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I can’t believe what am getting myself into. Paris?


What was I even thinking when I agreed to go with him. This isn’t just right. Am playing with his emotions and that’s not good.


I told mom and dad about it and they were also surprise. I called Cherry to deliver the news and you can imagine that she never expected this.


She came running to my house.


“When are you leaving? “, she asked sadly.



“Next week so that I could arrange my things. Do you think am gonna survive this? “,


She looked me in the eyes and I could see fear. For the first time, Fear was written all over her.


“You gonna survive it for my sake and your parents sake Tina. We are into this together and I promise you that you arent dying yet”, She cried.


“I never said am dying”, I remarked playfully trying to cheer her up but all was to no avail.


“Tina promise me you won’t ever fall in love with him. Never. Promise me you won’t dare have any sΒ£xual intercourse with him no matter what”,


What’s she saying now. Is no big deal. Am gonna make him fall more in love with me and make him bring me back home.


“Why all this?”,


“Dont you see that the prophecy is falling in place? His gonna come for you”, She was shaking me profusely right now, and I think am gonna throw up soon.

“Which prophecy? Is there another? “, I asked withdrawing my hand in a sharp manner.


She had a surprise look on her as our eyes met.


“Which prophecy? Oh don’t mind your poor friend. Am sick and mom said I alway talk rubbish when am down”, she said.


Without consulting a seer, I knew she was lying but why should the hid a prophecy from me if there was? No. Cherry isn’t like that. She would have told me as well as My parents. Am just over thinking.


Hope Cherry is kkthough.




Later that day, Shane came and took me for shopping, which went well with no much impressingincident.


On our way home, I kept catching SHANES eyes on me. Sometimes he looks away sharply, while some he remained still.


One clear look at his eyes one could see that this prince is in love with me and I don’t think he’s gonna survive our breakup.


My heart was now beating really fast as I saw what him doesn’t see. His doom was near and clear. I shivered at this thought.


Hope am doing the right thing?


No. The mission i must do and any other feeling is just a weakness which must be locked up deep down.


“I love you Tina”, He said as he kissed me goodnight on the forehead.


The butterflies in my stomach became active at that moment. My cheeks was hitting up as I watched him drove off.


I could now taste my salty tears as the streamed down my eyes continuously.I don’t think I will be able to carry out this mission. I felt pain all over me at the thought of being a master mind behind SHANESdeath.


I rushed into the house with tears all over me. My vision was blur as a result of the constant tears.


“Baby girl what’s the problem?, dad asked. “Honey you’re crying “, mom stated.


I didn’t give them my attention as I ran all the way upstairs to my room. How do I tell my parents that am already inlove with he who’s life should be exchanged with my moms?. Where do I get such cOurage from?


Cherry herself won’t give me a listening ear.


They won’t understand the trauma I face every time I set my eyes on him. This feeling that my mouth finds hard to explain is tearing me apart.


Is this what others call Love? Is it the same thing that others merry about? If so, why should mine be a different issue? Why has destiny played me this hard?, Why has the unseen beings given a game which is already unfair?


Here was my soul torn and shattered because of the same thing which brings happiness to others.


Was Is not said that Love brought joy to the beholder? Why then has mine brought a broken heart to me this early? Why has it brought a to me a situation where I should let go of its joy for my mother?.


How much I scorn this word Love. How much my soul detest anything involve with it now.


If this is Love, then curse be it to the one who made it known to others.


All my life I have imagined my love life being perfect, but here was it right before my eyes like a shallow and creepy story.


I hate you Shane for bringing this confusion to me. I hate you for bringing this strange feeling to my feet. How much I hate you but still love you.


And it shall ge recorded that my own love story was also my doom.


“Tina. Please calm down sweetie. You’re hurting yourself “, Moms cried from outside


It was then that I saw that my room was on fire. Half of the room was already burnt.


“Honey you can do it. Just breathe in and out. Is your power and you have to control it”, dad yelled.


Yes it was my power and it shall also be held for my death.


Now, anger filled my being. Why must mine always be different? If my death would stop SHANES death, then am ready to die in this fire.


“Tina!!!!!!!! Are you there? “,


I couldn’t make out who’s voice it was cause the smoke I inhaled was already at work with my organs.


“If I perish for your sake Shane, then I perish”, I breathed with effort.


My body touched the floor and the heat was much. I was gradually losing my reasons and had thought it was my time when the door was kicked open.


“Faceless? “, I said as he came closer. This was surely my end.




|Mystery Rekindled|



[Randy’s Library]


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