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“What’s the meaning of this prince Shane? “, Uncle Eric questioned dropping a newspaper before me.








I read from the paper uncle Eric dropped before me. This masses and gossips are like soul and body. They can’t do without the other.


How’s it even possible that someone took a picture of Tina and I last night. Jeez, she’s gonna freak out if she sees this.


“Any problem with that? “, I asked keeping a rigid face like it was no big issue.


My plan is actually going as planned expect from me falling in love with Tina which was seriously not what I wished for.


“Hello young man, this is a big issue here and you’re trying to play a deaf ear to it. The masses out there needs answers “, Linas dad rose in anger but who gives the f**k about this emotion.


“It is Prince Shane if you have lost it “, I released. “Shane”

“Enough mom, I know the best way to handle this power thirsty elders. What is she even doing here? “, I asked as my eyes feel on Lina.


“She has every right to be here as your betrothed “, Linas father answered.


“It is never the law you bloody liar. We arent yet married and she has no right to be in this chamber at this f**king time”, I yelled.


Every one of them remained silent as to concur with me. She has no right to be here at the first place.


“Well that’s not why we asked for you. We called you here Prince Shane to ask you what you were doing with a girl who has been identified not to be your betrothed at that late hour of the night? Have you forgotten so soon about your enemy “, Ann the eldest elder asked.


“Cut the f**king crap Ann. Am sorry for the language but it seems you all are forgetting already. Faceless is not only my enemy. He’s also yours. If you keep on trying to remind me like a child, then I would have nothing else to do than to bring the war to your doorsteps with Faceless ”


My eyes met with dads and his eyes was full of scorn. Since this meeting kicked off he hasn’t altered a word and am seriously bothered. He’s the reason behind this fake relationship that wants to become real but he doesn’t seem to be moved.


“You haven’t answered our questions”, Linas dad stated.


“And that am not to answer since you let her stay here”, I breathed.


They started to whisper among themselves and in a few seconds they were done.


“Lina you can leave now. Your dad gonna update you right after the meeting “Uncle Eric announced.


“Is off no use foe her to leave since she’s already here. You want answers right? “, I asked.


Linas face beamed with happiness. How I wish she knew the venom am about to release, then she won’t hesitate to exit here right away.


“Yes”, the chorused.


“The girl on that paper is my girlfriend, so therefore am cutting off every bond between I and Lina. I love the girl on that cover not her”, I stated.


Lina fainted already as hell was set loose. Her father sprang out of his chair and came to stand before me in rage.


“You dare not cut it off. You have no right to dump my daughter after so many years. You used her”.


“I never loved her. You all forced her on me and she too, has been forcingherself on me. My heart has been taken by its rightful owner and you can’t do anything about it”, I spatback.


“Did you hear him? Did you? He says he loves her. His heart has been taken”, he cried.

“I never denied it or did I? She’s the one I want and she must be mine “, “Never. You lie this time Prince Shane. Am not in any manner affected by you

cutting off every bond with Lina but affected by she you say, have found you heart.

He must not have a heart beat, says the oracle and she who’s about to endanger our lives shall be killed”,


“Lie you speak to Ann. Touch her and feel my wrath. Let a hair fall off her head and see what Shane is capable of doing ”


“We can’t let you endanger the life’s of this whole coven in the name of love. You let her go or she dies”


“You dare not. Am the crown prince and can’t let you decide for me”

” You have no say in this Shane. You can’t bend this one”, Uncle Eric said.. “All life I have respected you uncle and agreed to everything but this, I stand to

disagree. You want war? Then touch her and I will bring a war to your door steps”, I breathed full of rage now.


Is either Tina or no one else.


“You can’t fight us all. You are alone on this “, Ann added.


“I would like to hear you say that again when Faceless stands behind me” “Shane!!! “, mom yelled.

“Everybody leave. I wanna have a word alone with my son”, dad spoke for once since the meeting started.


I watched as they all left including Mom. What’s this man up to right now.


“You think you can get back at me by faking a relationship? So dumb of you Shane. So dumb “, dad breathed.


What the f**k. How did he know?




|Mystery Rekindled|



[Randy’s Library]


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