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I left him and went for my room to pick up my bag.


After a brief chat with Stephen, I walked out of his house and waited for a cab to drive me home.


Who do he think he is?. I mean Prince Shane. Being a prince dosent give him the right to question my self pride. Am only tolerating his trash of a behavior because of his mother the queen.


She increased my Salary thrice more than the normal pay for a maid just for me to take care of her asshole of a son.


I was to engrossed in my thoughts that I forgot about the cab I wanted to flag down. Is late already.


Mom gonna freak out.


I waited but there was no cab insight, then did it hit me that this estate must have cab restrictions since it was already night.


I started walking but it seems that the major road was still far from the estate.


Oh my, I don’t dare run. Am gonna faint for real because its been almost a month I tasted blood. There’s been short supply of blood since blood slave owners has increased blood prices.


How much I detest this race called vampires. Not like am even a pure breed.


A car was coming from behind and it was in my direction. I thanked my stars for the car thinking it was a cab.


Standing beside the road I flagged it down as its headlight almost blinded me. It stopped in front of me and then did I know it was not actually a cab.


I just hope that the driver is merciful enough to drive me to the major road. Walking to its side window, I tapped it and it whined down to reveal Prince Shane.


‘Oh my’, my subconsciousness called out.


How dumb of me to think it could be another person since he owns the estate and was living alone.


“Get in, I would drive you home”, he said in an orderly manner.


I don’t care about his bossy and arrogant behavior, but one thing is for sure. Am gonna put him in his place before I quit this job.


I started walking away. I heard his door jam close but I didnt care. Before I could say jack, he was holding my wrist as he made me face him.


“Will you quietly get the f**k inside that car and stop your shitting attitude “, he said in that familar cold voice.


“Who are you to order me in such manner. Is already 8pm and our contract has ended. I get to obey you from 8am to 8pm, so you don’t have the right to order me Mr Siganore”, I breathed.


Our eyes locked together and I could see he was angry but who gives the f**k about his emotions since he dosent respect others emotion.


“Just get inside the car let me drop you off. Am trying to be a good boss here you know ”


I gave out a dry laugh as his eyes was full of confusion.


“A good boss?, You’re not being professional here Mr Siganore because a professional boss dosent pretend to drive home the employee who he seek ways to question her self pride”


He was full of shock again but hid it almost immediately like it wasn’t there. He walked back to his car and went back the way he came from.


‘Sure you didn’t need his help? ‘, my inner woman asked and that really got me at my peak.


“Hell no. I did be grateful if he drove me home but to him who questions my being, I need nothing from such troubled soul”


With that I resumed my walking.




Who the hell do she think she is to talk back at me in such manner.


How dare her a commoner. She’s not even royal or elite. Even mom hasn’t spoken so rudely tome.


What’s that giving you such courage Tina. Is it your virginity? Am gonna takeit away fromyou.


I slept off with the thought of Tina in my head and a bottle of whisk on my hand.


Gosh, I feel so weak. I managed to get my weak self to the bathroom where I did my business.


I dressed up since I was going to visit some friends.


Walking down the stairs to the kitchen to get a juice, I came in face with Tinas room. Immediately everything came back to hit my brain.


Her bold and rude face came to my view. Is to early for her to be here. I decided to check out her room.


A second thought disagreed with me but I was to curious to know who she arranged her room. Not like her belongings are here just few of her things.


My hand went to the doorknob as I turned it to reveal a neat room.


A shout almost got me deaf as I turned to the direction of tge noise to see her.



What’s she doing here by this time. Is not even 7. Oh my and she’s even on towel. It seems she’s just coming out of the bathroom.


I froze where I was same as her as our eyes locked. Wait, that towel looks like mine.

What the hell is Tina doing with my towel.




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