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His face expression changed in a flash. I wonder what’s up with this his recent mood swing.


No word was exchanged between us until we got to my house.


I undid the seat belt and alighted from the car. His face expression was still that sad expression.


“Care for a tea or anything? “, I asked him but he refused with a slit nod.


I watched as his car drove off and I could sense he was angry but why. I said the fact cause our relationship was fake.


Gosh, I would have felt better if he did come in and have some snacks.


I went inside with gratitude as my parents wasn’t around. I dialed Cherry’s Line as I entered my room.


“On my way girlfriend “, she yelled excitedly.






“Oh my. You did well girlfriend. I know I did always count on you”, Cherry stated after I told her what transpired between Lina and I.



Her face was beaming with smile and I knew deep down that she would have done worst if she was on my shoes.


Sometimes I did think that the two had a personal beef which I knew nothing off that made Cherry hate her this much.


The next morning saw I and Cherry in driving to the palace in my car after much pressure from Cherry who said’ its very unlikely for the prince girlfriend to be seen flagging down a cab. Baby girl you need to grow up and play this game right’.


Those words remembered me of Shanes word yesterday. He texted that I come so as for him to introduce me to his parents.


As Cherry already said, news was already everywhere that the prince dumped Lina for me, and to my frank, for once I felt at peace with this game.


My relationship with my parents was still same as I avoided them like plagues.


“Here we are!!! “, Cherry exclaimed as she hit the horn really hard which almost got be deaf.


“Here’s Miss Maturity behaving childish “, I mocked playfully as she laughed.


Those lips which has been a part of me for so long that I no longer remember how we became friends.


The gate was opened as guards bowed. Such loyalty.


“Ma’am, Prince Shane ordered that we make you comfortable on till his return”, A maid said as we alighted.


“Good then”, Cherry said.


I would wager that she’s loving all this.


“I will excort you anywhere you want to as his highness instructed.



“Thank you so much but I don’t kind of need your service. You can go”, I said sharply before Sherry could let out any word.


“Am sorry ma, but that I can’t do. Please don’t make me lose my job”, she pleaded crying.


Sherry gave me that dangerous gaze of hers like I made the girl cry.


“Here don’t cry girl. Don’t mind her though. My name is Cherry and my friend is Tina. What’s yours? “,


“Linda “, The girl answered.


She and Cherry started chatting like they had been friends for eternity. They even forgot about me. That’s Cherry for you. Making new friends was easy for her unlike me.


I trailed behind them lost in thought about this game tgat I decided to play. “Tina girl see who we have here”, Cherrys voice brought me back to reality.

I eyes fell on Cherry whose hand was crossed over her tommy. I followed her gaze and froze on the spot.


Glaring daggers was Linas bloodshot eyes on me. ‘Not now please’, I prayed as her eyes was now on Cherry who was sending her own daggers.


We four stood there motionless. Noon spoke as our eyes did the talking. “And who are these? “, the girl with Lina asked.

She doesn’t look like she’s from around.


“They betrayals I told you about. They are after my man right now “, Lina said with her eyes on my.


“Oh my. They look so cheap. I know Prince Shane gonna dump her after sleeping with her. What a cheap girl”, the girl spat.


“Tina love, it seems some monkeys escaped from the zoo and lost their way into your palace”, Cherry blurted as she and the maid hand five.


“Your highness, should I call the guards to take them back to the zoo? “, the maid asked.


Am lost. I just stood there watching the whole drama.


The girl with Lina made to slap Linda but Cherry’s hand held it in a flash.


“You dare not Vanessa “, Cherry spoke with the most deadly cold voice I ever heard.


She even knew her name. What’s up with them that I don’t know.


The Vanessa of the girl withdrawal her hand in a sharp manner as she starred at me for a while before turning to Lina.


“Let’s leave this mentally challenged beings now Lina “, She said.


Now it was my turn to fit into the drama they have been playing for a while. I gave her a resounding slap she didn’t expect.

“Yes girl. Go on’, Cherry hailed.


“You pathetic soul. How dare you insult me in my Fiancee house? Have you gone nuts? Do you want to have a taste of a low class zoo rather than the one you came from? “, I asked with rage.


“How dare you? “, she asked with rage. I slapped her again.


“I dare you to react cheap whore”, I breathed.


“Enough Tina or whatever. Who do you think you’re? Have the prince d**k gotten so much into your head that you forgot your class so soon”, Lina said catwalking to me.


“Is Tina girl if you memory no long last. Class you say. I rather get myself a lunatic person to exchange words with if I want to see how insane I am, than compliment you on the growth of your vocabulary. Come on girl, you just watered me with Your spit. Linda girl”


“Yes your highness “,


“Get me a sanitizer and get our visitors some moderate clothes to put on since it seems the were chased away by a responsible man who doesn’t have anything to do with dirty dogs. You need anything else? “, I asked facing Lina but she didn’t answer.


“Oh, don’t thank me. What are royalties for. I understand your predicament and advice you to stay away from prostituting. Linda gonna bring them to you right away… Oh darling you’re here. Come see this girls and be merciful to employ them “, I breathed as I saw Shane.


Lina, if you think you’re the player, then consider me the game, I said walking to Shane.






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