‘


‘We jumped, never asking why’


‘We kissed, I fail under your spell’


‘A love no one could deny’


‘ Don’t you ever say I just walked away ‘


‘ I will always want you’


‘I can’t live a lie, running for my life ‘


‘ I will always want you ‘




‘I came in like a wreaking ball’


‘I never hit so hard in love’


‘All I wanted was to break your walls’


‘ All you ever did was, wreak me’


‘ Yeah, you wreak me’


Miley Cyrus’s Wreaking ball steamed out of the audio player.


“You know this song describes your situation right now”, She said. “Actually, not coming from you but Shane “,.


Shes right. Its actually for me as a message from Shane.


He always wanted me. He always loved me. All he wanted was to break my walls, but all I did was Wreak him.


I wreak him.


“You wreaked him, Tina”,


“But I had a reason for wreaking him. I did it for his life and he should be thankful “, I cried.


“You think you’re doing him a favour?, You’re ruining him dear. You still think his alive after those words?, think twice “She scolded.


She was right again.


“What should I do? “, I asked with tears.


She stood up and made for the mirror. She remained quite for a while. “Fight for him”,

“What the hell?


“Yes fight for him. You think running away from him would save him? Himiko would send out another to do so”,


“Wait. You’re Himiko and you wanted his life. So? “, I asked curious.


What’s she saying.


“Are my? “, she questioned as she faced me.


It was no longer Himiko but rather, here was a beautiful lady with charm. She was very very pretty.


Would I say she was more beautiful than Himiko? Yeah, she was. She was like a goddess .


“Who are you? “, the question escaped my lips.


“Am you”, she replied as she dragged me to the mirror. What the hell is happening.

My legs froze as I starred at the mirror. Lo and behold, I was her. No she was me. Was I this beautiful?


“Am Alita. We are one likewise Shane and Faceless “, she breathed like she read my mind.


“Shane and Faceless? Wait. Like Faceless is Adren? “, I was shocked. “Tina are you alright? “, I heard Cherrys voice as I opened my eyes.

I have been dreaming.




|Mystery Rekindled|



[Randy’s Library]


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