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Episode 6

~~Rayna’s Pov~~

I woke up with a throbing headache, Fuck I really slept for a very long time. “Oh God Isa” I said and jumped up from the couch. I quickly put on my scandals and rush to the door, I open the door and meet Miss Nancy holding Isa at the door. “Mama” My baby squealed excitedly and jumped at me, I returned the excitement by carrying her little body in my arms. “Miss Nancy thanks a lot and am so so sorry for not coming ontime,I ”

“It’s okay Miss skylar, it’s nothing, I passed your restaurant today but it was closed, is everything okay” She asked. I sighed and asked her to come in, I put Isa down on the couch and gave Nancy a glass ofwater.



“Well that’s terrible Miss skylar, I for one is going to miss that restaurant” Nancy said. I sighed tiredly and drew Isa to me, her skirt was a little dirty with dust. “Has she been playing with dirt” I asked Nancy. “No, she almost got hit by acar but ”


THE HOSPITAL RIGHT NOW” I pulled her closer observing her body making her frightened. “It’s okay miss Skylar, she’s perfectly okay, luckily for her a nice man saved her from getting hit” She said. I sighed a breath of relief and hugged her, I was crying again. I didn’t know what to do if I lost my baby, she’s the only reason am alive. I lost Daxton, I can’t lose Isa. “Thanks Miss Nancy” I said. She stood up and said her goodbyes, she waved at Isa after pouting her cheeks. I locked the door and turned back atIsa.

“So darling what do you want for dinner” I asked.

“Ceweals” She yelled excitedly raising her hands up in excitement. I giggled at her words and carry her on the counter.

“Ceweals it is” I said and walked to the kitchen to make her dinner.


~~Mr Skylar’s Pov~~

I had my hand on my chest trying to breath like a normal person but the attack I have wasn’t helping. Mia ran inside after hearing me scream in pain. ” Rod are you okay” Mia said as she tried pulling me up. I was having am attack, a heart attack, after seeing the letter sent to me by our stock brokers saying that the someone approached Skylar shareholders and made irresistible offers to sell the company to them. The same company I had worked hard for how many years.

“Rod come on what’d wrong, somebody call the doctor” Mia yelled and soon everywhere became dark.




Rayna’s Pov

I pat Isa gently as she slept on her bed. I was crying again. Few minutes before I put her down to sleep, she asked “Mama, where’s dada”

I couldn’t say anything to her, I was too weak to answer the question so I broke down in tears, remembering the past was something I wasn’t ready for but I have a child which is a product of my past and I can’t avoid these questions.

My phone rang from the living room, I left the bedroom and picked my phone. “Hello mom….Rayna your dad just had a heart attack..WHAT”



“Jennifer thanks for accepting to watch over my baby, I can’t repay you enough” I said and put on my coat.

“It’s okay Rayna, I’ll do anything for this cutie right over here” Jennifer said. I kissed her cheek goodbye and drove to the address Mom sent to me.

It’s been 3 years since I left home, as much as I detest my father, he’s still my father and I don’t want anything bad happening to him.

I walked inside the hospital hurriedly is ward had VIP tag written on it. I entered inside and saw Dad lieing on the bed, mom sitting besides him sobbing gently. “Dad” I said with a shaken voice, I was going to break down again, I wasn’t strong at all, my emotions always got the better of me. “Rayna, you came” Mom said and hugged me..

She explained all that happened, the reason why Dad had a attack.

“But mom who could have done this and why” I asked. “Honey you wouldn’t believe who is behind all this happening” Mom said and went through her purse while I looked tensed. She hands me a picture and I look at it. Nothing could explain how I feel, my mind was running different emotions. “Mom this this is Daxton” I said smiling and forgetting about that he was the reason why my Dad is lieing on the bed.

“Yes honey, it’s Daxton the one who is the reason behind your Dad’s condition and Jessica’s restaurant closing” Mom said codly. “No mom” I said shaking my head, I didn’t believe my Daxton would do this. He might have anger problems but he wasn’t wicked.

“Yes hon, it’s true” Mom insisted.

“No mom, my Daxton can’t do this” I said and mom chuckled mockingly. “Your Daxton???, your Daxton was poor this one is freaking rich and I thinkthe

money he’s acquired has made him show his true colors” Mom said but I still didn’t believe. Daxton isn’t callous, he can’t be the one behind this, he just can’t.


~~Daxton’s Pov~~

I smiled when I opened my eyes and realized she was beside me, my Rayna. “Hey” She said and smiled showing me her white set of beautiful teeth. “Hey you are here” I said

She stood up from the bed and turned to leave but I pulled her back with one hand. “Don’t go. please” I pleaded. She giggled and released herself from me thenran

away playfully.



I woke up and realized I was having another dream about Rayna, about the woman I despised so much. I stood up and poured myself a drink, I had to take my mind offher.

“Drinking early in the morning is a very bad habit you know” Selene said as walking inside my room with only underwear. “What’s this selene, get out” I said codly. She rolled her eyes at me and came forward. “You look tense baby” She said and rubbed my shoulders firmly. “Selene stop this” I said getting weak. I tried pushing her away but she grabs my hand and pulls me on the bed. “When last have you been treated like a man” She said. I was getting lost already but something kicked me out of hertrap.

“Selene get out now” I snapped at her, she sighed disappointed and walked out, I rubbed my forehead and sat down on the bed.


It would be very nice meeting Mr Skylar today, I wonder how shock he would be when he realizes am the one behind is downfall, the poor Daxton has become very rich and is ready to take him down.

Daxton let’s get ready for the meeting with the board of directors. Today’s going to be so fun


~~Rayna’s Pov~~

“Mama bye” Isa said as Jennifer carried her to the Daycare. I smiled at her then gave her a peck on the forehead. “Bye Darling” I said. “Thanks Jenny” I told Jennifer. She chuckled and left.

I took a big sigh, mom’s words kept on hitting deep in my head, well we’re going to find out today. Mom had asked me to fill Dad’s place in the meeting today, I didn’t want to but this was a family matter, I had no other choice, besides am not doing much than just taking down notes and try to negotiate with the stockholders that’s all so I just hope today goes well, if what mom said today is true that means I might probably meet Daxton. I don’t know if I should excited or sad about it well today’s going to determine it.



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