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Jeez, my head hurts like hell.


My eyes flapped open. Great Dracula, what happened.


I felt a presence right on my bed as my eyes drifted to behold LINA’S nude figure. No. No. No. Don’t let it be what am thinking.




“What the hell have you done, bitch”, I thundered as I held her on the throat really tight.


Her eyes popped out, as her hands wrapped around mine trying to get it off her neck, but am not letting go yet until she’s dead.


“Sh. S.Sha…Shane Am dying”, shechocked.


“Am not letting go until you’re dead, slut!!!”, I yelled as my grip tightened.


Life was gradually exiting her body as I held tight with no mercy. This girl disgusts me like shit.


“I. I. The vedio has already been sent to Tina”, She breathed hard. “What? “,

My grip loosened at the mention of her name. No. No. This just can’t be. “Lina what have you done? “, I questioned with fear.

My heart was gradually stopping and breathing was now hard. Oh no. She can’t see the vedio.


“Lina why have you done this to me, why? Why have you choose to break me?.






Oh my. I can’t believe Shane is actually crying. This is the first time.


As I watched him cry, my heart melted but immediately I remembered that he was crying because of Tina and how he almost strangled me, my heart got back to its solid form again.


“Why? “, he asked for the tenth time.


“Because you’re supposed to be mine and mine alone. That witch casted a spell on you and now you want to leave me, but that’s not gonna ever be possible. Tina is a slut “, I fired.


He’s head rose in a very sharp manner as our eyes met. His eyes was bloodshot and it scared the shit out off me.


The whole room was now turning into a mess as every breakable thing was been shattered into pieces. I have heard about his special gift, but never knew it was this messy.


I need to get out of here as fast as possible.


I took hold of my undies and wore them with my gown. The heels would do better in my hand, I thought as I made for the door.


Lo and behold, the door wasnt opening. My legs were now shaking profusely.


“That Girl you call a slut is way far better than your whole family. That same girl you drag her name to the mud, doesn’t dress like a slut like you do, neither does she sleep with my PA”, he thundered.


Oh my, how did he know I slept with Collins? Was that the reason he sacked him and stopped loving me?


“Am better than Tina in everywhere possible”, I said trying to play hard.


In a flash, he was right in front of me as his eyes searched my soul. It was as red as ever. Jeez, this is my worst nightmare.


“One more word and have you dead body taken back to your father “,


His words was fire and his voice held venom. My whole being was shattered as I wished the ground should open and shallow me up.


“Shane!!!!!!??????? “, I yelled as his fang stuck into my neck.






“What do you mean she knows? “, I asked.


She went over and sat on the dinning with her eyes still glued on me.



“What are you even doing here? “, I asked.


“Tina are you okk? Who are you talking to? “, Cherry asked. She wants to play a game with me right now.

“They can’t see me darling. Only you can, anyways bye for now, see you later. Wink”, She said and with that she disappeared.


“Did you just see that? She disappeared “,


“Who? What the hell are you talking about? “, Mom fired. “Yes Tina. Are you kk? “, Dad asked.

What the hell is wrong with this people. Did they really nit see Himiko or were they pretending?


“Best friend who was it you were talking to? Tell us or you don’t trust your parents and your best friend? “, Cherry questioned.


“I wish I can, but I can’t trust anyone of you until you tell me what the hell is going on”, I yelled.


They stood there all shocked. Who knows if they arent also pretending that.


Cherry was about to talk as a message came into my phone. Barely have I touched my phone, than Shane called.






Just the sound of his voice calmed me.


“Em I was thinking if you did like we go out today ”


“Sure. I did like to”I said as Cherry and my parents left my room.


“kk. I will come over. Love you”


I didn’t reply as I disconnected the line. I can’t tell him that I love him too. That’s weird.


Is been two weeks now after our outing. It was a memorable day.


We went on our first date, you did say and it was perfect. He bought me a new phone as the other one fell into the toliet that same day we went out.


Nothing much has happened since then expect from my confused feelings. Am still confuse about this love of a thing.And as for Himiko, I haven’t seen her again like wise Cherry.


A message came into my phone.



яαιѕιиg υρ,єαєℓу ιи тнє мσяиιиg αи∂ яємєвєяιиg тнαт ѕυмσиє ℓιкє уσυ ιѕ ιи му ℓιfє gινєѕ мє нσρє.ι ℓσνє уσυ


It was from Shane and it troubled my soul. I can’t go on pretending to love him. I no longer feel at peace for deceiving him.


What have I gotten myself into.


“A simple mission you can’t accomplish, Kitty”, I heard the voice I now dreaded. It was Himiko. She was going through my closet.

“So soft hearted just like Alita”, she stated.


“How is it possible that neither my mom or Cherry was able to see you? “,



“Am not in existence yet. Just waiting for you kitty”, Here she goes again with her parables.

“I? “,


“You hold the power of life and death over him like you did back then. You can’t stop me for you are into it this time”


“I can never be ”


“Got to go, Lover boy is right at your door”,


A knock came immediately she disappeared. It opened to reveal Shane with a bunch of flower.


“Hey”he greeted.


“Let’s breakup”, the word escaped my lips.


Shock was written all over him. The flower fell from his hand.


“What… What do you mean? See am sorry if I wronged you “, he breathed as tears was threatening to fall off his eyes.


I just can’t continue Shane. I now understand what Himiko means. You’re the key to get her into existence. Killing you gives her life.


“You didn’t wrong me. I just want to end this relationship “. “Why Tina. Why. There must be a reason “, he cried.

I was also crying but this is the best choice. I can’t be a party to you death. “Was it about the vedio? I can explain ”


“Which vedio,? See am done with this relationship and that’s final”, He held my wrist and his eyes was bloodshot.

“Why? ”


“Cause I never loved you. I was only playing with your feeling cause I knew you will let me go, and see am right”, I breathed.


My heart was in pain as I said those words. Looking into his eyes, I could see pain.


“I did everything to make you happy. Am in love with you and I hate myself for that. You can’t do this Tina”, he cried.


This is the best choice Shane and am doing this for you. “I have hated you Shane. I always have”,

“No. Don’t say that. You don’t mean it. Look into my eyes and say it”. “I have Shane. I never loved you. I never caredfor you. “,

I was cut short as Lina appeared at my door with mom behind her. “Am pregnant Shane”, she said.




|Mystery Rekindled|


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