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How much I wish that’s what she’s gonna say right now. Ohh Tina, let me know you love.


“Am not afraid of anything Mr Dracula “, She replied.


My heart beat like a wild beating of a drum. Her words pierced my soul like a double edged sword but I dare not show her that she’s my weakness.


Yeah you heard me right. She’s my weakness.


“You’re sure of that? “, I asked praying to get a positive answer.


“Yes. That am sure to say. So right now, you can start going “, She breathed.


She stood on her feet as our eyes locked once more. What have you done to my Tina.


Here was I begging you to accept my love, but you still play hard. An opportunity so many ladies has wished for but here was one lady different from her other gender.


For sure, your name has been written down on the wounds of time, for melting the iceberg heart of a devil. She’s the only one to recover my heart key which I thought was way far lost.


A message popped into my phone. Barely had I received the message, my phone rang. I checked the ID and it was dad. What does he want right now.


“Sure but no goodnight kiss for your boyfriend? “, I asked her teasely.


“Your wish Mr. Please I have more important things to do “, she said absent mindedly.


“Important things? Why are you even on an outing attire? Are you cheating on me already? “, I asked as her parents walked in.


“Oh no. Not at all. She said she was expecting her boyfriend but we were surprised to you, who turned out to be the mysterious boyfriend “, Her mom stepped in.


I could see a surprise look on Tinas face but I think I love her parents already especially her mom. Such a drama queen like mum.


Come to think of it. She has a slight resemblance with mom.


“You two can now go just be kind to bring her home late”Her mom added. “Mommmmm”, Tina yelled.

“Is kk dear. I felt shy too when your dad came to pick me at my house for the first time. Have fun sweety. Bye “, Her mom breathed as she pushed us out of the house.


I heard her bolting the door and I would swear down if one challenged if I loved this woman already.


Seems today is my lucky day. My phone kept ringing but I didn’t give it one quarter of my attention.


“Open the door mom”, Tina cried.


“Go have fun darling. I and your dad also wants to have fun”, her moms faint voice answered.



“Look what your presencedid, you. You lost sheep with no sherperd”, shespat.


“Am yours to take care of mi-lady”, I stated.


I was enjoying this Cuz she was damn angry and I could bet my life just to keep this angry face in my memory for centuries. She looked cute.


“Are you this insane? “, She asked and it made me laugh. This girl is wonderfully made.

“Here mi-lady”, I said as I opened the car door for her.


“You’re annoying “, she said hitting me with her bag before entering the car.


I went over to the drivers side but it was already locked from inside. What’s she up to right now.


“Open the door Tina”, I said knocking.


“At your service sir”, I read her lips as it was sound proof. Oh my, she drove out leaving me. Who the hell are youTina.



Is either now or never. I have to shut down all this new feelings am starting to have. I can’t love him and that’s final.


“I should be the one asking. What are you afraid of Tina? “, His question kept repeating itself in my head..


How do I tell my fake boyfriend which am sent to make weak, that am starting to have real feelings for him?


“You won’t understand Shane. There are alot of unknown agendas behind this fake relationship and one is to get you killed. I never wished for your death but I have to do it for my moms life and coven. After the death of Arden and Alita,you vampires attacked our coven. You’re the price for our suffering. Just know that none of this was my idea, cause your eyes says you’re in love with me and I do love you, but my business comes first before pleasure “, Icried.


I heard a beep sound and immediately I lost control of the car. The car was now crontroling itself and I was really amazed.


I felt relaxed as I thought it was just controlling itself until I saw where it was driving me to. Back to my house where I left Shane.


How silly of me not to know that this was an automatic brand. Gosh, am stuck here inside this car until it arrives at my house.


Shane waved at me as the car halted before him. “Nice try sweetie”, he said.


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