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“Alita?, What the hell are you talking about?? “, I flamed.


She turned towards me in a sharp manner and my whole cell stopped at a time.


Here was I some minutes ago, describing her as a beautiful woman not knowing she was faceless. No eyes, no nose, no mouth, no ear. Just a flat smooth face.


“Chill girl, like I said before am not Lina. For Alita?, I see her in you. Thesame sharp beauty, same S cup shape. Everything not lacking “, she spat withvenom.


She must be shitting me right now. Alita is long dead. Wait, Himiko. Isn’t she the bad witch that Alita defeated? How’s she alive?Whats her mission?


“All those questions of yours would be answered Sweet heart some other time but am gonna be merciful to answer that last question. Am here to take my revenge on the vampires and you arent stopping me this time”, she breathed.


“You’re Faceless? “, I found my voice.


“No. His my awoken. All thanks to your blood”



“My blood? How does any of this make sense? “,


“Your parents can answer that. Nice to see you again Lita. Now its time to leave. Qeeeru yreesu!!!! “, she yelled.


I felt like I was being thrown into a portal. I opened my eyes to see blur images of people around me.


“She’s awake”, I heard Cherry’s voice.







“Oh my. Shane you’re splitting me into two!!! “, I yelled at the top of my voice but he didn’t stop.


He was banging me like I was faceless his enemy. Gosh, my legs are weak already and I feel sore.


Thanks that this room was soundproof, if not my yelling would have created a scene. What’s wrong with him.


He was pounding like an animal who has been denied sΒ£x for a very long time. At first, I thought it was the effect of the spell when he tore my undies away frommy waist like a wildanimal.


At last, I felt a warm liquid inside me as he slumped to the other side of the bed, and fell into a deep slumber.


Jeez, I feel so sour down there. Never knew he was this wild and rough. I didn’t bargain for this even though it wasn’t dads idea.


I had to change my plan when he started proving stubborn. The plan was that I just seduce him and then threaten him with the vedio of the seduction, while on the other hand, use it on Tina against him.


Shane was a very smart person, so I decided to have sΒ£x with him while recording it. Though I was horny for him all this while.


I tried standing up but it was as painful as hell. Crab, Shane tore my hormones already.


I need to call Vanessa right away. Am heading straight to my doctor to know if his d**k destroyed anything in me.







My eyes adjusted to the ray as the images became clear. It was my parents, my Aunt and Cherry.


“Here. Easy girl”, Cherry stated as she helped me sit up. “Ohhh. Tina you scared us. You feel any pain? *, mum asked. “Speak Darling. Can you hear us? “, Dad asked.

My eyes searched theirs as I saw a big secret being hidden away fromme. “Who are my? “, I asked as they froze at thespot.

Even the environment was silenced by my question as the every sound seized and the universe stopped to concur with muquestion.


Mom shivered, Dad panicked, Aunt terrified and Cherry Shocked. Cherry was the first person to recover.


“What are you talking about Tina? Don’t you remember what happened before you fainted? “, she asked trying to play well.


“She do remember everything Elna”, I heard Himikos voice behind.




|Mystery Rekindled|



[Randy’s Library]

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