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“How did it go? “, Tinas mom asked immediately I came got downstairs. “Were you able to persuade her? “, her husband added.

Gosh, both Husband and wife are full of dramas no wonder Tina was a CINEMA herself.


“Uncle, Aunt, calm down. It went well”, I breathed as I slumped on the bed.


If this people just knew the acting I just did, they won’t try to disturb me. I tried and went beyond my acting skills just to make such I convince Tina to make Shane fall in love withher.

“Cherry my child, just be merciful to tell us her reply “, Her mother stated. “Well, I didn’t give her any chance to reply. You know Tina is stubborn so Iused

my own method and trust me, she’s gonna give in unless she wants to lose me as a

friend, though I didn’t mean that”.


“Oh my poor child. You went through this cause of us. May you remain blessed”, Her dad prayed.


“Kk, now I would be taking my leave. Has chores to do for my mom”, I announced.


“Extend our greeting to her and let her know I haven’t forgotten her yet, kk? Bye”, Her mom yelled behind me.


Outside their house, I saw Shane walking towards me.


Another acting you have to put up Cherry, my subconsciousness whispered. “Tinas friend right? Is she in? “, He asked.


“What are you doing here?, Are you here to add more salt to her injuries you disgusting Prince with no heart”, I spat.


“I now have a heart and Tina found it? “, he replied.


Plan in progress. In no time you would be dead. Am sorry but you have to go for Tina to live. I would wager that if she knows, she’s gonna let you live and she will choose death.


“Hold your deceitful words to yourself Mr Siganore or should I say, PrinceShane. She’s inside but if another test escapes her eyelids, count me more dangerous than Faceless “, Ireleased.


I walked pass him and drove off to my house.


“Am doing this for you, Tina, and I won’t live to see you dead. He’s gonna die and your hidden love for him can’t save him”,






“I can’t…. I can’t… I can’t “, She stopped.


Our eyes met and I could see clearly that there was a fight going on inside her. Her face went down and after some seconds it came up with tears on her eyes.

A mere look at her, I could see that she has fought with herself and has won. She would accept my love.


“Am not worthy of your love Shane. Am not as innocent as I look. Go away right now, so that you would detest me in the future when you understand why I didn’t accept your sincere affection “, she cried.


Those tears melted me in an instant.



“Shhh my love. Detest you I would never. Tina you made me whole. Please do not break me for you are now my happiness “, I breathed wiping off her tears.


“Your happiness? “She cried. “You should fear me cause i’m your doom “. “Then I would accept it unconditionally”

Our eyes met as it searched each others soul with an unquenchable fire of love. “What about the elders? They gonna come for me right? “,

“Then let’s tell only your parents and fly to Paris ”




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