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“It isn’t fake Mr and am not dumb “, I replied.


“Sure but get one thing clear to that brain of yours, don’t regret this in the nearest future “, he said as he left.


Jeez, how did he know of it? Did Tina tell him? No. Never she can’t. She was the person that included that we shouldnt let anyone know that is fake. Even her parents doesn’t know.


This the right time to ask her out for real. I don’t think am gonna be able to protect her if she isn’t mine.







“what just happened Dad? “, I asked in tears.


Dad was also broke as he paced impatiently from one foot to another. He must be in trauma right now but I think mine is way far worst.


“I can’t let this happen. I can’t let my daughter be disgraced in such manner “, he stated.


“What are we gonna do right now dad? If the truly are in love then Faceless would desend on both”,


“Brilliant idea Lina. Brilliant. You’re so brilliant “Dad screamed in excitement. Am lost here. What’s he talking about.

“Am lost here dad”,,


“If what you found out about her is true, then Faceless would be coming for her, then she leaves Shane for you the ultimate winner”, dad breathed.


“Oh my. Dad you’re a genius!!! “, I yelled as I hugged him.


Are you stuck in a difficult situation and need and idealogist? Contact my father. I recommend him.


“So what do we do now? “, I asked as we disengaged from the hug. “Stay low and watch”,






Oh my, last night was bam.


Shane took me out and we talked and ate in his car like we had been friends for our whole lives. It was a good night though.


“Where the hell is that Chameleon of a girl called Tina? “, I heard Cherry’s voice. I wonder who got her upset cause her voice holds rage and venom.

My room door opened to reveal her angry face as I came out of the bathroom. “Hello besti.. ”

“Hold the crap of your bestie and tell me what’s going on Tina? “, She cut me short as she threw me the paper she was holding..


What’s wrong with this one this morning, I thought as I got the paper before it met the floor.


“What the hell? Where did you get this from? How come?”, my mouth released questions.


“Keep those questions for yourself you deceiver. I thought you were innocent as you looked”


“Jeez, Cherry this isn’t what really happened. Mom and dad forced me to go out with him last night. It wasnt even my idea and I wonder who took this picture? My life sucks “,



“Yes it sucks more than you knew. Your parents forced you and you looked so happy in this picture? Why are you bent on making us feel bad. Since the first day, you liked the idea of you being in a relationship with him but you pretended so as to suffer us.. “,


“You’re getting all.. “,


“Enough right now Tina. Do you know what? Am tired of your bossy attitudes. You gonna make him fall in love with you and that’s final unless don’t bother to talk to me again “, Cherry spat.


Oh my, I haven’t seen her this upset all my life. She must be really hurt but that doesn’t make me happy on the thought of dating Shane. His my enemy for f**ks sake.


Instantly my phone rang and it was the same person who caused all this. Ididn’t pick up and it continued toring.


Jeez, this Shane of a person it a disease.


“What is it you want again? . My picture is all about every where because of you”, I said.


“Can I come in? “, his voice echoed through the phone.


No it wasn’t the phone it was my phone. I turned sharply towards my door and there he was wearing a grave face.


“You!! How dare you come in here? ”


“I called to ask. Isn’t that enough “, he replied with that everlasting pride look that seems to be part of him.


“Not enough. See what your fake relationship caused? Am all over the news as one who’s endangering the lives of the people? “, I spat really angry.


To my surprise he knelt down. Maybe he wants to tie his shoes lace or whatever.


“That’s why am here Tina . I have come to lay my love at your feet after much thoughts. It is now obvious that am in love with you , and you’re too for I see it in your eyes. I promise here today Tina brown, that am gonna satisfy you in anyway beyond my power if you accept me. Please do not scorn my love for you cause am now a slave of your love”,


Did I just hear him right? Is this even real?. Yes it is as I felt pain after pinching myself.


Oh no. I never bargained for this.


Accept him right away you idiot, a voice snapped me. No am not. I can’t do this.


“You gonna make him fall in love with you and that’s final unless don’t bother to talk to me again “,Cherrys voice pooped up in mu brain.


I can’t loss Cherry this time. I just can’t afford to lose another friend. I haven’t gotten over Linas breakup but this is a hard decision for me.


No. No, I can’t do it. I will have to explain to Cherry. She would understand. Won’t she?


“I can’t…..

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