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Chapter 16 Rayna’s Pov

Everything looked like so scary to me, seeing the chandelier falling on Selene made me feel bad for her. The ambulance came and rushed her to the hospital, Daxton left with them, he looked so worried and he even forget about us. “Mummy will Daddy be back” Isa asked pulling my dress.


“Yes he’ll be back” I replied smiling but my smile faded away immediately when Kate walked to me. Her face was so scary that Isa had to stand behind me to avoid contact with her.

“You bitch” She started with.

“Kate please don’t start now, Selene is in a critical condition” I said and she scoffed.

“Oh so you knew she is in a critical condition but you want Daxton to be back home, you selfish bitch all you care about is yourself and no one else, you know she risked her life for Daxton something you can never do but still you want him to be back home” She spat out.

I didn’t want any trouble from her so I turned to walk away but she pulled me back and landed a slap on my face.

“Mummy” Isa screamed crying

“Am talking to you bitch, you don’t walk out on me” She snapped. I touched my cheek and didn’t say anything.

“You are a bad woman, you hit my mummy, I would tell my daddy for you” Isa said and hit Kate on her legs and Kate pushed her away on the floor making her cry.

“Get away you child whore” she said. I was so upset seeing what Kate did to my child, I returned the favor by landing a hotter slap on her face and she wasn’t expectingthat.

“You can insult and hit me but never go near my daughter” I said earning a hateful glare from her.

“Hey you what are you doing here, get the f**k out right now” Debbie said. Without saying anything, I carry isa and take a cab home.


Daxton’s Pov

It’s been more than 3 hours I brought selene to the hospital, I was worried and I thought about Rayna. I wonder how she’s doing, I feel so bad for just leaving her alone in the party.

I pace around the hospital outside her ward waiting for the doctor to give me news about selene but they all keep ignoring.

“Selene risked her life because of you Daxton, she loves you very much and now she’s fighting for her life because of you, you would have been in this condition if not for her” Kate said weeping. I didn’t know what to say luckily a doctor came out of the ward.


“Doctor how’s she” Kate asked. He sighed briefly and replied. “We can’t say for now, she’s in a critical condition and there are 50 to 50 chance she can walk again after this incident, let’s just see” he said and walked away, Kate following him behind. I looked inside her ward and felt bad for her, all she ever did was love someone who can never feel the same way about her and now she’s suffering for it.


Kate’s Pov

“Doctor please tell me when you said my sister might not be able to walk again is all part of the plan” I asked the doctor immediately we walked in his office. He smiled and sat down. “Cmon Kate, it’s all part of the plan, it’s just to make it more real, you have to get a wheelchair for her now and make it look like she can’t work at all” He said. I touched my heart and breathed a sigh of relief, my sister can be very crazy just because of a man. Speaking of man, I need to call Brian.


Rayna’s Pov

“So you saying the chandelier just fell on her like that instead of daxton” Jessica asked Isa. “Yes aunt Jessica” She replied

“Isa that’s enough go to your room” I said

“Yes mummy” She said and whispered something into Jessica’s ear which made Jessica scream “WHAT” while Isa ran to her room.

“Jessica what’s it”

“You mean her sister slapped you, for what and you didn’t do anything, oh Rayna you’re so soft. I wish I was there with you, what rubbish” Jessica lamented. I smiled and took a glass of water.

“I slapped her back but not because she slapped me but because she hit Isa” I said. Jessica gave me a weirs look but I chose to ignore it.

“So what about Daxton, has he called yet”

“No he hasn’t, he’s still at the upset” I said and touched the necklace on my neck. Daxton got it for me earlier at a very expensive jewellery shop even though I asked him not to. He bought something else again but refused to tell me what it was, he says it a secret.

“I wish that bitch just died” Jessica said all of a sudden and I found myself spewing out the water I was drinking.

“JESSICA!!” I exclaimed

“What, you don’t know anything Rayna, you’re too ignorant and can’t see what’s going on, this is just a way of making Daxton stay away from you and closer to that bitch but you can’t just see it, today he didn’t call you let’s see what would


happen tomorrow” She said. I had a feeling what she was saying was true but I chose not to believe it cause I was scared.

“Jessica you are just saying rubbish, too much of telemundo is not good” I said. “Okay don’t believe me, don’t be too surprised when Daxton starts ignoring you” she said and walked to the kitchen. I sunk in the couch and thought about what Jessica said, I became scared. I didn’t want to relive the pain again, I couldn’t afford to lose him again.

……………………. TAYLOR’S POV

“Tell Amy I said hi and wish John in Addy for me” My mother said and walked out.

She isn’t my real mother though but she’s more than a mother to me. She’s a doctor and she saved my life when I was still younger when my own parents rejected me she took me in. I never bothered to ask her about my real parents because never cared about me..



It’s been 13 hours since I came to the hospital, Selene still hasn’t woken up. Her father is here already and after Kate told him the whole story he’s been giving me attitude since then blaming me for the condition of his daughter. I picked my phone from my pocket and saw the missed calls from Rayna. 21 missed calls but my phone was on silent. I called her number but it was switched off.

I was getting frustrated now, I want to be with Rayna right now but I can’t help it, I have no choice but to be here.


Rayna’s Pov

I waved my hair backward and looked at the mirror, I was getting sick already. Not sick in a physical way but emotionally, Daxton wasn’t responding to my calls and he isn’t even calling me back. I want to go to the hospital not only because of Daxton but also to see how Selene is doing but I can’t. My phone rang and the caller was Daxton, finally.

“Hello….hey Rayna am so sorry…….it’s okay Daxton, how’sshedoing. she’s still

unconscious but the doctor said she might regain consciousness today or tomorrow…that’s good news……I miss you Rayna, I miss you so muchit hurts I

miss you too Daxton, butIunderstand. I’ll be back Rayna, don’t worry I’ll beback

probablytomorrow Daxton I want both of us to take Isa to John’s birthdaythis

Friday……John who’s John??……Taylor’s son……okay I promise…I love you..”


Daxton didn’t reply me when I said I love you, he just cut the call without saying anything. Was what Jessica saying true.


Daxton’s Pov

“Debbie why did you snatch my phone from me” I snapped at my younger sister. “Someone is here suffering because of you and you are calling that bitch, don’t you even care” She said.

“Debbie I won’t stand and listen to you insult Rayna like that, you are crossing the limit” I was getting angry now

“What happens if I call a bitch bitch” She said. I was so angry I raised my hand to hit her but the doctor walked in.

“You guys shouldn’t be fighting like this and the patient has woken up, she’s asking for you” He told me.

I walked inside her ward and met her sitting down on the bed, she looked weak and pale.

“Daxton. my Daxton” She said her spread her hands, I leaned in and gave hera


“Oh thank God you are okay now sister” Kate said but Selene looked at her confused, the same look she gave her father when he walked in.

“Daxton who are they” She said and moved away from them coming closer to me. “Selene it’s me your sister and this is our father” Kate tried explaining

“No, I don’t know any of you, I know only my Daxton” She said and smiled at me. What the f**k was going on.


Rayna’s Pov

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and I still haven’t heard anything from Daxton. He hasn’t come here even though Selene has been discharged. Today is Friday and am hoping, he’ll be here for the birthday party. Isa keeps on asking and am getting more anxious. He doesn’t call or pick my calls and am getting tired ofwaiting.

I kept on looking at my phone tiredly and waiting for his calls but nothing. I decided to try my luck again and call him. Fortunately he did.

“Hello Rayna….Daxton are you still coming, Isa is gettingtooexcited. Amsorry

Rayna, I can’t come…..but but why, youpromisedme. Am in England rightnow,

am sorry I….wait, did you justsayEngland. Rayna, Selene lost her memoryand

she remembers only me, the doctor said the only way I can help her regain her memory is to start from where we both met which is England, I should have told


you Rayna, am so… it’s okay, it’s okay when would youbeback. probably ina

week or two…..okay….I loveyouRayna ok”

I cut the call and dropped the phone on the bed, I want to scream and yell but I had to hold myself.

Jessica was right after all, I was losing him slowly.




Days had turned to week, week had turned to months and now it’s been 3 months now and nothing from Daxton. My lonely days were back. Isa fell sick one time and kept asking for her father. I only told her he would be back, that’s what I told myself too but no he never did come back.

“Hey babe” Jessica greeted me

“Hi thanks for dropping Isa in school, you look worried, what’s the problem” I asked and noticed her hands were at her back hiding something.

“Rayna I don’t know how you would take this” She said.

“Takewhat Jessica you are scaring me and what’s that at your back” Isaid.

“Rayna you have to be strong now, especially for Isa” She said. I rolled my eyes at her and snatched what she was hiding. I looked at the cover of the magazine and my eyes widened and my heart stopped, my hands were already shaking.



“Jessica tell me this is not true, just tell me it’s a fake ” I said as I looked at Daxton and Selene standing together and smiling, his arms wrapped around her waist…

“Rayna it’s true and rumors says she is pregnant, that’s why they want to rush their marriage”

I dropped the magazine on the floor and looked at Jessica, my eyes were wet and I was devastated. How could he, why did he betray me like this. Jessica leaned in and hugged me tight.

“Rayna, it’s okay you have to be strong” Jessica said.

She was right, I had to be strong for me, Isa and our unborn child.

But this time it’s over between Daxton and I, am going to leave everything behind and start a family alone. Daxton might know about Isa as his daughter but I’ll never let him know about this child.

I am sick and tired of crying and getting heartbroken.

Today marks the day I cancel Daxton out of my life…



Men things are getting hot oooo


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