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βˆšβ€’TINA’S POVβ€’βˆš Gosh, I need a bath.

I was through in bringing in his luggage. I wonder what’s inside it to make it so heavy.


I dragged the luggage upstairs to his room as directed by Stephen and here I was deciding if I should knock or leave it there for him.


I swear to Dracula, I would never have applied for such job if it wasn’t my mother who needed my help. Such asshole.


Afteruch deliberation, I knocked on his door. Then I remembered I left his phone downstairs. Oh my.


Hardly have I turned away from the door for the stairs when his door made a click sound.


I was about to turn to his direction when his door was banged really hard creating a hilarious sound which echoed in the half empty mansion.


What’s even wrong with this man.


“What are you doing up here? “, his voice came through the door. Is it now a crime to bring his luggage?

“Go down immediately. I will speak to you when I come down “, I ordered once more.


I have heard alot about this arrogance but I never knew he was also a d**khead. Gosh, I hate my life.


I was about descending when my eyes fell on a white towel just in front of his door.


“Such a terrible owner. What a beautiful towel”, I said as I took the towel and headed downstairs immediately.


Stephen came back abd showed me around.


He was a jovial person, so it was all fun. After much walking and talking, we both became hungry.


He showed me the kitchen . The fridge was stuffed with foodstuffs. Wow. Maybe this what it called royalty. Having everything you want anytime you want.


After much debate, I and Stephen settled for fried egg and bread with juice.


Stephen helped in the cooking. All this while, the arrogant boss wasn’t down yet and I kind of like it.


We sat in the kitchen and started devoring our meal when the tragedy walked into the kitchen.


He didn’t walk in. I saw him standing at the door and who knows for how long. I and Stephen were to engaged in our discussion that I didn’t notice.


“What the hell is happening here? “, that cold voice again.


Stephen stopped eating and immediately exited leaving me to face this disaster. “What the hell do you think you’re? “,

“Am a person and by the waywe just ”


“Enough. Barely have you stepped into my house you have seduced my gatekeeper and distracted him from his work”


Those words broke me. His accusing me already.


I didn’t know I was crying until a tear crept into my lips as I felt the salty taste.


I quickly wiped ofy tears and faced him. Being royalty dosent give him the right to question my virtue.


“We were only eating Mr Siganore and nothing more”, I breathed trying to control my anger.


“Eating. And you were busy discussing. Tell me what it is called if not seduction”,


“Working for you dosent give you any right to accuse me of immorality. Am a woman and my self respect is what I don’t joke with. If you call that seduction, please do well to consult your dictionary before talking. Since you’re learned enough to read”, I said.


He just stood there motionless as we starred at each other. Seconds lead into minutes and he couldn’t alter a word. “And here is your dinner. Is night already, am leaving”,



|Mystery Rekindled|



[Randy’s Library]


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