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Episode 17 Daxton’sPov

I woke up that morning, trying to let all the pains I felt wash away. How did I get here, I looked up and saw I was in a hospital. I barely remembered what happened, the only thing that I could remember was I called Rayna yesterday and told her I was already in England. I knew she was hurt and I promised myself when I was back I would make it up to her but what happened after that. I tried sitting up but I felt like my back had been removed cause all I could do was just lie down. What really happened, why was I in a hospital..

The hospital door opened and Selene walked in, she was very happy to see that I was awake.

“Oh thank God you are awake Daxton, oh thank God. I was scared, it’s been 3 months already” She said and I was shocked.

“Did you just say 3 months, like have been in the hospital for 3 months” I asked. “Yes Daxton, we arrested the driver that hit your car, Daxton I was so scared I thought I lost you” She said. It was then I remembered what really happened, when we reached England. Selene and her sister entered the same car while I took a taxi, and then a Trailer ran into the Taxi. I thought I would die but luckily I survived.

But it’s been 3 f**king months, what of Rayna and Isa.


“Selene where’s my phone I need to call Rayna, I need to know how she’s doing” I said. She gave me an irritated look and scoffed.

“Daxton forget about Rayna and think of only me” She said.

“Selene if it’s really been 3 months since I was in the hospital then you should have remembered that there’s nothing and will never be anything between us” I said. “You think so??, okay then check this out” She gave me a magazine and I looked at itshocked.

“Marriage, Selene…when the f**k did we take this photo” I asked surprised and upset.

“Oh you didn’t need to, I have friends who are expert in photo shopping, all they needed was your face and that’s all… FYI baby am pregnant for you” She said and I sat up this time, the news made my back return.

“You’re what???, how the f**k is that even possible, I was in coma for 3 months” I asked getting frustrated.

“Yes you were but your manhood wasn’t in coma, Daxton even when you were in coma I made sure you get satisfied and what you never wanted to give me while you were not in coma, I collected it while you were in coma and Ta-da you filled me up with your fluid and now am 2 months pregnant” She said smiling.

I looked at her disgusted

“You mean you had sΒ£x with me while I was in coma and got pregnant, how the f**k am I responsible for the pregnancy, I didn’t do it willingly, it’s almost like rape. I will not accept that child Selene, I guess you never lost your memory after all, this was just a sick plan of yours to get me closer”

“You’re right babe, the chandelier falling on me was all staged but still Daxton I risked my life to prove my love to you” She said touching my body and I was quick to swipe it away immediately.

“You’re insane and desperate Selene, you should go get your brain checked cause am very sure you are not and never would be normal” I said.

“You will accept now Daxton cause I have something that belongs to you, your child so don’t even think of going back to that woman cause I’ll do everything in my capacity to separate you cause you deserve me and only me” She said and walked out.

Men have gotten myself in a big mess.

…………………… RAYNA’S POV

I sat in the house watching Television with a glass of orange juice in my hand. I was at Taylor’s place. I needed someone to talk to and Jessica travelled this


morning after breaking the news to me, Taylor and I had become close friends so I could still talk to him.

Taylor was about taking a seat when the bell rang, he left to open the door. “Mom good afternoon” He greeted.

She walked in and gave me a odd face.

“No mom she’s just a close friend of mine, don’t go far” Taylor said. She chuckled and gave him the *I trust you* look.

“Wait wait wait, woman are you not Mr Skylar daughter” She asked. I smiled and nodded.

“And you are here??” She asked. The question seemed confusing. “Mom what do you mean” Taylor asked.

“Since when have you known each other”

“Going to 4 months now, a week before John’s birthday” Taylor replied while I watched.

“So all this months you guys knew each other, you never knew that you guys were siblings, you didn’t know she’s your younger sister”

“What” What”

Taylor and I said together and looked at each other.

“Mom what are you talking about” Taylor asked. She sighed and told him what happened 29 years ago and I was shocked to realize she was saying the truth.


Taylor, and I gasped when Mom slapped Dad in total anger. I brought the woman home to finally confirm if what she was saying was true. Daddy silence proved it was true and it hurt mom so bad she slapped him.

“For 29 years Rod for 29 good years, I wasn’t myself because of my son, you watched as I cried every night and you were the one behind my tears, my son was only premature, I WOULD HAVE LOVED HIM LIKE THAT, HE WOULD GROW UP TO BE A NICE YOUNG MAN AND NOBODY WOULD KNOW THAT HE WAS PREMATURE, BUT YOU ARE SO SELFISH ROD, YOU ARE

VERY VERY SELFISH” Mom yelled at him while Dad kept his down. Taylor’s face was expressionless .


ME FROM MY SON, I HATE YOU I HATE YOU” Mom yelled crying and ran upstairs with a teary face.


“Mia mia wait mia am sorry” Dad apologized. He and Taylor looked at each other, both waiting for someone to speak. I decided to excuse them and go comfort my mother. Even I needed some comforting, everything in my life seemed to turn upside down. I felt miserable and broken but all I could do was be strong.



“Rayna do you really have to leave, I mean I know Daxton hurt you but leaving is not a good idea” Mom said. Isa showed me a cloth she folded and I asked her to put it in thebag.

“Mom am not leaving forever, I just need some time alone, for myself, Isa and my unborn baby” I said

“I would miss you Rayna, so much”

“Mum you have Taylor now and you have to forgive Dad, I don’t want to come back and hear you divorced him, forgive him just like Taylor did” I said. “Rayna I can’t say I have forgiven him but I know I just can’t divorce him,we’ve been married for more than 30 years, your dad made a very terrible mistake but what can I do, am just happy it isn’t late yet. Better late than never” Mom said. “When is your flight”

“By 9pm”

She looked at her watch and smiled

“You still have more than 6 hours” She said “Yes mum, let me make lunch before we leave”

“No let me make lunch, it’s been long since I cooked for my daughter” “But”

“No buts honey, am making lunch for you and Isa”

She squeezed Isa’s cheek gently and Isa giggled in return.


~Daxton’s Pov~

“Daxton Daxton don’t leave, please don’t leave, please don’t leave” Selene begged holding me but I keep on pushing her away everytime. I carried my luggage an put the hotel card in my pocket. First thing when I get to New York was to see Rayna and explain everything to her.

“Daxton please don’t leave me alone what of our child”

“I have only one child and that’s Isa, you are a very crazy disgusting woman, go rot in hell” I said and stormed out.

The bitch had taken my phone and there was no way I could get in contact with Rayna for the past few days I regained consciousness..


I walked out of the hotel and took a taxi to the airport. I only hope am not too late



“Rayna I would miss you so much, like very very much” Jessica said as we withdrew from the hug.

“Can’t you convince your best friend not to go, I thought best friends can talk to each other” Mom said

“We both know Rayna ma, there’s nothing we can do to change her mind” Jessica assisted me in carrying my luggage and I locked the door. “Mummy where’s daddy” Isa asked all of a sudden.

“Isa let’s go, the cab is waiting for us downstairs” I said but she resisted.

“No mummy I won’t go anywhere without my daddy, I won’t you said daddy would follow us, mummy please” Isa cried. Mom and Jessica looked at her pitifully.

I carried her and we all walked downstairs. Jessica puts my luggage in the car booth and I dropped Isa down but she refused to enter the car.

“Mummy, I want my daddy” She cried. I was very angry this time. I carried her and dropped her on the booth of the car.


yelled at her and she starts crying, I start to regret immediately. “Rayna take it easy” Mom and Jessica said.

“Isa am very very sorry” I said.

“Mummy is my daddy dead” Isa asked. I was going to respond but someone else did.

“No he isn’t” A masculine voice said and we all turned back to look at who replied. “Daddyy!!” Isa squealed happily and ran to hug him.

I walked to him slowly with a cold distant face. He was kneeling down hugging Isa. Once I reached him, he stood up and I slapped him hard.

“Rayna am ” I raised my hand at me to make him stoptalking.

“Isa let’s go” I pulled her away from Daxton but she refused to let go of his hand. “Rayna please let me explain”

“Isa let’s go” I said pulling her.

“Mummy please I want to be with daddy” She cried.

I pulled her away and carried her even though she was resisting. “Rayna please..” he went down on his knees.

“Don’t even call my name you you” I was going to say bastard but Isa was here.


I manage to put Isa inside the car and I bid my goodbyes to mom and Jessica. “Mummy please” Isa pleaded.

“It’s going to be okay sweetheart” I said and wiped her tears but she swiped my hands away. She kept on crying until she fell asleep, I also fell asleep too until the cab man told us we’ve reached our destination.

I looked outside and was surprised, this wasn’t the airport. THIS IS DAXTON’S MANSION..





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