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Episode 7


Author: Pamela.


It was a warm morning.


Marco was sitting on the bed, leaning against the headboard. Seated between his legs was Aurora with her head resting on his



After taking her in the dining room the night before,he had carried her off to his bedroom where the mind-wrecking sΒ£x had continued.



Presently,they had woken up,both feeling reluctant to leave each other’s warmth.


“How did you meet Diego?”She asked, curiously.


Marco held her hand,tracing a line around it with his thumb.


“My father knocked him down on his way home from work, accidentally,he was about nine years old then and I was ten.He had to hurriedly rushed him to the hospital and was highly relieved that his wounds weren’t serious.When Diego woke up,my father had asked about his family,he said he never knew his family,he grew up in an orphanage and he didn’t like the place so he ran away,he ran into the road and that was how the accident happened.


My father had always had a soft spot for the poor.Since Diego didn’t want to go back to the orphanage,he brought him home.”


“Were you cool with that?”She asked.


“I wouldn’t lie,Nena.At first I wasn’t,I thought he was here to take over my father’s love but when I got to know more about him,I love the idea of having him around,my father treated us equally and soon I started seeing him as my brother and it was indeed really fun and memorable growing up with Diego”


Aurora grinned,she loved the bond between them,it was making her wish she had someone like Diego in her life.


“Your father sounds like a good man”


“He was.But even if you have all the money in the world, you still can’t fight death”He muttered, sadly.


She squeezed his hand, tenderly.


“What about your mother?”


“I don’t remember her,I’ve only seen her in pictures,she died in an accident a year after giving birth to me,her death affected my father a great deal,his heart became really weak and sometimes, he would fall into cardiac arrest from thinking too much,he just managed to take care of me before he passed away” Aurora tilted her head to stare at him.


“I’m sorry”


He shrugged.”It’s fine.It’s been years now and I’m okay”He assured.


“Now, enough talk about myself,what about you?”He asked changing the topic before he would get too saddened.


“What do you want to know about me?”


“Who was your first time?”


She looked away from his face but he had already seen her face getting crimson.


“C’mon”He coaxed.



“He was called Daxon, and we met in high school,we dated for years and I actually thought it would lead to marriage but he broke up with me”


“Did he give you any reason for the break up?”


“He said I wasn’t good in bed and….”Her words were cut short when Marco




“You don’t have to mock me more than he did”She snapped. “Believe me,princesa.I’m not mocking you, it’s just that his reason for


leaving you is just so stupid.Being inside of you is priceless”


Her cheeks flamed and when he cocked his head to stare at her,she covered her cheeks with her hands.


“You think I’m good in bed?”She asked, timidly.


Marco smirked.”Well, since we’re just getting started, you have some time to learn from this sΒ£x guru”He said pointing at his chest, proudly. She rolled her eyes.”Is that something to brag about?”


“Mierda!(Fuck).Of course.No woman has ever complained about me,they always want more.Am I right,Nena?”He asked, licking the shell around her ear.


She released a shaky breath.


He rubbed her shoulders then moved his hands down her br**sts and gave it a soft squeeze.


“Did he f**k you better than I do,Nena?”He whispered,his hot breath feathering against her neck making her breath hitched.


He turned her over in his arms and caught her lips in a hot kiss.


His tongue delved deep to dwell with hers.She sank into his body as his hands cupped her cheeks, allowing himself to kiss the living daylight out of her mouth.


Her plans for today somehow crept into her hot and tangled brain.


She slowly took her lips away.


“I have to visit my mother”She muttered, breathlessly.


Marco groaned staring at the wall clock,he had to go work but why does it feel as if he didn’t sleep with her just the night before.Fuck!He hadn’t craved for any woman this much before.


As she crawled out of the bed,he smacked her ass.


She eyed him and quickly wrapped the blanket around her body.


He scoffed.”You’re one of a kind,I’ll see you when I get back,I can’t wait to grind you again.Don’t miss me too much,Nena”


“I won’t even notice your absence”She snapped.



Marco grimaced.”BeCause you’ll be busy touching yourself before I get back”He sneered.


“I love it more when you touch me”As soon as she said those words,she clamped her hands over her mouth shocked at herself.She knew he was going to tease her for what she had just said.


Marco snickered.”Wow! I didn’t….”


Not wanting to listen to him,she threw a pillow at him and hurried off into the bathroom.


Marco tossed it aside, laughing.


“Princesa”He called.


“She’s not here”Aurora replied from the bathroom causing him to laugh




Maria Castillo smiled at her daughter,she was happy Aurora finally visited her today because she had been giving different excuses about being too busy.


“The doctor said I’ll be discharged tomorrow”Maria said.


Aurora grinned,she was quite happy to see her mother okay again…free from the life threatening illness.


“I would try to visit you when you get home”She assured. “What kind of job are you doing now that requires all your time”


Aurora frozed.”hmm,I work in a ranch”


Maria gasped.”A ranch?do you have any idea of working in a ranch and do you know how stressful that is?”


“The pay’s great, mother. We have so many bills to tend to.You don’t have to worry about the stress part,I can handle it”


Maria sighed.She didn’t like the idea of her daughter working in a ranch one bit. “Whose ranch is it?”


“Mr Di silvestri,you don’t know him because he lives downtown.He treats his workers properly and we sleep in the farmhouse”


“Once I get better,I’d want you to quit that job, I’ll assist you with the bills….”




“No buts, young lady.You’d get another job that doesn’t require much stress, okay?”


Aurora knew better not to argue with her because she might end up telling her to quit the so called job today.


“Your father said he is no longer working for Mr Gutierrez,I think the sudden change of job is surprising though,he said he just felt like resigning and working


somewhere else but I think he’s hiding something from me,do you know


anything,my dear”


Aurora smiled, uneasily.


“You’re just being paranoid, mother, you know,papi doesn’t keep any secret from us”


“Oh,or is the drugs affecting me way too much”Maria joked.


“Probably”Aurora replied.


Maria held her hands.


“I’m so glad you’re here, Aurora.Always visit and call me often so that I’ll know that you’re okay, you’re my only child and I want to always be assured that you’re healthy at all times”


“You don’t have to worry, Mother. I’ll call and visit you, often”Aurora promised.


Back in Marco’s mansion, Aurora lay on her bed watching a movie on Netflix.


She recalled that morning when she had sat between his legs,he had his arms wrapped around her and just that made her feel like a princess…..his princess.


“Being inside of you is priceless”


His words ran through her head and she bit her lower lip involuntarily.


God!She wanted him….now…but he wasn’t back from work.


She sat up and stared at the movie which she had lost focus on totally.


She shouldn’t miss Marco and she shouldn’t want him either but she couldn’t help it.


A knock sounded on her door and her pulse sped up.


Was he back from work?


Placing her cellphone inside the pocket of her anorak sweater,she crawled out of the bed, walked up to the door and opened it but strangely,she found no one on the other side of the door.


Aurora frowned.Someone had knocked on her door.


She took few steps down the hallway.She stopped on hearing footsteps behind her.


Before she could make any move.


A big hand came from behind her and pressed a handkerchief on her nose and mouth.


She tried to struggle but she couldn’t overcome the suffocation.


Everything went blank!



Aurora didn’t know how long she had been out but when she finally woke up.She realized she was in a dark room.


Everywhere was pitch black and she couldn’t even see anything….not even a


tiny ray of light.


Something assaulted her nostrils.


She gasped…. Smoke!


And it seems the room kept on getting filled up with more and more smoke. She coughed, closing her nose with her hands but she couldn’t hold on long

enough because it was as if she was suffocating herself.


Who would lock her up in here to die or smoke inhalation?


She had no idea where this was,if she was still in Marco’s house…she didn’t know because she couldn’t see anything.


Releasing her hands from her nose….more thick smoke gushed into her




It made her eyes water and in no time,tears were dropping rapidly.


She coughed holding her chest, crawling in the dark… desperately searching blindly for a door or any escape route.


“Somebody help me…… open the door….. help me”She muttered,


tearfully….her lungs were starting to fail her….her breathing was erratic…








(Mi Corazon)


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