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They say a man will stay when he really wants to and nothing will hold him back; and they also say no matter how much things are forced, if it isn’t meant to be it won’t work out.


I was devastated at everything that was happening, I couldn’t even recognize myself in the mirror anymore. Gone was the Camilla that had it all together, gone was the lady that knew her place and fought for everything that she believed in. Gone was that lady that knew when to stop and just breathe, now all I could see was what I was and never to return to.


I stripped off my clothes and got into the bathtub, if not for my young ones I would have probably taken my life because I was ashamed of who I had become.


So the previous day I had gotten into a fight with Raquel, I was angry at her. I was angry at Nthombi, I was angry at Stephen for allowing her into our house but I was more angry because they all seemed to be living their lives while I was trying so hard to fit in.


I blinked back the tears as I thought of the events of the previous day. *



Nthombi walked into the kitchen and found Raquel drying her hands after she was done doing the dishes, she looked at how beautiful she looked in the kitchen and told herself that her days of being Stephen’s wife were numbered.


‘Can I help with anything?’ she asked after putting on her plastic face ‘Not to worry, I have it under control.’ A tired Raquel had responded ‘You shouldn’t be tiring yourself in your condition you know.’


Raquel laughed, something she had learnt to do living under the same roof with Camilla


‘I don’t think I said anything funny right?’


‘Actually you did, you look like you care so much when in actual sense you don’t give a rats head what happens to me.’


Nthombi sighed, probably trying so hard not to snap


‘I know this is our first time meeting and maybe I might strike you as a mean person but in actual fact I care so much about your wellbeing, your baby’s too.’ Raquel looked at her, she knew she was on the verge of releasing her anger but she had learnt that the best way to fight an enemy was to be the total opposite of everything they were.


‘Well I said I am fine here and I wouldn’t be needing your help.’ She told her again this time feeling a pain in her lower abdomen


By this time Nthombi had seen that she wasn’t going to succeed in frustrating Raquel so she decided it was better to just say whatever she wanted to say. ‘Stephen will never love a woman like you.’ She started


Raquel looked at her once then moved to the kitchen boards where she got a box of Kellogg’s cornflakes and poured some into a plate.


Afterwards she got milk, which she had been warming in a kettle; poured some onto the plate and sat on the kitchen table to have them.


‘I am sure you are not deaf and you heard what I said.’


She put her spoon down, wiped her mouth with the back of her hand then looked at an angry Nthombi.


‘Why do you perceive me as a threat?’


‘Excuse me?’


‘You heard me, why do I strike you as a threat?’ Nthombi shifted awkwardly


‘You don’t scare me.’ She finally managed to say


Raquel laughed and by this time Camilla had entered the room ‘It’s good you have joined the party.’ Raquel said sarcastically ‘And please pass me some water darling.’



Camilla got the glass of water she was pointing at and gave it to her. ‘Nthombi what are you doing here?’ an angry Camilla asked


‘I am Stephen’s friend and I don’t see why you would be asking me that question.’ ‘No you are not, at what point exactly did you become his friend?’


‘Honey don’t take it personal, you have the man so stop fighting me.’ She said before clicking her tongue


All this while Raquel was busy enjoying her food, she had no time to fight with either of them.


‘Nthombi you didn’t.’ Camilla finally said ‘Didn’t what?’


‘Yah didn’t what?’ Raquel asked watching the two


‘You put me up to this just so you can have Stephen to yourself right?’ Nthombi laughed


‘This was all part of a plan, you used me.’


‘Took you so long to realize it huh?’ Raquel asked almost laughing as well ‘You knew about this? You two worked together


‘No honey, I am the wife here. The both of you are just.’ Raquel paused


‘You are just two women working together to destroy a marriage and will later destroy yourselves.’ She said getting up


Camilla allowed the tears to fall, she couldn’t believe that she had been played and much worse Raquel had seen this happening hence had not bothered to start a fight with her.


‘Now that you know my mission, I want the both of you to know that Stephen is mine and I am not going to let him go.’ Nthombi said


Raquel shook her head and continued to eat as Camilla stood there still in tears. ‘I loved Stephen with everything in me, I did what every woman would do for a man she loves. I bent when I had to, I even broke myself just so things could continue to work well but no; he had to leave me.’ ‘I am sorry.’ Raquel finally managed to say


‘Sorry? That is all you will have to say when you are the reason I am in this situation? Sorry when you are the reason Stephen is so undecided right now? Sorry when I could have been happily married to him and carrying his children? Sorry when you were just a one night stand that was supposed to remain as such? Sorry when you are just carrying your meal ticket?’ she said still crying


‘Now you listen to me Camilla and listen well, I have been patient with you. I have lived with you in peace and even though I wanted to beat the crap out of you on most days I held myself together. Why does being with Stephen seem like an



achievement to you? Yes he is a man and trust me on most days I want to lay in his hands too but he is not worth it.’


‘Oh, then why are you here? Why don’t you just leave if he doesn’t mean that much to you?’


‘Let me remind you of something Camilla, it seems you have forgotten.’ She said now on her feet


‘Stephen is a good looking man, his voice is to die for. The way he holds any woman’s waist just melts her insides, he is just everything any lady could ever ask for. But when you carry a child inside you, you begin to make decisions that don’t just best fit you but your child as well. I told you the first time we talked that I am in this because of this baby and I am staying because of that. So I want you to get it in your head that I am not going anywhere. Have fun with him, allow him to continue using you all in the name of having someone but trust me by the time he will be done with you; he would have burnt down your walls and turned your all into ashes.’ She said


‘If you can excuse me, I need to clean my kitchen.’ She added waving her ring in


her face




By this time I was in tears and I couldn’t breathe properly as I felt the pain engulf me. I got my phone and called the only person I could talk to.


‘Hello.’ He responded


‘Marvin I am coming over.’ I said dropping the line as more tears fell



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