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Harry and James now possess supernatural Powers, but what can they all do? Debini has captured Malia but what does he plan to do with her?? What happens next? The next episode commence…..










The atmosphere looked grim as it merged with the rain, silent hums filled the temple as nature scent a figure approaching a coven


Medusa could be seen taking slow steps towards a building which looked like an ancient coven, red candles flickered round the coven moments after she stepped her feet into the strange coven, the cold chilly wind blew pass her as she halted on sighting something


She gently raised her hand up, stretching them towards the path ahead of her, suddenly, a glimpse of light struck her hand as some kind of barrier repel her hand, she smiled gently as she retrieve her hand to it’s normal position


Lightening flashed through the sky causing the rain to stop at it’s impact, an ice block could be seen floating towards Medusa with just the flick of her Fingers, the ground rumbled as the barrier shrinked and disappeared, revealing the ice block as it floated and landed right in Medusa’s presence..


Medusa smiled broadly as she took husky steps towards the ice block, placing her hands over the ice block as it formed a clearer view of it’s content, a Woman whose beautiful eyes were shut close could be seen at the other end of the ice block as her beautiful skin glowed glamouriously under the sun impact


“This better works! I hope it does!!” Medusa said as she stirred on her feet “Wake up! Wake up!! Wake up!!! He needs you!! He needs you now!!!”

Medusa stated with the most sweetest voice, her voice coming out in a calm manner as she stretched her glowing hands towards the ice block, little cracks could be seen spreading through the blocks as it glowed reddish, lightening flashed through the sky as the ice block shaker feriously, the ground reverberated as a seering heat filled the coven, the ice block made a trembling sound as it shredded and broke to pieces…..








The whole kingdom looked dreaded as the portal I had conjured appeared on the other side of Dewok Kingdom, revealing my friends and I as we slowly emerged from it heading towards Dewok’s palace


Silent dimed round the kingdom as we strolled down the silent hall with deep silence, anger curse through my veins at each passing moment as I became consumed with rage


The kingdom look so calm but roam dangerously as lightening flashed through the sky and my friends kept trailing their eyes on me, soon, we stood before a dominant building as I took slow steps towards


it, something kept tugging my mind as I couldn’t fathom what seem to be wrong, the palace was as quietened as a graveyard as a single warrior could be seen to stop is from intruding, the pain that cursed through my body shrugged off the feeling as we bolted into the dreaded palace


“Well, well, well, it took you longer than I expected, am really surprised at how you have recovered, I wasn’t expecting that!!”


Debini said moments after we stepped our feet into the palace, James cringed fearfully as dark waves evolvedroundDebiniwhosatgloomilyonthehugethrones,agrinescapedmylipsasIslowlyadvanced towardshim


“Father ”


I calmly stated, the whole palace quietened at the mentioned of my words as my voice echoed round the silent palace, Debini tilted his head grimly towards my direction, I had expected him to be shock as I also found it hard to believe he was my Father, I frown my face, furrowing my brows as he erupted into a deep laughter, laughing so hard that one would find it hard to believe he was a devil


“You really have been fed with tales of been my descendant just because you possess my dagger, get over it kid!!”


Debini said, frowning his face as a stupid grin never escaped his lips, I shrugged off his words as I slowly advanced towards him, not minding the scary look in his eyes, I wanted to see if I could change him


“I am your Son, descendant of Debini and only Son of Ama, my mother!!”


I gently stated, the whole realm shock with lightening as Debini roared in fury, slipping and in a flash stood before me as he stared eyed dagger at me, a smirk escaped his lips as he slowly projected towards his throne


“You’ve got balls kid, you crossed your limits, you dare involved the name of my dead wife, you will regret ever stepping your feets into this kingdom, none of you will escape my wrath!!”


Debini said as his eyes glowed Red for some seconds, fuming in anger as he sat back on his throne, James sudden gasp diverted my attention as Dewok Warriors emerged from the darkness that lurked round us, each clutching tightly to their weapons as they stared evilly at us as if waiting for an order, James’s hands dripped sweats as the dagger glowed reddish on his chest, Harry radiated an amazing aura as the symbol on his forehead glowed brightly, an axe that came out of nowhere suddenly floated an landed gently on his hands as they emited green waves


“I can see they tasted of thecave’spowers Attack!!”


Debini ordered, his voice carrying authority round the throne room as the army of Dewok kingdom all swoop towards us at human speed



“What do we do now??” Harry yelled


“Just knock them out, they are humans, they are just being oppressed by my Father!”


I replied in a rush, dashing towards the incoming army as I ducked a sword that aimed for my head, connectingapunchtomyopponent’sneckashefelledintoadeepslumber,myhandsglowed,radiating an intensed aura as I stretched them towards the warriors who stood few feet away from me, a piercing scream filled the throne room as they clutch their heads in pain, wailing loudly and soon dropped weakly to theground


Harry who needed no prodding grapped two warriors to the ground as they gasped for breath, evading an axe slash as he skillfully spun his body, waving his axe as a wave of fire brought his attacker to his knee


“Am a friend of fire!!” He said with a smirk as he moved towards an incoming team


James leap and landed in their midst, hurling earth Rocks which floated on the air, the rocks disintegrated into tiny orbits with just a click of his fingers, a smile creeped his face as he tossed the earth Rocks towards the incoming warriors, a gasp could be heard as they all fainted on the hard floor


“Call the god of Earth!!”..






The sky wailed at our victorious War as piles of sleeping Warriors could be seen laying weakly on the floor, a smug creeped to my face as I stared eye daggered at Debini, we may had won the War with the Warriors but a more vicious War laid ahead of us


“You never seize to surprise me do you?, I never knew you would seek for more power!”


Debini elucidated and formed a smirk, I smile broadly as our intense aura made everywhere extremely hot, Harry had a Stern look as he stood few feet away from me


“I had wanted to reason with you but you aren’t helping things, tell me, Where did you keep Malia??” I asked


“Ooooh, you came for her, well, I have plan of making her my concubine!!”


Debini replied within gnashed teeth’s, holding an evil gaze as my whole system sparked at the mentioned of Concubine, it was time I deal with him..


” You plan on doing What?? Give me the girl!”


I yelled, seething with rage at each passing moment, an evil smile escaped his lips as he stood agitated “Say, if you defeat my army and I, I will give you the girl but you just to keep dreaming!!”

Debini bartered and grin evilly, narrowed his eyes dangerously as he pointed them towards me, my skin crawl with fear at the mentioned of army, I had thought it was all over, he kept grinning as I felt a dark aura radiating from him


Harry sudden gasp diverted my attention as lightening flashed through the sky, the dagger glowed brightly on Debini’s chest as his eyes took a shade of Red, the ground reverberated, splitting into two as lava erupted from it, Fear cringed our spine, spreading down to our core as Creatures with red glowing eyes could be seen emerging from the ground, they all radiated an intense aura as their bony statures burn with fire, I gulped the saliva that threatened to fall from my mouth as an infiltrating aura filled the throne room, the whole place shook from it hinges as they plunged towards us


“Youallunderestimatedthepowerofmydaggerandnowyoushallallperished,thisisgoingtobelotof fun Attack!!”


Debini ordered as these creatures dived at us at an insane speed, the whole ground rumbled at every step they took, snarling at us as they got nearer, I heaved heavily as leap and landed on their midst, grapping one creature by it neck and flinging it away


James roared as evaded huge rocks at these creatures, the rocks collided with the creatures, smashing them feverently as they purred and burst to liquid molecules


“Just too easy!!” James said as he March at the incoming creatures with no sight if fear, the dagger glowed indescently as huge rocks floated in the air…






Harry roared as his whole body surged with fire, creating a fire blast which knock his attackers to the ground, causing them to burst into tiny liquid molecules


I smiled sheepishly as I dived at the creatures with lightening speed, connecting fast punches to their skull in a flash as they all shriek and bursted to liquid molecules


I smiled stupidly as I stood before this smelling liquid, everything was just too easy “Do you really think so??”,


Debini asked as a smirk escaped his lips, i took slow steps towards him but halted as I sighted a terrific scene, Harry gasped as the liquid molecules flow down the ground, merging together as it formed a huge huge man who was twice our Size, sweat trinkled down our faces as we stared fearfully at the budge line that appeared on his face


James yelled as he was propelled away with a mighty Punch, crashing to the ground as blood gush from it’s mouth, I radiated an intense aura as I dived at this huge creature with insane speed, leaping high and aiming at it’s eye, I yelled happily as I impaled my deep claws into it’s left eye, a piercing scream filled the entire place as it’s shriek in anger, a sudden gasp escape my face as it slash me with it’s deep claw and tossed me away, it clutch it’s left eye tightly as blood dripped fromit


Harry nodded at me as he lift his lightening to the sky, lightening flashed through the sky as he leaped at the creature, more higher than a normal being could leap, the creature roared as he impaled the axe on its other eye, blood dripped from it as he roared painfully, a gasped escaped Harry’s face as the creature impaled him with it’s deep claws, he gasped weakly as he crashed to the ground which was filled with blood


Anger surged through me and I roared as I plunged towards the creature, I picked Harry’s Axe and dived towards, an overwhelming scream filled the hall as I impaled it with Harry’s Axe, it shrinked feverently as it entire life force drained from it, I heaved a sigh of satisfaction as it shredded and burn to ashes


“Am suprise how you aren’t affected by it’s venom, you are really good but too bad your friends are badly infected by it’s poison, it time I finish this!!”


Debini elucidated an formed a smirk as I watch him stirr on his feet, James and Harry gasped weakly as greenveinsspreadthroughtheirbody,thepoisonwaskilling them,IhadtogetthroughDebinitosave them


The whole realm shook with lightening as Debini plunged towards me, a seering energy radiated round him as his eyes turned Red, glowing devilishly as the dagger glowed reddish, his clothes tore apart as his muscles ripped and expanded, two huge horns which blaze with fire appeared on his head, I took slow steps backwards, breathing heavily as his hulking body hovered above me


Before I could make a move for it, a bone cracking punch landed on me and I felt my ribs break at it impact, I screamed painfully as I couldn’t move my ribs, I gasped fearfully as I felt another heavy punch on my back, I heaved heavily as I slowly regained my stance but not without been slashed by his deep claws


“Am going to kill her and everyone you love after an done with you, I will make you watch!!”


Debini stated, I roared with anger as I leap and dash towards him, connecting a punch to his ribs, I felt my fingers break as it collided with his body, I gasped, a look of shook morphed across my face as he impaled his claws into my flesh, I purred as I felt it digging deeper to my skin, I fell with a thud as he removed them from my skin



Blood dripped from my body as I felt so weak, I tremble fearfully as I crawl on the ground, James gasped as the poison spread faster to his skin, I felt so weak, I couldn’t move a finger, my friends were dying, I was dying


“Now watch as I do the same to her!”


Debini said, I weakly raised my face to meet his gaze, tears streamed down my face as It collided with Malia who had mysterious appeared before us, she gasped as Debini grapped her by the neck


“Look at me Malia, am sorry, don’t be scare, I will save you!!” I said, not knowing when a tear escaped my face


“It’s okayyyyy, I… I.. I love you, Theo, I really do!!” She said stammering, trying hard not to show her fears


“So touching, I said the same words!”..


Debini said as he impaled a dagger to her skin, she purred weakly as the dagger thrust through her soft skin, I felt so powerless as everything slowly unfolded before me, I dropped my jaw as I saw her dying, I was too helpless to do anything as I felt so weak, somehow, I felt a slight flow of energy as I overcame the power that suppress me and held Malia who was almost dead on my arms, tears streamed down my face as she went cold, blood dripping from her tummy


“No!!!!!, Stay with me Malia, I will get you save, am so sorry I dragged you into this, bear with me, stay with me Malia, please!!!”,


I said all this in a rush as I broke into more tears, Debini grinned evilly as his montrous voice echoed round the throne room, I felt so restless, My friends were dying, I was slowly losing everything


“I need to tell you something, I… I… I… I love you!!”


She said slowly, her beautiful voice coming out in a low groan as she slowly dropped her head, her pulse has been completely drained as she laid weakly on my arms, I felt my heart wrapped in a jar and thrown into a lake of fire, I had become consume with rage, I found my life symbol but she was dead, I swear I would kill Debini, I slowly dropped Malia as I stirr on my feet, I felt so powerful, different energy flowing down my veins, my eyes had a shade of pure darkness, I cried in silence, everything that unfolded before me seems like a dream, too real to be true




I screamed as the pain became unbearable and racked through my body, Debini gasped as I radiated an unnatural aura, Yes he should be scared, lightening flash, shaking the whole region as two huge horns


grew on my head and burned with fire, my clothes tore apart as my muscles ripped and expanded and soon, I was twice the size of of my Father


Debini breath heavily as he got struck by a bolt of lightening, the ground reverberated as I took slow steps towards him, my hands emited plasma waves as I dived at him with full speed and in motion, grap him by the neck and smashed him to the ground


He slowly stirr on his feet but I couldn’t allow him to regain his stance as I dashed at him and impaled my deep claws on his chest, a piercing scream filled the throne room as he got slash by me


He gasped for breath as I moved with an insane speed, too fast for him to see, he yelled as he got slash by an invisible force, I blend with the wind, much faster and sleeker as I appeared behind him and connected a punch to his lower abdomen which sent him floating on the air, the wall had a deep hole as he collided with it


He growl as he moulded his fist and threw a fire blast at me but I dodged as I levitated and impaled a kick to his tummy….






I heaved in satisfaction as I held the dagger with dark glowing eyes, towering below the weak Debini who laid weakly on the ground, the fight had ended, his heart was ripped open as I removed the dagger from him, I defeated him but it still not enough, he needed to die


Lightening flashed through the sky as I impaled the dagger to my chest, I screamed in agony as my chest ripped opened and the dagger penetrated through, I grin evilly as I bent to his height


“What are you waiting for??, Kill me!” He yelled


“Withpleasure!!” I said with a grin as I raised my hands up, bringing it lower to his heart asthey

emited dark fire


“Stop!!! He’s your Father!!”…


A voice which sounded exactly like Ama’s stated, I growl in anger as it got closer, Debini groan in pain as he tilted his head to the direction of the voice, his jaw drop as he sighted the figure


“Impossible. Ama??”



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