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“Welcome back Prince Shane “, The elders greeted.


“So how was your trip to Paris? “, Uncle Eric questioned.


What the f**k. Dad didn’t let them know? What a secretive and coward king. He should have dared to tell them and watch him dethroned.


Mum gave me that ‘Not just now’ look as I smirked.


“It was great Uncle. I missed you, though Itnwas just a matter of weeks”, I breathed as Uncle Eric hugged me.


“I saw your look towards that girl. Let it not be anything close to what am thinking”, he whispered and patted like nothing just happened.


Shortly the elders left I and my family to miserable selves.


“I can’t believe that the father and King of mine is such a coward not to say what really happened “, I said as our eyes locked.


“And I never knew that this son was a more coward than his father by not standing his ground “, he breathed.


“What a pathetic soul you’re are man”,


“Enough. Shane go freshen up”, mom stated coming to stand beside dad. “Is not over yet”, I said before walking out.

I left the chambers and immediately felt his presence. Faceless is here.



In a flash, I trailed in the direction of his scent and before I could help it, my legs was running.


“Why the library”, I said as I was standing right in front of the library door.


I tried opening the door but it was locked. Shit. I pushed more but it was fruitless.


Wood breaking sounds filled my ears then I heard a moan of distress coming from inside the library. The sound was repeated, and this time that it was the faint, inarticulate cry of Kelly in distress.


“Open this f**king door. Kelly are you OK? “, My lips trembled as my voice cracked.


I knew beyond doubt that he wasn’t OK. Fuck were are this guards for Draculas sake.


“Guards!!!!!!!!!”, I yelled as a large number of them appeared.


They immediately set to work by pushing the door which was made of stone. Shit this gonna be hard.




“Kelly are you OK? “, I questioned once more in fear.


What has that monster done to him. I saw dad and mum rush in then Tina.


“Killing Shane is my glory and mine alone”, his voice echoed through the whole palace. His voice was full of venom and in some way scared the shit out of me.


The maids shivered in fear and mom cried. I can never accept that am some how related to this monster.


“If its me you want then stop being a coward and come for me”. I tried keeping calm but my voice betrayed me.



He gave out a terrible laughter as the maids ran off excluding Tina.


“Coward? What is it I hear your trembling voice say Shane?.. You are no match for me”,


With this the palace became normal as I couldn’t get hood of his smell. The library door opened to reveal the lifeless body of Kelly. His soul was sucked out of him after several wounds.


It was a terrible sight.


“He must have suffered much”Tina said beside me with that rigid face.


Every other person was gone , leaving Tina and I. Kellys body has been taken away.


“Yeah, I know. But why him? “, I questioned absent minded.


She walked pass me to a pile of books. I trailed behind and could see her holding a sheet of paper.


“My patience depends on you’, I read. It was written with blood and that blood was Kellys.


What’s he talking about. I watched Tina tear it into shreds and started making for the exit.


I wasn’t letting off this way, so I took hold of her hand as her eyes rested on me. “What are you doing Prince Shane? “, she asked.

“Boyfriend you mean? “, I askedback.


I quickly drew her to myself as my betrothed entered. I could see fire in her eyes and that brought happiness to mysoul.




Dad told me that my love was back from his trip so I quickly had a quick shower and drove to the palace.


The atmosphere kind of looked uneasy but that’s not my problem. Am here for my man and him alone.


A guard told me he was in the library, so to the library I went.


He left me all to myself for a month without sΒ£x and now am super horny for him.


Cat walking into the palace library, I felt like dying. My eyes was filled with tears as I saw he who is mine with another lady.


My heart was now threatening to fall of my chest but am not gonna accept defeat yet from any random girl. Am the queen of highlight and only but me deserves this man.


I comported myself and cleared my throat but they seemed to me more into themselves as their faces was close.


I couldn’t hold it back anymore as I walked to them. I dragged the girl off his body and gave her a hard slap across the face.


Hardly had my hands touched my sides, a harder slap met my cheeks. My cheeks was on fire. Never had I believed that one’s palm could hurt so much.


Coming back to my senses, I raised my eyes to see the bitch who had the guts to slap me.


Those familiar eyes rested on me with venom. My eyes couldnt believe it. How come Tina?….



|Mystery Rekindled|



[Randy’s Library]

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