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I can’t believe this man. Gosh, I feel like strangling him right now.


“If you really need a contract Tina, and you said no kissing, no touching then what’s gonna show we’re couple? “, he questioned in his superior manner.


Such a d**khead but he’s right. What’s gonna be our couple’s thing? “Hugging? “,

“You can’t be serious Tina. Not like I even have an eye for you”, he said making for the stairs.


“We aren’t through with the contract Mr”, I breathed as he stopped on his track. “We are done Miss. Just add one more thing to your rules. We go out together” “Your kidding right? We aren’t “,

“7:30am we’re going back to the palace tomorrow. Remember your lines and roles well, girlfriend “,.


A smirk was on his face as he went up.


What have you gotten yourself into Tina? ‘Don’t worry, I know what am doing’, I replied my inner thought.





Everywhere was merry as the fool was to come back today. I was only happy cause am gonna see my Tina.


My Tina. I missed her.


The awaited hour came as all servants, guards, elders and the royal majesties were outside awaiting the black sheep. How much I wanted his life.


Seven cars drove in as my eyes searched for my treasure but it resulted to a failure cause all the cars had tinted glasses.


Guards rushed at the second car as the fool came out already before any could get to open his door. I waited for Tina to alight from any of the others cars but was shocked to see the car she was.


The same car as the fool of a prince. Not only that but on the front seat to. What the hell is happening?


The tension was quickly swept away as my eyes befell on her being. My life has come back to me I thought.


She came down of the car to reveal a goddess. A sudden thrill of surprise and admiration ran through me. I have parted from her last month when she was a vision of imperial beauty;now she came in the fresh beauty of a may morning, clad in a simple morning dress, a faint rose-bloom on her face.


Shane came to her and held her hand as he went to his parents. They greeted the elders too and retired into the chambers therefore leaving Tina behind.


“What is it, I have seen you done Today, Tina? “, I asked . “None of your business Kelly “, I replied scornfully.

“You must tell me Tina. Have you planned to betray your own kind?”, I questioned again.


Her face was now full of terror. Yes, she still doesn’t know am also a hybrid like her.


“Who told you? “Spat her but I don’t care. Am after her and her alone.

“Answer me Tina not question me back you lowlife. How cheap of you to give yourself to your enemy “, I seized her hand.


In a matter of seconds, she surprised me. A slap landed on my cheeks as I spat out blood.


Was she this strong?, but she looked fragile.


“Don’t you ever in your miserable life, Kelly, question my being cause you don’t worth my word. If you ever dare such thing anymore, I did report you to Shane. Let this day be a day of mercy to your worthless soul”, she spat.


I watched her walk out in surprise. The Tina I know wasn’t this aggressive. What happened to her?


“Netherless, Tina I love you and worship you. I will wait until you see that I truly love you”


And for Shane I think, I need to kill him really fast before my suspicion becomes real.


I left the passage with a palm on the cheeks Tina slapped. It was really hard. I walked into the library for I needed a book on poisoning.


That’s for Shane.


Halfway, the library door slammed close as a quick rush of wind moved past me. What’s this.


“Anyone there? “, I asked but no reply.



I went back to my search but stopped as I was in face with the soul collector – Faceless.


Oh my, not today Dracula, I prayed.


My legs found its way as I ran with my superhuman speed but he was everywhere. “Please don’t hurt me. Am just a helpless guard “, I cried.

I already wet my pants as he touched my shoulders. Truly this being has no face.


In a flash my back hit something hard. It was a pike of books. What have I done. I tried screaming but I couldn’t find my voice.


“This is what you get when you try to take my glory”, His voice echoed as my back met once more another pile ofbooks.


My breathing really hard and fast, Ispoke.


“I don’t know what you’re talking about”, I said.


I gathered a little strength as I sprang on my feet and made to run but he held my leg.


“Killing Shane is my glory. Whoever tries killing him, is trying to take my glory “, That was the last thing I heard as life left my b… B… Body.

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