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“Is either now or never Lina “, Dad said after our informant left.


Good thing that Shane is all alone in the palace. Now I have to get back my man in my own way.


“You can do this girl. Go bring back what belongs to you”, Vanessa hailed.


I smiled faintly as my fear was gradually raising. Yes, Shanes weakness I know but what if he doesn’t fall into the trap? I will be doomed for ever.


How do I tell my father that am scared. He did think am insane. Jeez, am done for. “I will start going now dad. Vanessa let’s go”, I found my voice.

I left after a brief hug with dad. I tried as hard as I could to suppress my fear, but it seems it has already taken over my whole being.


Vanessa was busy singing joyfully like it was already over.


Once we arrived at the palace, I alighted and cat walked so hotly that my feet was burning, but I didn’t care. If this gonna get I and Shane back together, then am ready to sacrifice everything.


His a big catch.


I could sense the guards eyes all over me as I passed them. The red gown I was putting on threatened to get torn at every step cause it stuck to my body like a second skin.


Indecent?, I don’t care. Am here to get back what is mine and mine alone. I don’t give a f**k if he truly loves Tina, am here to trap him down with my own web.


I walked into his room and found him on towel. His just coming out from the bathroom. Just a perfect timing.


“Theres a door and knocking isn’t null and void”he breathed as he saw me.


Here he was almost inclad in his glory with scorn in his eyes. When did he hate me this much? Did that witch cast a spell on him?



“Hey baby why sounding so rude? “, I asked walking to him.


I tried laying my hands on him but drew back in a sharp manner.


“We aren’t together anymore, Lina, and I have a girlfriend. What If someone sees you here at this moment? Kindly leave. Right now “, he instructed as his back faced me.


You’re tough Shane but am not letting go. Not yet and not to Tina. I went forward and wrapped my hands around his waist.

“Darling am in need of you”, I whispered into his ears as I kissed him.


He pushed me away as he faced me. His eyes was bloodshot and now was the right time to use my last ticket.


” #SFEFFIN “I casted.


I watched as he tried to remain conscious but it was all fatal. Even his purebred gift can’t save him from my spell.


Surprised?, don’t be cause almost all the females here are witches including Tina. That’s how we seem to know our selves and different missions.


After the vampires attacked our coven after the death of Adrian and Alita, leaving us almost dead. We did lose all hope until the prophecy of Faceless.


It was brought to life by a powerful witch who’s name I forgot, to take revenge on the vampires.


Story cut short. That’s not why am here though. Am here to take my man andget Tina out of the way, cause if Faceless doesn’t get Shane, then he would be going for she who’s blood is hislife.


Shane slumped on the floor as I got to work. I first locked the door and then dragged him to the bed.


I strip myself naked as I went over to the bed. Am not doing this for a doing sake, am doing it cause his mine and I want his d**k inside me.







Gosh, my head hurts. Not just my head, my whole body aches.


With a big effort, I was able to open my eyes. My eyes scanned the environment I was in at it immediately told me that I wasn’t at home.


Where could I be?


I sat up and my eyes gazed my surrounding. I was actually laid on a flat rock in a bed shape, just at the center of who knows where…


Grasses rose about seven foot away from where I sat around me. No tree was in sight. And it was very hot here.


The grasses which was abnormally blue in coloyr, glowed slightly and gave off some heat.


My eyes got a mouse trying to pass by. The grass with a hissing sound grew in size, flared red and wrapped around the mouse, seizing it and holding it ahead to the next grass, passing from leaf to leaf. They were leaves of fire.


This amazed me as I watched with keen interest. Once a red flame handed over its captive to the next, it shrank back to its original size and became the harmlessblue grass again.


Thus the rat was handed on till it was dropped in a little clearing where a woman was standing.



She was facing the other way, so her back greeted my eyes. Her immaculate white hair cascaded down to her buttocks.


I felt a kind recognition sensation run through me as I watched this woman who seemed familiar but still not.


I stood up from my rock bed and made for the woman who’s identity was a mystery to me.


As I passed, the blue grasses bowed and made way for me to pass.


“Such power that my comrades bow to you? “, the woman said in a question like manner.


Her voice rang and echoed through the field. Who was she.


“Stop you there! “, she yelled as a wall of fire stood around her and it forced me to hold my peace.


“Who are you and what are my doing here? “, I found my voice to ask.


“How soon you forgot about me, Tina. I thought her blood runs through you? “,


“Nobody’s blood runs through me expect from my parents blood. Stop this creepy game of urs and tell me where the hell I was and why am here”, I thundered.


She gave out a dry laugh without still facing me fore to see her face.


“Chill baby girl, am not Lina you fight with and win. Am Himiko and am here to complete what your first stopped me from doing. Taking my revenge on the vampires for humiliating me”,


Himiko. That name sounds familiar but what’s she talking about my first. “You’re a witch, but why do you smell dark magic”,


“Kitty is smart as always. Sure you know Alita”

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