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“I asked a question and I need an answer “, I breathed.


They all stood there motionless, like a spell has been casted on them. Cherry kept her eyes on me and was the first to recover.


“Ohh is you Tina. Are you kk? Youdon’t look. “,


“Cut the carp Cherry and answer my damn question “, I thundered.


My anger was now raising and I dont think am gonna be able to control it this time. “Tina girl.. “,

“I don’t need the damn petting right now dad”, I cut dad short.


They didn’t alter a word as Cherry made for the door, and for heavens sake, I was angry this time that I pushed her away and locked the door.


“Nobody leaves without my question been answered or else”,


“Or else what Miss. What the hell has gotten into your brain that you think you can manipulate every person like you want “, Mums voice was high and I could sense anger.


This the first of its kind. Mum has never shouted at me.


‘This must be a game their playing ‘, my inner voice whispered and I think am gonna agree to it. She thinks she can distract me from my question. Never.


“Am not “,


“Enough young lady”, Mum ordered with a raised hand. “Gloria is”,

“Not even now Grant. I have had enough of this girls shitting attitudes. You really want your answers?Then why the hell didn’t you tell us that faceless wrote a letter to you on the day Kelly was born? “, Mum questioned.


How the hell did the know? And how come she knows Kelly?. I don’t think I understand my family anymore.


They keep secrets from me but why.


“Answer my question this minute Tina. Or are you now deaf? “,


“Mom is kk. I will talk to her”, Cherry stated gesturing me to follow her.


“Better talk senses into her brain”, I heard mom say as the door slammed behind me.



“What the hell has gotten into you Tina”, Cherry asked immediately we stepped into my room.


“I should be the one asking you that question Cherry. I thought you said you were leaving? Was I the person you were talking about? I asked with tears streaming down my eyes.


This wasn’t the life I have always dreamt of living. It wasn’t a life I wished for. “Please answer me Cherry “, I cried the more.

“Hey girl, you need to grow up and stop all this. Just listen and do whatever your parents requires of you. For what you heard, am not in the right position to tell you. See you tomorrow Bestie “, she winked and left.


For the first time ever reordered in history, Cherry walked out of me with an expressionless face not regarding to my tears. What have I done to deserve this.


I slept off with tears on my eyes. I woke up drained in my own tears in the evening.


I need to clear my head I said to myself. I took a quick shower and wore a simple clothe. I don’t know where to head to but as long as it isn’t this house then I did be good.


I walked out of my room praying that I don’t get to met my parents but it seems like my prayer wasn’t heard Cuz they were seated in the living like they were expecting anyone.


“Hey darling”, Dad said first.


“Hi dad”, I said with my head downwards.


“Am really sorry Tina for shouting at you. Is just that I can’t live to see you suffer. You know I love you right? “, mom asked raising my face with her index finger.


“Do forgive us Tina. You did forgive us already right? “, Dad added. “Yes but you’re keeping secrets from me and I don’t like it”, I breathed.


They hugged me at once.


“Is never our wish to do so honey but for now we need to do so Cuz of your safety”, Dad whispered but it was audible.


“Yeah for your safety honey. We have sacrificed alot just to keep you safe and will go to any length to do so. Even if it requires me to fight destiny, then I would change your story”, mom added.


They have spoken in great parables that kept my heart in search of answers, but I dare not ask them what the meant.


A knock on the door brought us back to reality. “I will go answer it”, dad said cheerfully.

I watched dads mouth drop as he opened the door. I wonder who it was. Oh my it was Shane. What’s he doing here by this time.

“Prince Shane. What brings you here to our lowly abode? “, mom asked. Our eyes met as he gave me tgat dirty smirk of his.

“Didn’t Tina tell you? Am her boyfriend “, he altered. Ohhhh. Not now please.



Surprise was written all over her parents but something bothered me not the surprise look on theur faces.


They kind of felt familiar. You know that feeling that you have once or twice met people or experienced an incident.


That’s by the way.



I got distracted as my eyes met with my fake girlfriends. How do I tell her that I’m beginning to have feelings for her.


She will go nuts if I dare but it must be this night or non.


Her parents was so nice that they persuaded me to have diner with them. My eyes and Tinas met severally but she always looked away immediately.


“I would like to have a minute with Tina”, I said after dinner.


“Sure. That’s nothing”, the parents chorused before leaving the both of us to ourselves.


“What the hell are you doing here Mr. Our contract said that relatives are off limit”, she spat barely after her parents departure.


I knew is gonna be this way but I still have to tell her.


“To hell with the contract Tina. What if we try to make it more real? “, “Never”, her voice was raised thus time.

She was angry and I knew it. For the short period I did stay with her, I could detect her mood swings.


“Why? Cuz you’re afraid?, Why are you afraid? “, I asked now angry myself.


Why she so hard. Why isn’t she like other girls who run to me for sΒ£x. That’s the reason I like her.


Now she was starring back at me eye ball to eye ball. Her mouth trembled and her voice chocked.


“Am afraid Cuz I don’t need competitors. Am afraid that am gonna lose you. Am afraid that am beginning to have real feelings for my fake boyfriend “,




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