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“Your majesty, this is very absurd”, Linas dad said. “How? “,

“I still don’t understand how Prince Shane met with that Tina of a girl ”


“Of that, you shouldn’t be concerned about. Shane is a grown up and can decide who he wants to be”, I replied.


“The king is right “, Eric supported.


“What about he saying that she has found his heart? What about FACELESS? Won’t she be distracting my Prince? “,


“His father already told you not to bother about that. Take care of your daughter and we will take care of ours”Florence my wife fired.


Everywhere remained quite to concur with her. She was angry, and only a fool could go on with that topic.


“But aren’t you concerned, your majesty about the girl rootlessness? “, This question got me as well as every other member of the council. “What do you mean, Edward? “, I asked.

“Her parents arent known or their family name in the list of the covens families”. “How is that possible? “,

“She isn’t from here “.




“What?!!! “, Tina yelled.



Shane didn’t even spare me a look as he knelt down, begging Tina to forgive him. The sight of the act got me really angry.


Here was I, with his child in me, he still didn’t give me attention rather his busy begging Tina.


“I said am no longer interested Mr, Siganore “, Tina fired.


She has really changed alot. The Tina I knew wasn’t this bold or outspoken. She was the shy one in our mist.


Now looking at this Tina right in front of me, I had doubt’s that she was the one I know. Her face was rigid as ever without showing any trace of emotion.


I loved it and would have given anything, to watch it till the end, but seeing Shane beg her was never what I expected or wanted.


“Why forcing her Shane? She said she’s done. Not like you have anything to lose… “, my sentence was cut short by the deadly cold eyes of Shane.


Words failed me to describe the man who stood right before. His eyes were bloodshot as tears continued to stream down.


“Everything. I lose everything Lina!!!!”, he spoke in a calm voice.


“What do you lose? Am pretty and educated. And to crown it all I have you baby in me. You arent losing anything “, I breathed.


He remained silent as I went inside to his side. I made to touch his face but he held my hand really fast.


“She has everything you lack. She isn’t desperate, she isn’t selfish or is she a nymph. Your presence alone disgust me. I don’t love you because your being ruins my life. I wish I never met someone like you”


His words struck me. It was like a thousand knives was been driven into my heart. Tears threatened to fall off my eyelids but not gonna let that happen. Not confront of Tina.


“Why talking to me in such manner before your whore”, I breathed.


Linas face was swollen as anger was visible on her face. In a sharp movement,her hands slipped off From Shanes hand as she came to stand beforeme.


Her glare was out of this world. I could hardly believe that a living being could ever give such a deadly stare. Hers held more venom than that of SHANES.


“Repeat those words Lina, and get your body being lowered into the soil. Am not the one pregnant here, you’re. You just showed me what a cheap and desperate Slut you’re. Am not like you and would never be. Am still a virgin you nitwit if you have forgotten so soon”, she yelled.


To be frank, I was scared to the core right now. What if she fights me and I lose my baby. No. No. I won’t dare challenge her.


“Tina.. “,


“Enough of your sermons Sir. Am observant enough that you called in your desperate and shameless bitch to insult me in my own house. But get one thing clear, am not like those lowlifes you needs you”, Tina breathed.


“Just leave. Seeing your face makes me want to throw up. Go deal with your French whore”, she added.


Shane stood up left with me trailing behind.


He drove out of the compound in high speed. What’s even wrong with him.


He drove to the market and to my surprise, Shane asked me to get down. I thought it was a joke until he came down himself and dragged me out.


“What are you doing Shane? This place smells like shit”, I breathed.



“It is where your kind should be kept. You don’t worth more than the people moving about in this market, coz the having things doing. You’re pregnant for me right? “,


“Yes”, I answered with a smile as he nodded.


“I need my child to be strong and healthy, so you gonna run after my car till we get to the palace “.




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