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” I beg your pardon”, She spat.


“You heard me right Tina. I mean Lina”, I breathed in frustration. Am still obsessed with her.

” Let’s break up”


” Cause I never loved you. I was only playing with your feelings cause I knew you will let me off, and see, am right”


“I hated you Shane. I always have ”


Her words pierced my, like a double edged sword.


I was shattered. I thought I and her had a thing but it seems not.


I gave her my love but she scorned it like it was trash. I fail in love with her the first time I met her. She was different from every other girl I met. She was just different.


Her smile alone brings goodness and calmness to my soul.


Maybe the universe has chosen to repay me in my own coins, since she acorns me this much.


“Wait. Wait. Was that the reason you took my purse and asked if I was with any money?, You must be shitting me right now, Shane. Am pregnant and such isn’t allowed. Or don’t tell me you don’t want this baby? “, Tina spoke really fast.


I must be a monster if I subject her to such , when she’s in such a delicate condition. But what if she’s lying?.


Lina is one desperate lady I know and she sees she has everything her ownway. What if she isn’t pregnant and wanted to break I and Tinas relationship? What if she’s truly pregnant and the baby isn’tmine?.


Jeez to much tough questions.


I need to be careful of her. How I wish this news was coming from Tina. “OK, get inside the car”, I said at last.

Tina please come back unless am going to die.






“Sweety are you… “,


“Leave me alone. All of you “, I yelled cutting mom short.



What have I done? Why is my own always different?


My heart was threatening to fall of my chest st any given time. Tears was streaming down in big droplets. My mouth couldn’t form words as my heart became heavy.


I was breathing but it felt like I was chocking. I felt like I was in the middle of an overcrowded room, shouting at the top of my voice, but not even one seems to hear my sorrow.


Have you ever felt or experienced where you loved a person but knew you could never be together?, That is what i’m actually going through righy now.


My whole being seems not to belong to me anymore. My heart was breaking into piece and I fear that it can ever be mended.


Why has fate chosen to offer me this cup of sorrow?, What is my deed to deserve this bunch of thorns?.


Is it a crime to fall in love with him who you were to kill?, Is it an offense that my heart takes another lane from my mind?.


Am just a spolit little brat trying to blend in with the society. All I ever wanted was to live a simple life, fall in love and birth my children in a peaceful home. Did I ask for much?


Everything about me goes the wrong way why? Why must I give up my love for what I knew nothing off? Why must this unfair decision be laid on my shoulders? Why must I suffer for what I know not?


I went over to the mirror and saw my reflection. I was a mess with my unkept hair and swollen eyes.


“Look at you Tina”, I said. “You have given up on your love to protect him. You have experienced nothing but unfair fate, all your life time. You don’t deserve to be called ‘TINA’, you should be called ‘BROKEN”.





|Mystery Rekindled|



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