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Gosh. Hope this mission ends soon for me to leave this f**ked up job and prince.


“Am attending a meeting now and would be back in an hour time. Prepare me Tikoy Rolls and don’t forget to hit up water for my wound”, his voice greeted from outside.


I heard his footstep becoming faint and in a short while it disappeared completely.


Here he goes again with his strange recipes. I wonder if he’s truly a vampire coz I never seen him drink blood unlike the rest of royalty and elites.


I quickly wore my clothes and off the kitchen I went with my phone. Getting to the kitchen I put on the apron and went for my phone to browse the recipe.


Tikoy Rolls (with Dulce de Leche Filling) Enjoy!



2 cups glutinous rice flour

1 cup sugar

1/4 tsp.salt

1 tsp vanilla extract

1 cup + 2 tbsp. water

crushed peanuts (for coating)


dulce de leche (for filling) You can also use peanut butter, chocolate, etc

Crushed grahams (for coating) optional) PROCEDURE

Combine glutinous rice flour, sugar and salt. Mix well. Add water. Mixwell

until smooth and no lumps. Add vanilla extract. Mix well.


Grease baking pan with oil. Pour the the mixture to the pan. Steam for 30 to 35 minutes in medium-low heat. Put cloth in the lid of the steamer to prevent the steaming water fromdripping.


Meanwhile, wrap a flat surface or tray with cling wrap or plastic. Thengrease with oil to prevent the mixture fromsticking.


After steaming, put the cooked tikoy to the greased surface. Flatten while still hot. You may use rolling pin or spatula to flatten. It is easier to shape the tikoy while still hot.


Once flattened, put filling. I used dulce de leche. Then roll into a log-like. Cut the rolled tikoy and coat with crushed peanuts orgrahams.


I followed the procedure and in no time his Tikoy balls was ready and it came out



“My. This is delicious”, I exclaimed in happiness as I crushed the rolls.


They are sweet as f**k. I think am gonna fry more for Stephen. I did more and dished out his and Stephens.


While waiting for the water to hit up, I logged into my social media, checked out new pictures, replied some sane messages and logged out as I heard the electric kettle whistle.


I waited for him for a while before walking to my room after making sure they dishes were properly closed.



I tried keeping my eyelids open but I was way to stressed that I slept off waking up immediately I felt my bed slump in.


I opened my eyes to see………………………….


“Faceless? “, SHANE’S POV…..

I arrived at the location that the animous person said we should meet.


It all started just yesterday after Tina left. Someone called and said I should meet him here to know more about my dead sister which I know nothing off.


I just hope this person shows up to verify my dream. I knew mom was hiding something from me.


“You came on time”, he walked in from the back covered.


Then almost immediately four masked guys like him entered from the rear armored. I wasn’t a bit afraid but was only curious.


I was curious just to know who dares play such death play with me.


The four guys rushed at me all at once but I was just to fast for them. From their speed one could easily know that they weren’t pure bloods.


I rushed at the nearest and gave him a hard blow on the jaw. The second made to hit me with a rod but I used my first victim as a shield.


I took hold of his left hand and snapped it out of its place as he gave out a painful scream.


The three were no where to be found inside the park as I ran after them in a very high speed. I got hold of one and let my fangs into his neck.


Immediately I tasted his blood, I started seeing flashes in a vision like manner. That’s how a vampire knows what happened or transpired in the bitten vampires life.


WHy would dad ask for my life?




|Mystery Rekindled|



[Randy’s Library]

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