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Our eyes locked together with fury with her left hand still on her cheeks. Never knew it was her though but I kind of loved it that it was her.


She hasn’t changed that much though. I wonder how this gonna end.


“Did you just raise your hand on me? “, She asked trying to stop the tears which has threatened to fall of her eyelids any moment.


I felt remorseful at those once was a friends eyes but right here, we no longer stood as that besties but as enemies.


How much I wanted to hug her this instant and tell her how much I missed her jokes, her smile and our friendship. To tell her that everything gonna be KKK but I can’t. Never.


Even though as much as I was tempted to do so I can’t. Now I stood as her mans girlfriend and that makes us rivals.


How much I hate this game.


“I asked you a question, you slut “, she spat.


I couldn’t hold it back as I landed another slap on her cheeks. ‘Lina if this is the way you want to play this game, then am more than ready’i said internally.


“I did give you another if you dare speak another word girl”, I breathed pretending not to know her.



“How cheap of you Tina. Why my man you bitch? “, her tears streamed down now in fast manner.


“Your man? Honey are you cheating on me? “I asked turning towards Shane who has been silent all this while.


“I can explain baby. Please just hear me out”, Shane begged holding my hand as I pretended to be angry.


Linas face right now was gonna blow up anytime soon all thanks to Shanes acting. Am beginning to love this game because of Lina.

“What the hell is wrong with you Shane? Am your dethroned, don’t you remember?, what has she done to you honey? “, Lina cried the more as she held Shane who in a sharp manner freed himself.


“You mean this? “, I asked as I went over to Shane, putting my hands around his neck.


My heart was now pounding as I was having a second thought on what I planned to do, but had a rethought as I remembered Lina was here..


I drew Shane to myself and wrapped his arms around my waist as I did what he and even I didn’t expect.


I kissed him. It was a quick kiss as my lips seemed to be glued with his. First he didn’t reciprocate but after a while he took control as his tongue struggled its way into my mouth.


I heard Lina yell do loud that I thought the walls gonna crumble. She ran away in tears as I smiled to myself.


I immediately broke the kiss as it struck me. I had my first kiss with a jerk. Oh my, what are my gonna do.



I couldn’t look him into the face right now cause he did think am one of those crazy girls who fall for his charm.


Right now my head was full, and all I need is to get into my room and have myself alone. With that thought I walked out of the library.


Maids and guards bowed but it wasn’t my major concern for now. All that matters now is Linas next move. I really need to contact Cherry fast.


I was so lost in thought that I didn’t know I was outside already. As I made for the gate, a hand drew me back in a sharp manner to reveal Shane.


What’s up with him now.


“Get in the car, I will drive you home “,


“Why should I? I never asked for your help “, I raised my voice and every guards attention was now on us.


Here we go again with being noticed.


“You don’t want people saying that the Princes girlfriend takes a cab. Are you? “, he questioned with his eyes narrowed.


“Am not your girlfriend remember “, I spat.


“Here we go again. Just get insidethecar Please “, he added the pleaseafter

much effort.


From his humble face, it could be clearly seen that I was the first one he ever said ‘please ‘to.


I quietly entered the car and he did same.


The drive was as usual silent but I got him severally looking at me which made me more uncomfortable.



I really don’t like this game to be frank. My reputation matters alot to me andif Lina starts her drama, it would be said in the whole country that two used to be friends became rivals because of a d**khead prince and Ihate.


“So for how long have you been dating Lina? “, I asked and regretted why I asked. “Since I was seventeen “, he answered with his eyes on me.

He returned his gaze back to the road. I never expected him to answer and also wished for him to answer. Silly me right?


“And you. You seem to know one another”,


“We used to be friends “, I answered looking outside the window. “And now, what happened to the friendship? “,

I remained silent.


“You mustn’t answer if you don’t “, Our eyes met as I sharply lookedaway.

“That’s nothing. Evetthing Changed when her dad was made an elder and you know, she didn’t want to do anything with us anymore”, I said trying not to let my emotions show.


“That’s bad”, “Yeah ”

“How many woman have you dated apart from Lina? “, I asked now feeling comfortable by talking to him.


“None apart from our fake friendship which will shortly be everywhere “he said.


We fell into an uncontrollable laughter and I got a glance of his smiling face as my heart felt pain.


He was a cheerful person after all but hid it. His to handsome to die, I thought. “And you. How many boys have you dated? “, he asked.

“None? “, I said smiling.


“Why? You’re kidding me right? “, “Nope. I just feel that nobody likes me”

“That’s a lie Tina. Who wont like a girl so beautiful and bold like you. Thanks for what you did to Lina “he said.


I could feel my cheeks burning up as I blushed really heard. This actually the first time a guy ever said those words to me..


“But to be frank Tina, you must have a reason for not dating ”


“You see, I read alot of romantic novels and all of the romance are given life in my imagination but when it comes tolife,am ”


“Scared”, he completed. “Why? ”

“I don’t know”, I answered.


“So why arent you scared of of us you know? “, he asked.


Our eyes locked once more and I could see fear in his eyes but why. “Cause is all fake”, I breathed.



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