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“Honey are you OK? “, dad asked coming closer to me.


What just happened. Was I Alita?, Shane and Faceless?. Wheres all this leading to. So many unanswered questions, and it isn’t helping matters at all.

“You’re a mess Best friend. I came as fast I could after you mom put through a call”, Cherry said hugging me.


Mom and dad was saying something’s but it seems my ears shut them out cause u wasn’t hearing them. My mind is occupied with this strange dream of Alita.


“Mom isn’t Alita and Himiko long dead? “, I asked.


The three was puzzled at my question. Who doesn’t know their story. “Yes honey. Why asking? “, Mom questioned.

“I have met the two”,


“Oh Dracula, what have I done that my child can’t have a normal life. You have not only brought sadness to her soul, you have brought imaginations to torment her”, mom cried.


What the hell is she talking about.


“Tina honey, just breathe and calm down. All those arent real”, Cherry stated.


Wait, they think am imaging things right now? They think am broken to the extend that I can’t differentiate imaginations.


“Darling we unde… “,


I couldn’t contain it anymore as I held up my hand in anger, cutting dad off his sentence.



“What’s all this? You think am to shattered not to know what’s an imagination?, you think am now insane Cuz of the breakup? The breakup cussed by your selfish desires. Yes your selfish desires. What kind of parents and friend are you? “, I thundered.


There was breaking and clashing sound all over the room. I was way to far from angry right now. Am in rage. How could they.


“Tina please calm down. We are sorry”, Cherry breathed.


“Yes we’re sorry darling. Just calm down. For your health sake”, Dad stated.


I was now calm now but I still didn’t sit. I need answers and that only could make me sit.


“Actually this is all new to all. We know you need answers and that’s why we all are here right now”.


“Yes”, Cherry supported mom.


Mom was being hesitant to start talking but one nod from dad got her mouths opened.


“Long time ago before your birth, there was prophecy about the existence of Faceless and only a true descendant of Dracula with no heart could stop it. We feared because according to the seer, you were of the first pure blood after so many centuries ”


“Am a hybrid remember? You’re a witch while dad is a vampire “, I said cutting mom off.


“True honey, we were also puzzled about the whole thing, but the seer said you were the reincarnation of a powerful witch princess and a soul mate of the prince”.


“The prince?!!! “, I asked I’m terror.


Mom was mow crying as dad tried calming her.


“I know what you’re thinking right now. That we’re wicked and heartless for sending you out to kill your soul mats but we did it for a purpose. We had no option”, Dad stated.


“The prince is likewise a purebred like you. Faceless needs s pure blood to be transformed entirely into human. If he fails in getting Shane, then he will come for you”, Cherry completed.


What? Faceless would come for me.


“This doesn’t make any sense. If you say he will come for me, why then would he write me a letter with Kellys blood, the day he killed him? Why do our witch coven see me as the controller “, I asked.


This doesn’t make sense at all.


“Because, your blood commands him. We called unto the most powerful witches all over the planet to help us stop this but they all refused, claiming that the won’t help the beings which almost sent them in exile. You know what happened after Alitas death. We searched for help but didn’t get until we met a very powerful witch haired witch, which used your blood to command faceless. Shane must die for you to live”


“White haired Witch? “, I asked as my heart pounded at the mention of the white hair.


“Yes, a white hair witch “, Himikos voice echoed through the room. “Val you’re here”, Mom said standing up to pay homeage, as well as dad. No. Please let this all be adream.

“No mom. This is Himiko “, I cried.


Mom and dad stood shocked as Himiko gave out a dry laugh.



“Hy Elna. Hy kitty”, she said with a smirk.


She has tricked my parents. She has tricked all of us. This witch is evil. “How’s this possible? “, mom asked at the verge of tears.

I pity for her. Her love for me and dad blinded her from knowing the true motive of Himiko.


“Am sorry Kate but I had no option. The vampires insulted me and I must take my revenge on them. Tina was my only ticket to take my revenge. Once Faceless sucks a purebred soul, I get my powers back “, she said..


“You evil witch. Faceless is Arden and Shane is his Reincarnation. Seems you’re plan gonna fail “, I spat.


She went about smiling with sparing me a glance.


“So brainy but still lacks understanding. Who do you think created faceless?, I was the one. When the seven witches of death called up my soul after you destroyed me, I had to create a plan. I knew you and Arden were going to be reincarnated, so I played my card very well. I need one whose taste for existence overpowers his sense of reasoning. That’s Arden. So I brought him. Back. To life”,


“You did!!!!!???? “, I yelled.


“Yeah I did but I had a problem. I couldn’t send or command him, then your parents came. The universe was on my side a again, I thought as I gave them my lie that he will come for you after he fails getting Shane. All thanks to your blood kitty”.


I was dumbfounded. Cherry was crying loudly.


I was broken that my cells stopped working. My eyes couldn’t produce tears anymore. I stood there traumalized.


“Don’t make that face honey. Am thankful for your help. You can’t stop me now cause you contributed to your own lover boys death. You gave your blood and now you shattered him. What a wonderful wonderful time to kill a hard nut”,


“You!!! “, Cherry yelled as she sprang out of her chair.


She made for Himiko, but Himikos white hair threw her off.


She was now staring at me as our eyes met. I can’t fight her can I?


“Royal guards are here already. Your parents can explain further “, with that she was gone.


Barely she disappeared, we heard a loud bang as tens of the royal guards invaded our house.


“The royal family and the council members seeks to see you all”, a guard said.


Cherry assisted me as we went out. My parents showed no atom of fear. Their faces was just emotionless.


“Your parents can explain further”, Himikos voice rang in my ears. My parents.

We got to the palace and I hid my face from the guards. To my greatest surprise,

they were bowing.


The chief guard lead us to the kings chamber as my legs became weary. “Randy? “, The king altered in surprise.

The elders bowed as well as the king and queen. “Long live the king”, the echoed.

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