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Is been a week a had that terrible dream of Faceless and also a week with my psycho boss.


Nothing special expect the daily fight between me and Shane which now seems to be natural. Not like am the cause but him.

Most of our disagreement was mainly his fault. Such a proud peacock.


But something has really changed about my feelings towards Shane but I vividly know is not love. I would simply call it Fondness.


Yes that’s the word. Fondness.


I have grew fond of him or would I say his attitude that the thought of not seeing him for hours gets me sick. I now look forward to our quarrel which no longer seems to be taken at heart. Strange right?, I know.


That’s fondness right? Yes that’s it. It can never be anything more than that. “Oushhh!!! “, I exclaimed as the knife fell of my hands.


I was so lost in thought that I was focused on what I was doing. I’m just preparing lunch. Now take a look.


Jeez, it hurts so much. The knife was even silver . I thought it was cotter. How careless of a vampire to have a silver object in his house.


Speaking of the devil, he walked into the kitchen with his hands tucked into his pants. He must have heard my cry.


“Oh my, you’re bleeding. What happened? “, he questioned with that concern look. What’s up with this look.

“You’re silver knife”, I gashed trying to keep my in control.


“So careless. You should have used the other one. Here, let me see”,


I sharply took my hands back immediately he touched. what’s his problem. He caused this.


“Don’t try to act nice. I can handle it”,


“Enough of this shitting attitude of yours Tina. You can’t treat this by yourself. Here let me see”,


I hastily let him take hold of my injured hand and took me out of the kitchen to his room.


“Sit here, let me get the first aid box”, he said and went over to his wardrobe.


He came back with it and started treating my finger. Gosh is this for real? I mean is Shane really treating me?


This must be a dream. I pinched myself with the other hand and truly it wasn’t a dream.


I watched him apply some creams on it with care. On several occasions our eyes met but we looked away as fast as a lightening.


For the first time staying so close, I had my eyes all over his face. My, how come I never noticed this handsomeness long ago.


Those sharp lashes got me really hard. His hair fell over his face and it gave him this dangerous cuteness. His sharp jaw added its own perfection to this already perfect face endowed with crystal eyes, a straight nose and a red lips with the prettiest curves.


The charm of his face was not on its beauty, but in its sweet, gentle expression, that told of a mind at peace. And yet it was not a weak face. It was full of self-reliance and cheery courage.


Coming down to his body, he wasn’t lacking in that manly figure. He was well built.


‘Oh Tina what are you doing? ‘, my subconsciousness snapped me back to reality. I can’t believe I was drooling of him. Jeez, am pathetic.


His eyes met mine as I looked away. What’s this new feeling?




I let him drive me home. It was a silent drive though.


I met my parents with Aunt Stella in the living with sad faces. Another trouble added. I hate my life.


“Hy, everyone “, I greeted as I went to hug Stella. “Just on time Tina”, she said barely I got seated.

That’s my life. Troubles and missions raising every now and then. “Can’t it wait? Am stressed already “,



“Change of plan Tina from the sisters ”


“Again?, what’s up with this people for f**k sake? Why always changing? Tell me what’s it now. Maybe kill the king or even marry Shane “, I snapped in anger.


Mom and dad was just quiet. Fucked up family. I wish my elder sister was here.


“Not that Tina. We are doing this for your mother and our likes”, she said seating beside me.


She was right. Just for moms sake. “Kk. What’s it? “,

“Make Shane fall in lovewithy. ”


“What!!!?, you can’t be serious. Do you know what, am done”, I spat going upthe stairs.


“We understand your feeling honey but you need to think about it. Is the only way to make Shane weak enough for Faceless to kill him”, Aunt Stella shouted beforeI slammed my door close.


What do they take me for. They don’t care about my feeling, they only care about theirselves.


“Honey can we talk? “, that’s mom. “Leave me alone!!! “, I yelled with tears.

No Tina, you don’t cry and this can’t make you. Just forget about this and quit this job right now.


Yeah am gonna do so,, I thought as I went to take a shower. “Ooooo. Is it morning already? “,I breathed.



Last nights events poped up in my brain and I felt disgusted. The thought alone is sickness.


A knock came on my door followed by moms voice. She asked if she could come in but I snapped at her.


I got up and took a shower then got back to bed to read a romance novel.


A knock came again and I was about to yell again as the door opened to reveal Shane.


What’s he doing here bythistime. Then did my eyes met the clock and myjaw

dropped to see it was afternoon. Did I sleep so much? “Hey”, Shane greeted.

“What are you doing here Mr”, I snapped as he smirked.


“Is this how you welcome a guest? Well I will offer myself a sit if you don’t”, he said closing the door behind his back.


He sat on my reading table and started going through my stuffs and it got me angry. I went over and took back the books.


“Why are you here? “, I asked and his facial expression changed immediately. What up with this late expression?


“Well my father sent some assassins to kill me last week. And after I dropped you off yesterday, he called asking me to come back to the palace. I know is my mothers doing”,


“That’s sad but can I ask you something? Why telling me? “, I was confuse right now and my anger just melted away with his voice.


“I want to get back at him and only you can help me Tina”,


“Wow wow wow. Anyways what’s it you think I can help you with? “I questioned with my hands crossed.


“Be my fakegirlfriend”




|Mystery Rekindled|



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