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It was finally Saturday and I must say I was excited, for some unknown reason talking to Nthombi had been refreshing and there was Camilla with her mood swings again. I woke up around eight and took my bath before going to the mall, I needed to get some alcohol because I had invited some other people to come and see the game with us.


When I got home I found Raquel busy in the kitchen.


‘Something smells nice.’ I complimented as I was packing the alcohol in the freezer


‘Just wanted to make sure you guys have something to eat before the game begins.’ She responded not even looking at me


‘Where is Camilla by the way?’ I asked


She stopped what she was doing, looked at me then went back to her cooking. ‘What time are your friends going to be here by the way?’ she asked after much silence


‘I can hear a vehicle outside, I think that should be them.’ I responded then walked out



One of my friends had come and he was with his girlfriend, we were all excited about the game. I welcomed them inside then led them to the living room. ‘Good morning.’ Raquel greeted


‘Good morning.’ They both responded then looked at me


I had not told them that both Camy and Raquel were living under the same roof and I was sure that had shocked them


‘Can I offer you anything?’ she asked politely ‘Let me take care of that.’ I said getting up


Camilla chose that moment to show up, she had worn almost the same clothes like I was wearing except in a feminine version.


‘Joe.’ She said going over to where he sat and hugging him


She hugged his girlfriend as well who she had met on several occasions. ‘We will be back with the drinks.’ Raquel said


I didn’t know what to do but since she said we, I followed behind her.


She stood by the sink facing me, I noticed her breathing was rapid but she was trying so hard to keep herself at ease.


‘Are you okay?’ I asked


She smiled, almost faking it.


‘Get them there drinks whilst I finish up here.’ She said


I took the drinks and I forgot about what had happened in the kitchen, everyone else joined us and I could see how Camilla was trying her best to show them that we were in good books. There was a knock at the door and Raquel is the one that had gone to open it.


‘You must be Nthombi right?’ she asked


‘Yes I am.’ I heard Nthombi respond


She was allowed inside and she greeted everyone, she was in a Chelsea jersey and had brought me one.


‘I thought why not bring our host a little present?’ she asked


That sent all of us in a wave of laughter. Raquel told us that food was ready and


was already set at the dining table.




When Nthombi walked in, I knew that she was trouble and I felt pity for Camilla because this woman was here to frustrate her and cause her nothing but pain.


I on the other hand had already come to accept that Stephen was not the man for me, he was emotionally detached and he had a lot of growing up to do, despite the fact that I liked what we had and some days I wanted more; I told myself I would watch from the sidelines as everything would come crumbling in his face.



They were two couples, Stephen, Camilla, Nthombi and I. We all sat on the dining table and I helped with giving everyone food. I had prepared nshima with grilled chicken, pumpkin leaves without cooking oil and lumanda with groundnuts.


‘This food is amazing.’ One of Stephen’s friends complimented ‘Thank you.’ I responded


‘Seriously I need to come for lessons, I see why Stephen has been staying home a lot.’ Nthombi teased


‘I think he has been staying because of Camilla here.’ I said seeing that she was getting worked up


‘So Camilla, how have you been?’ Nthombi asked her


‘I have been great, there is nothing better than being with a man that loves you whole heartedly.’ She said


I almost laughed as the two women went on and on trying each other’s patience but I chose to just hold myself.


After the meal, I removed the dishes and everyone went back to the living room. I looked at the dirty dishes and sighed, I needed help.


‘Stephen can you please come with me for a minute?’ I asked ‘Sure.’ he responded


I knew they was still time before the game began so I asked him to help me with the dishes.


‘Woman the game will start soon.’ He whined


‘Unless you tell me you want these dishes to wait for the maid, this is our house and we need to make sure it is clean.’ I told him


He smiled


‘Our house?’ he asked


‘Dude have you forgotten that we are married?’ I said before laughing


We started doing the dishes together and laughing that we didn’t even realize that Camilla was standing behind us.


‘Did you want something?’ I asked when she wasn’t saying anything


‘I was wondering why he was out for too long so I came to check on him.’ ‘Oh the wife here said we can’t leave the dishes dirty.’


The words slipped out of his mouth even before he could hold them.


I saw the hurt on her face and he noticed it too.


‘Camilla.’ He said but she walked out


He was about to leave but I pulled him back saying we had to finish then he would go back


‘Raquel can I honestly ask you something?’ he began




‘You have been living in peace with Camy, how have you kept your cool?’ She sighed as if calculating her words


‘Well because I know my place, she knows her place and the only person in this house who doesn’t know his place is you.’ I responded ‘What?’


‘You can’t play husband and boyfriend in one home. You need to set your priorities right.’ I told him then rinsed my hands


‘I will be going to visit mum, you guys have a good time.’ I added and walked out As I got to the bedroom, I knew I had said something that would leave a mark and if he was wise he would pick a thing or two from my words.





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