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Episode 8


I stood at the mirror, turning around to admire my perfect curves. I appreciated the way I was looking tonight. It’s been a very long time since I dressed this beautiful and also looked this beautiful. “My mama is very pretty tonight ” Isa said with a sausage in her mouth. I smiled and carried her from the bed to a table. “So you mean mama isn’t beautiful other days” I asked pouting and faking a frown.She shakes her head in disapproval and replies. “My mama is the most beautiful in the whole worldddd” She replied emphasizing on the “world” by raising her hands up and spreading it wide. I chuckled and removed the flipflop from her legs. “Time to get dressed honey” I said and opened her wardrobe for the same matching clothes with hers. I turned back to see that she was playing with my makeup. “Isa stop it” I scolded her. “Yes mama” She replied and droppedit.

I got her dressed and we walked downstairs to meet Brian standing besides his limousine.

“Women do really take a lot of time to get dressed” He said. I smiled halfly at his comments. “Hey Isa come to daddy” He said and she innocently walked to him. “Isa get in the car” I said upset. I pulled Brian away from the car angrily. “Don’t give her the impression she’s your daughter, please I don’t want to involve her in this mess” I said. He sighed and agreed with me. Without having anything more to say, we entered his car and the driver drove us to the Airport.


~~Daxton’s pov~~

Selene dips her hand in mine to show that we are couples, this gets me upset and I swipe away her hand quickly.

“Daxton” She said sadly.

“We are still at home, no need to pretend and so you know I don’t want you to clinging over me at the party, you know am doing all this just to be appreciative to your father” I said.

“Bla bla bla” She said and dipped her hands back in mine, I sighed and removed it again. I glared at her and that was enough to make her cooperate. She frowned and walked outside of the mansion while I walked after her.




Brian carried Isa while I walked besides him, the way a happy family issupposed to be. Tonight I was going to let go of every worries, for 3 years have been feeling so sober and sorrowful for a man who doesn’t even care about me and pleasures to see me suffer. Am done crying for little stuff, am done thinking about my past, am done withDaxton.


We walked inside the hall and must I say big was an understatement. I was always nervous in the midst of a lot of people.

Brian seemed to know some people in the party especially most of the Indians in the party. He introduced me as his wife and I played along. A young woman dressed in a blue gown and expensive diamonds walked over to us, she looked at me up to down like she was observing me, she said scoffed and rolled her eyes at me making me feel little.

“So this is my replacement” She said to Brian who already had is hands around my waist, Isa was playing with some of the little Indians who are her set.

“Yes” He replied. She scoffed and waved at me rudely. “With this, cmon Brian I deserve better” She said making me feel upset but I didn’t say anything. “You only replace one thing with something better than it so don’t feel yourself too much” Brian said. She scoffed and walked away only for me to realize that her presence was obstructing me from seeing the cold eyes he was giving me no not me but Brian??. Even though he was standing far away from the hall I could feel his eyes gazing through me. The way he looked at Brian’s hand across my waist and then Brian was so murderous that if looks could kill, Brian would have probably been dead by now. I tried looking away but it was so difficult to avoid looking at those jealous eyes. He clenched his fists and looked like someone had stolen his property. I decided to look away rather than bother myself with his dangerous looks.

We were given a table but Isa was carried away with her new friends and she didn’t bother sitting with us. Brian acted like a gentleman and pulled out a seat for me, now there were two jealous eyes looking at both of us, Daxton’s and Kate’s. I smiled and sat down, well let’s see where the night takes us. Brian sat down putting his arms around me, my eyes caught Daxton scribbling something down on a piece of paper. He gave it to one of the ushers and surprisingly he gave it to Brian. Brian opened it, read the words and laughed.


“Okay” He said and removed his hands. “What’s that” I asked and collected the paper from him.


I smiled and looked at Brian. “Cmon don’t be a boring husband” I said and put his hands back, he was surprised but played along. I knew deeply I was killing somebody with jealousy.

To be continued








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