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“I cant believe she spoke to us in such manner”, Vanessa cried pacing around impatiently.


I myself can’t believe that Tina was actually the one we meet today. What happened to the ‘SHYNESS’?.


Holy crab. That girl is now a bomb, always ready to exploded at a very little time. Even Cherry who was termed bold, couldn’t have blasted me so much.


“Lina you need to think “.


“That’s what am doing but you keep distracting me. Stop stressing yourself of Lina. She’s still the girl we know”, I yelled.


Vanessa was just good in her dramas but couldn’t speak back at Tina by there.


“Still the girl we know?, Your wish baby girl. Don’t you see that Tina has changed. She’s no longer the shy girl whose beauty and friend speaks for. She’s now a time bomb Lina, a time bomb. She even kissed Prince Shane and made him throw us out of the palace. You’re a f**king elders daughter and you got humiliated by that your ‘girl we know’. We better run now Lina and avoid being wounded by this bomb or stay back and fight and get killed by her explosives.”,


She’s damn room right, but I still gat my last card. I smiled at the thought of it.


“Don’t you ever think you gonna win this Lina. She has powers backing her and we all knows Shane to be a mad dog when it comes to his loved ones. Even your dad can’t save or mend us”, Vanessa added.


“I never lost to Tina, girl, and never would I”, I breathed standing from the cushion.


Vanessa looked at me with that ‘Don’t tell me you have gone completely crazy’ look.


“Lina? “,


“I gat my last card to play. Let’s see who gonna check up first Tina. You gat the backups, I gat the secret. You want to play?, let’s then play. Watch me give you this secret and you will push away your backups yourself. I will tell you why I and Cherry seized to be friends “, I smiled.


“What’s there to use Lina? Was it not a boy that caused your breakup? “Vanessa asked slumping on the cushion.


She did think am mad but I came really prepared.


“No honey. There are more behind and that was even a lie ” “Lina What??!!!! “,

“I will tell you in the right time. Now are you ready to play a deadly game? Her death would not be on us but on faceless ”


“You speak in parables Lina. For the game, am more than ready “, Vanessa breathed.


“Then let the game begin “,. TINA’S POV…

I can’t just believe what happened today. Shane backed me up and ordered the guards to throw them out.


He just acted more than I requested for but I like it. They were humiliated.


What surprised me most was that Shane kissed me this time. I will really need to talk to him. This was not on our contract. If he argues, I would just walk out of it.


How I wish Sherry was here. I need someone to talk to. “And blood to “, I blurted audibly.



I have been feeling weak lately and I knew it the absence of blood from my body for almost a month.


This was the very first time I stayed long without blood. Jeez, I really need to get down stairs before I faint. I don’t want to speak to my parents for now and fainting would give them such opportunity.


I walked passed my parents room to the kitchen as silently I could. I took just a glass of blood cause I really didn’t like the idea of vampires drinking blood. Its just inhumane to drink from a different being cause they arent vampires.


As I was going back, I heard faint voices coming from my parents room. I knew eavesdropping was wrong but I couldn’t help it as I heard a familiar voicewhich could not be mistaken by myears.


I went over and placed my ears on the door as my doubt’s was cleared. It was truly Cherry’s voice.


What could she be discussing with my parents? I thought she ssid she had to see her mother? Was it about my fake relationship? She dare not or I strangle her myself.


“You need to tell her now before she tells her”, I heard cherry’s faint voice.


“Its not as easy as you see it dear. The more she knows, the more she’s exposed. Faceless would come for her and I won’t live to see tgat “, mom said.


“But you need to tell her by the way to protect her”, cherry’s voice came again.


“We can’t hide it from her for long though but telling her now isn’t a choice either. Am gonna find the mystery of this before she knows and i Promise You”dad said.


“What the hell is going on here”, I said walking into the room. They were all shocked.


What’s this secret Lina is talking abt? Is it the same with Wat Tina heardher parents saying?




|Mystery Rekindled|



[Randy’s Library]

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